First, what am I called? Well, I go by many names to many people. You can call me CL, my initials. Or you can call me Gunners, thanks to the blog title. You can even call me stubborn moron because sometimes I am just that.

I’m a 1980s bloke who hails from Kuala Lumpur and proud of it.

The college me was an avid online gamer and serial anime watcher. College was also when I got into my first (and so far, only) serious relationship.

I wrapped up college life with a final semester in Liverpool, England. It was the first time I lived away from home with friends instead of family for an extended period of time, being independent. It was also the first time I traveled extensively, first around the UK, and then on a Europe Tour. This stint in the UK sort of shaped my perspective in life where I am my own man instead of my mommy’s boy.

423759_10151322866350655_1045763469_nAfter I came back to Malaysia, a few months into my first job, in 2008, I packed up and moved to Penang. Here there are a few malls, with cinemas, restaurants and supermarkets. And there’s internet. What KL has, Penang has too, just in lesser quantity.

What Penang do not have are horrendous traffic jams and super long distances to get from one end to another, which is excellent.

There’s one problem though, I’m ashamed and at the same time proud to admit that after all these years, my Hokkien speaking capability is still limited to counting 1 to 10 and ordering drinks in the food courts.

I do not know how much longer I will be hanging around until I move on to the next stage of my life. It could be 2 months, it could be 20 years, I have no idea. But then, that’s the beauty of life, isn’t it?


I’m a person of few words in real life. I suppose you can call me an introvert. I hardly know how to deal with people, especially new acquaintance in general. As a result, I don’t have very many friends. The few that I have here and there though, are all deep running friendship.

The thing is, I have very many words in me, only that they happen in my head mostly. The words and thoughts in my head move much faster than my mouth can say it. My brain moves faster than my mouth. As a result, my mouth cannot catch up and I end up being a quiet person. Although sometimes it is not ideal when the mouth moves faster than the brain. People with these traits are more commonly known as idiots or morons.

I suppose, in a simple description, this blog is my alter ego. This blog serves as a platform for me to express whatever going through my head more effectively that my mouth ever can.

Oh well, I did write a fairly long winded post about why I blog, didn’t I? Go read the details here.



I’m a self professed Arsenal fan, among many other things. The Arsenal is fondly known as the Gunners.

Actually, you can also read about how I came about this domain here.

If you want to know more about me, do drop me a message in CONTACT.

[PS: I originally had a handwritten ABOUT page, but for some unknown reason, the JPEG of that page has disappeared, so I made a new page]

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