I realized I just broke my personal blogging record (as far as this blog is concerned). I did not blog for the entire December 2017. Which means I did not blog for more than a month.

In fact, I did not blog for so long that I can’t even come up with a proper title for my blog post.


Speaking of which, I think it would be lame to continue explaining why I have not been blogging. I did that in the previous post, I think…

And the post before that…

And the one before that as well…

I don’t want my blog to end up being a niche blog where the niche is “excuses for prolonged blogging absence”. That’s really really lame.

So I guess I won’t tell you that over the past couple of months, I’m still being stuck in an endless cycle of work work work work work from morning till late night, 7 days a week (apart from the plant shutdown week during Christmas). I definitely don’t wanna tell you there were days I spent overnight in the office.

So what should I tell you?

I do have some sporadic pictures over the past couple of months. Maybe I should just spam you with pictures of food (and some other stuff). That would be more interesting, wouldn’t it?

Gopeng Trip

This happened back in October. I think…

I went back to KL for a bit, and my parents decided to follow me back to Penang for a few days trip. We made a stop in Gopeng and dad brought us to a mini town/village called Lawan Kuda (place famous forΒ Horse FIght?) for a quick dim sum lunch.

I remember it was less than RM 30 for the 3 of us, dim sum and drinks and all. Village portions at village prices are absolutely magnificent!

After lunch, dad “spontaneously” suggested that we should visit a tea farm which he heard from his friends some weeks back. So of we went in search of Gaharu Tea Valley.

Seriously, this place is in the middle of nowhere, and to get here you will have to drive to even more villages and a couple of mud paths. This is not a place you can come across. You need to really look for it with intent to get here.

There’s a paid tea valley tour if you’re up for it, but for some reason or another we decided against it that day, so we just hung out at their exhibition hall (which is FOC) and their souvenir shop.

According to what the founders claim, this Gaharu tea is apparently the end product of ancient Chinese researchers’ efforts in search of the elixir of immortality for a certain emperor dictator. Apparently the dictator died before he could consume this tea on a regular basis, or else he would surely be able to live for another 100 years or so, as the exhibition materials claimed. Then there’s a bunch of history ding dong ding dong ding dong tea recipe smuggled to Japan ding dong ding dong ding dong Japanese descendant found Malaysian man ding dong ding dong ding dong created this Gaharu Tea Valley to help more people be able to extend their lives for another 100 years or more.

Seriously though, the souvenir here (mostly consumables) are freakin’…… I mean, I guess it is to be expected that a 5-pack instant noodles pack would cost RM 25 and 20 tea sachets would cost RM 69 if it means extending your life by another 100 years. πŸ™„

On our way out of the tea valley, we stopped by a shop house which turned out to be Gopeng Heritage House. Since admission was free, we decided to go in.

Not really much to see here, it is just a 2-storey shop house unit. But whatever little here are quite interesting though. This place exhibits those antique and old stuff which rural Malaysian Chinese uses.

Did I mention that admission is free too?

After this we continued to Penang and then there’s nothing much to write about it…

Anne Elizabeth @ Cheras

This happened when I went back to KL again when our factory had a plant shutdown over the Christmas weekend. It was just a couple days after Dong Zhi (Tang Yuan festival) so we decided to cover for that dinner by eating out during Christmas Eve in a western style restaurant.

This place is apparently famous for selling and serving Iberico pork. Of course we had a bunch of other stuff as well…

If I am to be perfectly honest, I would say… you could serve me these dishes with normal pork and I wouldn’t be able to tell. It did not taste different as I was expecting it to be. I wonder if the meal being in Christmas Eve had anything to do with it.

Apparently the pork is good for health though, according to the front page of their menu. Reason being these black Iberian pigs are fed with acorns so their pork fat has similar attributes as olive oil, so their pork fat is healthy and hence their meat is healthy. πŸ™„

And then I got back to Penang and went back to work work work work work and more work…

And I’m out of pictures and out of things to say, so…

Till next time, I guess?


  1. Glad to see you’re still alive. Is this super busy period ever going to end??

    BTW, I will visit KL next month during Chinese New Year holidays, let me know if you are around and want to meet! πŸ™‚

  2. Hello there! Your work schedule is really scary, reminds me of my days as an audit staff – work, work, work. Thank God those days are over! Interesting to learn that this Gaharu tea can extend one’s life by another 100 years. I wonder if there is a living testament out there.

    • 100 years is they claim. No.. not that also. 100 years is they claim court physicists from 2000 years ago said. Only recent few years only available this thing, want living testament maybe wait another 80 years or so… hahaha πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  3. Oh, I saw the term Agarwood, few years ago, there was this Agarwood Investment going on, where the Sales Staff said if you invest in Agarwood Plantations overseas, You get 600% profits after the Agarwood mature and they made them into perfumes and sell, for example, if you invest S$100, you get back S$600, very attractive right? But I did not fall for it. It maybe a scam.

  4. Good to see an update from you. At least we know that you are still around and we can find you at night sleeping in your office if you are not at home (not that we know where your home in Penang is). Did you buy enough tea so that you can live another 100 years for yourself or for your parents so that they can live another 100 years?

    • People say 100 years, takkan we really go and believe hahaha… πŸ˜€

      I did buy the 5-pack instant noodles, Mom cooked them up while she was here. It was… not spectacular… πŸ™„

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