Fake Feud

For those of you who have nothing better to do on this lovely weekend and wants to win free lunch (quite literally)… here you go…

Seriously, even after more than a year since discovering their “feud”, I have not got bored with it. Probably won’t be, ever…

More seriously though, I think it best if entertainers like Kimmel stick to doing what they do best, like thinking up ever more imaginative ways to entertain us, for example maintaining this fake feud, instead of openly choosing sides and being nasty about it in their late night talk shows. I mean, I’m fine if you tweet about your political opinions or sharing it in Facebook or whatever, but… making fun of the political side you oppose on national TV just… it kind of leaves a bad taste in the mouth, no?

And don’t you think it is economically a stupid move? I mean, you had a great following in your shows, now you probably lost half your supporters (hence revenue source) who supported the new POTUS… πŸ™„

On another note, I saw the trailer for the Pacific Rim sequel the other day…

If the trailer is any indication, I don’t think it will be as much fun as the first movie…

The reason Pacific Rim got the support it got was because it was different compared to Transformers. Or Gundam. The robots in this movie felt real (felt being the keyword here). The robot tech here felt like it is something that present day and near future humans could build.

The sequel, looking at those new robots… it felt Transformers-esque. Something no humans could build. At least not in another 100 years or more. If I want to watch Transformers, I’d watch Transformers. If I wanna watch something with the year 2120 or 3120 as setting, I’d go full on anime. Pacific Rim 2, I think you’re trying to get into the same market as these, and I don’t think it will bode well.

Unless of course the trailer has been misleading. Let’s hope that’s the case…

Speaking of anime, let’s show you some anime…

(This is a fan edit, the actual anime’s story does not go like this)

I wonder how many would watch click on this clip and watch to the end… πŸ™„

The author of this Re:Zero series unknowingly created a new phrase, made official by Team Rem…

Phrase: “I Love Emilia” (Natsuki Subaru, Re:Zero, 2016)
Meaning: I’m a big fat ugly bastard and a blind idiot because I like third best instead of the best. I deserve to be hated and killed by everyone on sight.


    • You dislike a robot war movie for being too violent? You sound just like the new Youtube “advertiser friendly” algorithm that is causing troubles for all those full time Youtubers.

  1. LOL! Yeah, I have watched their fake feud and I enjoy it πŸ™‚ I watched the Pacific Rim trailer at the cinema yesterday. I thought, eh, another Transformers movie kah? heh..heh…

  2. I watched the feud because I literally have nothing better to do these days. Dunno about it. So this is what they show on TV these days πŸ™„

    Huh, Pacific Rim got a second installment coming out. Wasn’t too impressed with the first one – not much of a plot for me. Then again, most movies are like that these days πŸ™„

    • You don’t watch Pacific Rim for the plot. You watch Pacific Rim to satisfy your inner nine years old self (for boys anyway)… LOL! πŸ™„

  3. Ok I watched the whole 43 seconds of the clip and have to Google more info on I love emilia as a meme. So Rem loves subaru (sounds like the car) but he loves emilia. So are you on team rem or team emilia?

    • I was supposed to remove that “I Love Emilia” part from the blog, because it serves no purpose in context of this blog post. But then I forgot about it and went to shower and then you commented hahaha πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ ! It would’ve been fine to just watch a video of guy confessing to loving someone else and gets killed, I suppose… So, sorry for making you waste time Google-ing useless info. πŸ˜€

      Anyway… judging from how I define that phrase, can’t you tell which team I’m in? Although in hindsight, I’m not a big fan of Re:Zero, it’s not something like Log Horizon or Gate: JSDF which I can watch over and over again. πŸ™„

        • How did you come to conclude that? I said negative things about loving Emilia, and you conclude I am in Team Emilia. Goodness… nooo… Team Rem all the wayyyy! XD

          • Ooops! Sorry! Hahaha, on how I conclude that, you will be even more
            X{ X{ when you hear the answer. It is because of how you describe your photo on your work badge/tag and how you define this phrase. Sounds alike mah, no meh? :p

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