Western Food

Near the business district of anime world’s Tokyo, nestled in a poor corner of the shopping district, in the first basement floor of a multi-business building, lies a certain restaurant called Western Food Nekoya. On the signboard mounted on the store’s entrance is the image of a beckoning cat. The cat’s bell is the main feature of this mascot.

Lunch is up to 1000 yen. You have your free choice of rice, bread and soup and a wide selection of main course. It is an average restaurant you can find anyway.

But… there’s one thing that’s different from other places.

Once every week, on the Day of Satur, the store appears to be closed, but in fact has some very special guests come in, and there will be a special sale. These guests come from special portals all over an alternate world, otherwise known as “Guests from the Other Side”.

Those from the “Other Side” call this restaurant 异世界食堂 Isekai Shokudo (Alternate World Dining Hall).

Another strange thing is that although this place is called a Western food restaurant, the menu covers a wide variety of selection which one would not associate with the word “Western”. According to the owner, in Japan, “Western” means “across the ocean”, so even food like Chinese or Indian cuisine qualifies as “Western”.

Below is a chronicle of various items from the menu, and various quirks of these special guests.

(Lots and lots of anime foodgasm pictures coming…)

Menu #1: Beef Stew

Menu #2: Breakfast Special

Menu #3: Minced Meat Cutlet

Menu #4: Ebi Fry (Fried Shrimp)

Menu #5: Spaghetti with Meat Sauce

Menu #6: Chocolate Parfait

Menu #7: Omu Rice (Omelette Rice)

Menu #8: Tofu Steak (100% Vegetarian)

Menu #9: Katsu Don

Menu #10: Pudding a la Mode

Menu #11: Waitress Aletta

Ahhhh crap… my laptop is really self conscious, always self-upload unnecessary pictures in the end of my blog posts…

Also, heh… sorry for the “fooling around” introductory speech in the beginning of the blog post. I’m just trying to share some nice pictures from a recent anime that I just discovered… It is a very relaxing anime without all any fightings or explosions or magic blasts or those shit. Every episode is about specific “special guest” enjoying delicious food and making funny foodgasm faces. I find it surprisingly enjoyable to watch…

Guess I’ll have ebi fry for dinner tonight… 🙄


  1. You really are in love with anime…or at least very crazy about it. If it makes you happy, it makes you happy 🙄 The ebi fry look like small portion only 🙄

  2. Aiyo, you really fooled me. When I was reading paragraph 1, I was wondering, eh, Realgunner went to Japan for a holiday ah and now he is doing a Japan restaurant review. Mana tau, bluff punya. All food from anime.

    Where did you eat the ebi fry? Looks quite nice. And what does cof mean below your ebi fry photo?

    • From Sushi Mentai. Looks a lot better than it tasted I’m afraid. 🙄

      Ah that cof thing, ignore it, it was like some default description adder from my handphone’s camera. Haven’t figured out how to turn it off…

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