A couple weeks ago, I made a quick trip back home to KL to deal with the sale of my old car. While at it, we went to some quaint little cafe for breakfast on Sunday morning.

We being me and family.

The place is in the heart of downtown KL. The cafe itself is hidden within some houses, and they don’t got any big signage to tell you they’re there. I know where it is, and how to get there, but… I’m not good at describing the location.

Hmm… let’s see. I guess we can call it somewhere across the main road from Tung Shin Hospital…

Oh right, if you are an old KL local chap, you probably know Kum Leng Restaurant 金陵酒家 and where it used to be (used to be because it is no longer there)? If you do, this cafe is just right behind that building…

What the f**k am I doing here? Why am I stuck describing locations? Bullsh*t, I really haven’t done this (blogging) for a long time. Here’s a snippet from Google Maps.

Heh… they have a designated pin in Google Maps it seems. Yes, Swiss Garden, Swiss Garden. That’s more well known I guess. What Kum Leng, aduhai…

Because I haven’t done this in a while, I obviously did not take pictures of the surroundings and the interior. I did at least remember to shoot their menu… Here…

Huh… this shot turns out crappy. I thought I checked and it was okay. Did I mis-deleted the good one?

And of course pictures of the food we had… We share share a few platters…

VCR Big Breakfast
Avocado Toast
Unagi Affair
Potato Waffle

I think this place is pretty popular in KL, no? According to le’ brother, this place seems to be Top 1 or Top 2 or something breakfast place or coffee place or something in KL according to so and so ranking?

Location wise, prime for AirBnb tenants in the few nearby apartments and also for those staying across the street in Bukit Bintang. I did spot a few angmohs having breakfast there too. Most of them were having granola though… 🙄

If I have to have 1 complaint, it would be that there’s no bacon strips in the big breakfast. I don’t think this place is halal, so why not go all the way? 🙄

Also, the name of the place. VCR… why VCR huh? I was disappointed to find that NONE of the interior decor has anything to do with that old video cassette thingy… 🙄

Nah, as you can see, I’m just picking at bones for no good reason… it was a good breakfast… 🙂


    • It is only derogatory for overly sensitive people, which I’m guessing is the case for the person who authored whatever it is you read in Wiki. I guess it is as derogatory as “white people”, or referring to people who we are unable to differentiate Americans/Europeans as Caucasians. If we go deeper, I guess it is also derogatory to generalize Chinese/Indian/Japanese as “Asians”, and it is also probably derogatory to mistake a Korean as Chinese.

      Otherwise, nope, it is not derogatory. It is just a casual way of referring to white people. Well, at the very least, it is not derogatory to the majority in Malaysia/Singapore. If it makes you uncomfortable, sorry…

  1. It seems the old place used to rent out tapes, hence the name VCR I guess ^_* Hmmm, Top 1 or 2 can be very subjective (these days) but I heard the food is good 🙂 Unagi isn’t something I see very often on breakfast menus though.

    • Yala, subjective. My brother just browse on Google and clicked on the first page that appeared. What do we know? 😛

  2. I have heard and read about this place but till now did not drag myself there. Prices are normal for a cafe like this. Did your family enjoy the food? My in laws sure won’t like eating the food in your photos.

    • Actually the place doesn’t feel too cozy if I am perfectly honest.

      Except for the couple of sofa benches they had. 🙄

  3. I passed by the so-called Kum Leng restaurant ‘daily’ some many years back…but I didn’t knw that there’s a back building…how jakun for a KL native! Nice looking western breakfast! very instagramable!

    • Some many years back, there was no building(s) behind. It was a wasteland or something. Now that entire place become houses and condos, and the road link to the balai polis (traffic police HQ?) nearby…

  4. I used to be quite familiar with that area. But long time liao never go there. This VCR place first time I heard of it. Food looks good, especially those poached eggs and so colorful. Yah lah, why no bacon? What a bummer!

    • I freakin’ miss bacon. Too expensive in AEON these days, I have not had it in quite a long while. 🙁

  5. Glad to see you had a work-free moment 😛

    Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day, but I have a hard time getting up early so I just eat whatever’s at home…

    • I was sneaking this post in between work moment (running test at those big temperature chambers, got 1-2 hours interval between swapping cables), just like I am sneaking time to reply to comments here. 😛

  6. Heh. I have no idea that Kum Leng Restaurant 金陵酒家 moved.

    It really looked like full ang moh, white person breakfast. Looking at the pricing, compared to Australian dollars, that is…cheap. But to Malaysian locals, I’m sure it’s a different story 🙄

    It looked like the place know how to do a good savoury waffles. Yes. The avocado on toast look like it came with sourdough bread. Hope it wasn’t rock hard, like so many breakfast sourdough bread in Oz 🙄

    • I don’t think they moved. I think they closed down. I vaguely remember my dad mentioning the owner decided to retire or something. He friend friend with the owner one, since he is committee member of the Yang’s Taichi Association who always held their dinner banquets there. 🙄

      That sourdough slice, it was crunchy. I think that comes with toasting. No it was not rock hard.

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