Updates, Updates, Updates…

I have been away for almost 2 weeks haven’t I? Haven’t I? This time I have really been away. Like, really away. Not only did I not check my blog, I did not check other blogs either. Like, not at all. What a horrible person I am.

Let me tell you what I have been up to this whole time…

First, I went back home this weekend…

We went to have dinner in a posh steamboat place at the building attached to One Utama Old Wing (One Avenue?). Strangely, the place is named Ye Zi 椰子 (Coconut?).

Wild Mushroom Truffle Broth (or was it Wild Truffle Mushroom Broth?)

The broth costs RM 98++ regardless of how many people you have in the table so it is advisable to go in a big group. We ordered a bunch of stuff and I did not foot the bill so I do not know how much we spent here.

But it was nice. The broth was nice. Food was fresh. View was spectacular.

Their music selection could be better though…

Anyway the main reason I went back this time was to get this…

If you have read my blog long enough, you know what car I used to drive right?



But the main reason I have been staying away from the blog is because I found something more addictive to read. I’ve been reading a Chinese web novel which is yearsssss old and at the moment still a work in progress. The novel is titled 全职高手 The King’s Avatar (the English name is bullshit, totally irrelevant, give a big round of applause to China English intepretation). It is a story about a full time professional online gamer who got ditched by his gaming club employer and decided to make his return from the ground up again.

In case you don’t read Chinese, at the moment there’s 1547 chapters already

Each chapter is about 3000 (Chinese) words long, and I’m currently at chapter 358. This means I averaged 40 chapters per day. Go do the math for the word count.


This also means… I probably be away for another month or so. Reading this web novel is my only after work activity these days, freelance work/blog be damned.


Here’s a picture of my dinner today


  1. Don’t worry about being away. Priorities are important in life. Your car looks like a Honda City to me (I mean, its interior is similar to a Honda City that my friend owns), but I’m just guessing 🙂

    Why apologise for dabbling in the Chinese novel? Reading. It’s a good therapy, especially if it has interesting plots and characters.

  2. Wild Mushroom Truffle Broth? Hahaha lucky Read properly else i say BKT

    You reading Chinese novel online ah? LOL…heard it’s very addictive. Hmmm…. dunno this will be made into drama or not. Nowadays many chinese novels made into drama.. Now am watching 3 Lives 3 world. Also from chinese novel but friend told me that the story is different in the book.

    amyway…me lagi long tarak bloghop la. Loosing steam LOL

  3. Wow! Congratulations RG on your new baby. I know your previous car. It has helped you shift places and more. Now, new baby will be at your service. Hope both of you will build many great memories together.

  4. I don’t mean to be insulting but that car looks powerful…but there are more powerful cars out there. Still, a good upgrade 🙄

    It is great you are having fun after work. After a hard day at work, deserve to have a treat 🙄

    Like got no meat in the dinner 🙄

  5. Wah, new set of wheels, eh? Vroom..vroom..vroom.. It’s ok lah, take a break from blogging and blog hopping. Enjoy the novel. But seriously, so many chapters!

  6. Wah, you upgraded your MiVi to CiVi ah? Good to drop an update here. Are you going vegetarian? I only see broccoli in your dinner.

  7. Hi RG! So you are an avid reader too… keep it up! I used to read a lot before the computer is born.. after it is created, I read half like I used to.. and nowadays, I only read for about 5 minutes per day holding the ipad! hahaha…

  8. Miss your updates, thanks for sharing your updates, enjoy reading them, so you have been reading, me too if you happen to visit my blog recently

    Though you have been away, rest assure that you are not forgotten

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