I Eat Healthy

I’m not going to lie, I’ve been feeling pretty meh the past couple of days (more like weeks). Well, you see, I attempted to buy a property in Penang but apparently, according to the banks, I have overestimated the value of my monthly salary. Let’s skip over all the details and summarize that my attempt officially ended up in failure.

My meh-ness was so much that a couple weeks ago it seemed like I was ready to write more frequently but then all of a sudden, I totally forgot about the blog.


Another reason was that after a few months of “rest”, I finally accepted one freelance assignment (because the pay was… never mind) and have been spending the past couple of weeks writing (selling my soul) for money.

Anyway, it seems like a blog post is due, and to take things easy, I shall show you my healthy meals for the past week or so…


Yeah yeah, I know, it’s not served on hot stone and it’s not hot. But it’s cheap. Like… RM 6.50. It was from my workplace’s cafeteria so after the daily subsidy it was RM 4.50. Was it good? Well… it’s cheap! πŸ™„

Lazy Man’s Stir Fry

Leafy veggie, chicken breast, potato, red chili, garlic and onions. This was dinner. No rice. Healthy, right?

Crème Brûlée Tart

No no no!!… The picture self upload to the blog post again! This wasn’t mine! This wasn’t mine! It’s true… it’s true…


  1. I wish I could offer you some advice about the property purchase from my own experience. The banks are definitely stricter nowadays like vampires.

    I started to seriously eat healthier from this week after seeing my BPM readings. So scary.

    • I don’t think it is a case of the banks being strict. I think it is a case of them misinterpreting on how to be strict. True, they used to be lax and close both eyes in approving loans, but the criteria they set nowadays have got nothing to do with purchasing power too. Meh…

      • I am very close with many bankers here and all the criteria are set by #@%!*#BNM. I got biggest shocked when I wanted to refinance my own condo and the list of hellish requirements by BNM pissed me off. I screamed & walked out of the bank. It was my own property and almost finished paying yet they wanted me to prove that I could afford to repay back!

        • Dumb ass bankers these days. But then I do hope their dumbassery continue for a bit more. Maybe force down the housing prices a bit more in general. Well, if you are a housing speculator then sorry hah… πŸ˜›

  2. For your bibimbap, the only question I have is – where’s the rice? From what I’ve read, it’s still not the right time to buy a property because of the increased demand and lack of supply of suitable properties. *shakes head*

    Freelance, you say? I think it’s better to do it together with your day job – more security.

    • If that’s what you read, you should stop reading from that source. The problem we have now is a case of supply more than demand. Some might argue there is demand, just that the properties are overpriced and the potential buyers cannot get loan. Well, guess what? In a free market, the price is determined by supply and demand right? Overpriced means demand more than supply, right? Which is clearly not the case here.

      • Yes, overpriced means that there is more demand than supply. I know that it’s rather expensive to purchase a nice house in Subang Jaya – it’s at least 600k in USJ, but I could be way off here. I’d say the whole issue stems from speculative investments and property flipping. D=

        • You are bang on about speculative investments. That is exactly what’s going on. I hope the govt will let the bubble burst and kill off all these morons and then scare the shit out of future budding speculators.

          I think the root cause is that folks these days wants to gain too much by doing too little. It is the same as with those money game/ponzi scheme shit.

  3. The first two dishes are really healthy, but the last picture is kind of fattening, but nevermind la! Ku ku chi pai ma!

    • Not mine, I dunno. I dunno that it was from Love A Loaf (Penang mia bakery) and I dunno that it was RM 5.80. Not mine not mine… >.<

  4. I like your bibimbap which only costs you RM4.50 nett! What a real deal! Your home cooked food looks very healthy too. Good to read your post again. Here’s to more freelancing jobs for you.

    • Need more money these days, and freelancing is more legit than JJ-Pity-Ar (hope none of you are in it)…

    • More sauce = less healthy. My seasoning mainly consists of light soy and lots of pepper. πŸ™‚

  5. Failure? I see anything that doesn’t work out as not meant to be. Like dodging a bullet and destined for better things πŸ™„ No need to apologise because all of us bloggers don’t need to blog for anyone.

    It is interesting you mention freelance. Congrats on the gig πŸ˜€ The other night I spend the whole night looking into freelancing. So divided but still so tempting since I want a side income. But since a lot of these freelance sites charges crazy amount of fees, it is like daylight robbery to me πŸ™„

    The tart not big enough πŸ™„

    • Tell me you being an employee is not daylight robbery by your boss? The rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer those sh*t. And with freelancing, if you get a trustworthy and comfortable client, you could take the job and payment offline to avoid the fees. πŸ™‚

      • For my kind of job and what I earn for it…not really any kind of robbery πŸ™„ If I have to be my own freelancer, I have to be my own accountant and lawyer both of which I’ve had a feel of before and let’s say I probably will stick to my day job for now πŸ˜€

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