Hidden Beach @ Teluk Kumbar

I just realized I have not made a new blog post for more than a week. Yikes! So here’s a quick one…

Couple weekends ago, I was being tour guided by foreign travel bloggers again. This time I was brought to a hidden beach in Teluk Kumbar. When I say hidden, I mean I do not know of its existence. I suppose Teluk Kumbar locals would know.

I couldn’t find it on Google Maps though, and to get here you need to drive through a few minutes of Malay kampung houses and another 10 minutes of mud track, and there’s no signboard whatsoever, so I guess it is probably pretty hidden.

When we got here, the beach was crowded enough for a while though. So I guess maybe it isn’t that hidden too. πŸ™„


I’m not much of a beach person personally, so I just sat on a rock and read eBooks while the ladies when into the water.

The only reason I agreed to be the ahmat (driver) on this occasion was because of this…

And this…

And to get something to write in my blog…

Heh… πŸ˜›


  1. During my years living in Penang, we seldom visit Teluk Kumbar as those areas were so deserted and unknown to the locals except fishermen. I will never forget the nightmare when I went late night fishing with friends in the dark as they believed that certain bigger fishes would all swim out. We had to trek a bit through the small jungles to reach the shores at Teluk Kumbar. Suddenly my ear got stung by a bee!!! Whole night I was groaning in pain with ringing ears and had to wait for everyone to pack up as I followed their car. Horrible memories.

    • I doubt very many people who live in the north side of the island would be familiar with Teluk Kumbar or anywhere beyond the airport, after all by normal standards there’s nothing here and it is on the opposite side of the island and have to drive through semi accessible road.

      Still, your trek, you probably came to this exact hidden beach heh…

    • I’m not sure how too. This was facing away from the sun during sunset. Maybe it only happens by the sea, who knows. πŸ™„

  2. wow! How is the last picture so pink! I guess my camera isn’t so good, and I should probably steal your pictures to use :P. Thanks for being such a good sport and hanging out with us there!

    • Go ahead and steal whatever pictures you like. Actually just take it, I’m not charging any copyrights or what so it isn’t steal. πŸ˜›

  3. I’ve seen some beautiful orangy sunsets like your second last photo but I don’t think I’ve seen one that’s pinkish like the last photo though! πŸ˜‰

    • I think it was my first time seeing such pink sky too. I think you get this by facing away from the sun during sunset. Maybe it only works by the sea, who knows. πŸ™„

  4. I am not much of a beach person either. When I go back to Terengganu, I don’t even bother visiting the beach. Anyway, the last 2 pics are really pretty. I don’t think I have ever seen such a pretty sight in real life πŸ™

  5. Same here, sometimes I go to a certain place because I want to find material to write for my blog, that is the motivation right? If not, life would have been too boring, I like the last two shots, such beautiful shots (nice!)

  6. erh, you sure you are not there because the ladies when(sic) into the water? ok, joking only. We all know that you are a nice guy so that is why you agreed to be the ahmat.

  7. Nah. You generally can’t predict a good sunset. You be ahmat because you nice guy πŸ™„ There is probably another way to get to that beach, a way that only locals know. Must have been so fun getting there πŸ˜€

    • Yeah, locals would park somewhere by the main road and take a 10 minutes walk through a tiny trail to the beach.

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