Random Food Photos

I have a bunch of photos rotting inside my smartphone’s memory so I think it is time to talk about them lest I forget what they are, since my memory is going to the dustbin these days…

For example, take a look at this raisin bun which I bought a few weeks ago.

Now, I don’t know about you but I have never gotten a raisin bun that looks like this. To me, raisin bun means raisin mixed in the bread batter, not a bunch of raisin in the center as filling to a bun. Can you imagine stuffing a handful of raisins in your mouth just like that, because eating this bun felt exactly like that? I couldn’t, and now I would never have to, because I already know. I thought it was disgusting.

And then there’s this Japanese katsu curry rice.

Fuck… where was this? See, I told you my memory is shyte these days.

No, wait, now I remember. This was a free meal. I went to Wakaba with colleagues on my birthday (which means this was a million years ago), got a lucky draw and drew a coupon to redeem this. For free.

So I went back on a certain weekend to redeem it. But I felt bad for going into the restaurant and effectively spending nothing. It would probably piss off the owner and staff. Heck, I’d be pissed off.

So I ordered a plate of sushi to go with it.

I had this before (see link above) and I really liked it. A lot… I’m glad to say that I still like it. Hopefully I will continue to like it if and when I come back again for more…

Moving on… what’s next?

Oooh… For you all KL peeps, can you guess where was this taken? I’ll give you a clue, this place is in Cheras, and the building is poorly named. I really think this bulding’s name is… stupid. I guess I won’t ever be able to understand why they would give a shopping mall a name that sounds like a not-so-cheapo and average quality white coffee place.

I was dragged to this mall by the sister because she wanted to visit a newly opened shoe store and get a piece of the opening discounts action.

While there, I wandered into the atas (high-end) supermarket on the Lower Ground floor.

While inside the supermarket, I was attracted by these lovely looking strawberries. But upon closer scrutiny, these became a perfect illustration of how atas this supermarket really is.

See the price??? To unsuspecting Americans, Australians, Europeans, Japanese and Koreans, this price is expensive! If you must know, it is 5 times the price we pay for normal strawberries. FML!!! I think I better resign, go buy a farm, plant strawberries and then slap Japanese words labels onto the boxes…

I did see (and buy) something which I could not resist though…

American (sized) fizzy lemonade. This was only RM 5, only being a relative word here. Reminds me of life when Walmart/Target was only a couple miles away from workplace. I had one of these a day back then. Almost every single day when I was in that country across the Pacific.

I guess this was as much a culprit as those big hearty omelette breakfasts in turning me into a super fatty.

Shit. Why did I reveal such an incriminating piece of info again??? Forget about it, please…

I am actually capable of eating healthy, as you all know. After all, I cook at home, right? Check this out…

Brown rice, simple pork belly stir fry, and kimchi. Granted, the kimchi was store bought. Still…

Brown rice = healthy, obviously.

Korean food = healthy, kimchi = Korean food. So, by this logic, kimchi = healthy.


And that’s all the photos I have. Job done. Have a good weekend. Kthxbye. 🙄


  1. MyTown had to close early recently as not enough electricity!
    I was often shocked by the prices of certain imported strawberries, cantaloupe melons and pumpkins! All near to RM100! It must be some signature branding issues.

    • The melons were not near to RM 100, they were RM 169. FML! Yeah, signature branding, the brand is called Japanese. >.<

  2. You’re not the only one whose memory’s ‘heading into the dustbin’, CL… Oh, that shopping mall. I’ve to agree with you that it wasn’t exactly the best-named. It’s just that I don’t see how that issue could occur after they’ve opened the doors to the shoppers.

    Can I say that the Japanese curry rice looks tasty to my tired yet hungry mind? =)

    • Yes you can. It was pretty tasty. It was a good Japanese curry. This restaurant is a good Japanese restaurant to be honest. 😛

    • I suspect got. Probably those rich tai tais who go “Ooohhhh Japanese good!” or something. 🙄

  3. yuckssss for that raisin bun….which brainless idiot did this and hav gut to sell it out? I wouldn’t eat it even if it is free…*coz I hate raisins 😉
    yea, that ‘town’ mall is not even in my list of to-be-visit place…the name itself is putting me off…Nowadays there is just too many malls in PJ/KL but I guess mostly are not fully occupied…I’l just stick to my dear IOI City for the time being.

    • Unlike you, I don’t hate raisins lah, else I won’t buy raisin bun. I just can’t take a bunch in my mouth at a go. That’s a bit… disgusting…

      That town town mall near my house, that’s why easier to drag me there… 🙄

  4. I agree with you about the name so I could not bring myself to visit it yet. The bun looks as if it was cut open and some one poured raisins into it. Did you prepare the kimchi rice yourself or did your mother do it?

  5. Ah, you went to MyTown already…I’ve not visited yet. These strawberries are pricey for a reason…they’re Japanese strawberries! That’s why Japanese cakes are so popular coz the fruits they use are better quality (maybe not as expensive as these ones…lol…but still good quality ones). A lot of Japanese fruits are mighty expensive…have you seen those Japanese melons? 😉

    I can see why you like that salmon sushi…it’s very well torched ^_~

    • Why must Japanese strawberries be expensive. There are some Japanese brands that are cheap. Like Daiso for example. 😛 And yeah I did see those melons, even crazier @.@

      That not salmon, that tuna hahaha!

  6. The strawberries look good and red but not easy to find sweet strawberries, they are usually a bit sour, wow the price is exorbitant

  7. Just raisins in the mouth isn’t bad. So I take that you don’t like raisins. But that aside, that raisin bun looks disgusting. Props to you if you actually finished it 🙄

    The strawberries look good but the price is really wtf. Probably like the price of a week’s worth of usual grocery run. Crazy.

    • I do like raisins, I just don’t like a bunch of them in my mouth together.

      Those premium strawberries… really crazy…

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