Random Comfort Food

You know, I hear the term “comfort food” a lot. It got me wondering, what exactly does comfort food mean? How do you define comfort food?

Is it food that brings you great comfort by eating it? If it is, then here’s a few of mine which I had recently.

Wantan Mee

My quest for decent wantan mee in Penang has been abandoned since years ago. I kind of gave up a couple years into my stay in Penang after I realized what Penangites define as decent wantan mee is the polar opposite of how I define it.

Well, recently, I went to this place near where I am currently staying in. That place is called Plus Two, in Sungai Dua. I think I went there a few times in the past, but it was always lunch time and their wantan mee were sold out.

So this time, I went at 8.30AM on a Saturday morning for breakfast and here’s what I got…

Properly cooked noodles, sauce evenly mixed with the noodles, proper char siew used, and most importantly,

Decent sized wantans…

The sauce still doesn’t taste quite right. I think what we get in KL is like basically, normal plain dark soy sauce. Folks here in Penang seem to use a different blend with a richer flavor or something. They’ll probably argue that Penang wantan mee is better because it has better flavor, although if you ask me, the moment you make something that taste different from what it is supposed to taste like, then your version is not better, it is just… different.

Still, 4 out of 5 criteria met, yeah this is pretty decent. I’ll come back for more, seeing it is close to where I am staying in now.

Char Koay Kak

I’ve been telling a travel blogger to try this since she loves her char koay teow and this is like char koay teow’s cousin. The cooking style is the same, ingredients mostly the same, difference is it has rice cake cubes in place of flat rice noodles.

I’ve been telling her so much that I ended up craving for it myself, so… char koay kak it was for dinner…

I won’t want to eat this very often, but sometimes, biting into chunks of rice cake just feels me with such great comfort if you know what I mean.

If you don’t then, well… not my problem, eh?

Nando’s Butterfly

When Nando’s introduced their Butterfly (@ Chicken Breast), I was elated. After all, you know I dislike dealing with bones, right? Unlike most of the rest of Malaysians like you guys, I like chicken breast more than any other chicken parts.

I do still love this Butterfly thing much much.

It used to be much much much though. But then they used to give 2 large slices of breast meat and now their butterflied pieces have steadily grown much smaller. One less “much” love for lesser meat. Boo… πŸ™


Last Friday was my two interns’ last day. For taking care of them for 7 months, I got some gifts and trinkets.

I also got this…

Don’t be fooled by the close up shot, it is not very big at all.

But boy oh boy does it pack a solid punch. No doubt a very Malay style chocolate cake recipe, I had this for dessert after lunch and I was in a state of frenzy sugary chocolaty high throughout the rest of the day. Mmmhmmmmm~~~

Although there’s something else that’s giving me comfort other than food these days. My weekends are now spent binge chasing anime after anime after anime. So much so that I’m not even bothered to leave any comments, though I have been reading all your blog posts. I hope you will forgive me for this, as I have mentioned many times before that I do not appreciate half assed comments hence I will not do the same on your blogs.

Ahhhh no… not this…. πŸ™„ !!!


  1. These are stonking good comfort food. Do these wanton noodles have QQ texture? I have just found out that some places have wanton mee made with duck eggs; this is a whole new experience.

    • Yeah those noodles are QQ. I have never seen duck eggs noodles myself. I would try that, if only just for the sake of trying. πŸ˜›

  2. Comfort food to me is just food I love eating. And I do love char koay kak but it’s not easy to find in KL (this is different from fried radish/carrot cake). Nowadays the potato wedges tend to be a bigger portion than the Nando’s chicken…what! O_o

    • Yeah, feels very cheapskate for that kind of price. I miss the Butterfly during their early Nando’s days… πŸ™„

  3. I don’t think we have an equivalent word for comfort food in Spanish. Maybe we didn’t even have the concept until it was imported from English. Or at least I don’t remember ever hearing anything similar when I was growing up.

    I don’t know if I have a comfort food. Maybe the typical Spanish lentil and chickpea stews. I guess they are a bit healthier than other comfort foods, but sometimes they have a lot of fat too because of all the added meats.

  4. Yup, comfort foods are as they are defined – makan already, feel so much comfort hah..hah… My comfort foods are all carbs like the wanton mee and yes, I do love char koay kak.

  5. char koay kak is somehow Penang way of addressing fried carrot cake aka fried radish cake. It’s also my fav (besides ckt). I normally ordered this in pasar malam. I dunno it is also called ‘rice cake’…There’s just too many name for it.

  6. I know exactly how it is to bite into chunks of rice cake (kuih kak). I crave for this dish now and then and would just savour every bite – who cares about counting calories when it comes to rice cake – yums!

    • I don’t think the calorie count of char koay kak is very much different compared to char kuay teow. πŸ™„

  7. Sounds like you are enjoying yourself with good food and your anime. What’s not to like…just enjoy it all.

    Here in Australia we got something similar to the butterfly shaped chicken. We have pieces of chicken schnitzel or chicken parma in that shape, and we call it heart-shape – very big portion and very hard to finish. For a person like me, I can only eat half πŸ™ It looks like a sizable portion of wedges along with the chicken and salad, maybe you should be greatful πŸ™„

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