Nanjō Yoshino

I actually had a somewhat impressive start to today’s blog post in mind, but while copying the Youtube links, I got distracted and ended up watching all the videos instead, and now I have forgotten what I was going say to start things off.


Anyway, today I want to show you my latest crush, my latest J-Pop goddess if you will. Today I want to show you Nanjō Yoshino.

She is the lead singer for fripSide, an extremely popular Japanese trance duo and purveyor of many wonderful anime songs.

Their songs are my new favorite songs for the time being…

Look at her. Look at how hawt she is!

Apart from being in fripSide, Nanjolno (her nickname) is also one of the seiyū (voice actress) for the extremely popular anime school idol group Love Live.

The reason why Love Live is so popular in Japan is because the voice actresses make real life appearances and hold real life concerts to present the real life versions of their anime songs. They have many sell-out concerts in Japan.

This is real life Nanjolno and Kussun (another Love Live voice actress)…

This is their anime characters, Eli and Nozomi (hence NozoEli).

As I am writing this, I rather belatedly realize that when I was driving back from KL yesterday, I had these awesome songs in my playlist and they probably were in loop for 3 or 4 times. Thing is, these songs are only awesome to me. I had a passenger and I think she must not have enjoyed these songs as much as I do (or at all). It must have been abject misery for her to listen to cute Japanese girls singing.


No, I’m not sorry actually…

Sigh, I’m pretty hopeless…

You know how hopeless I am? I came across a studio recording of NozoEli doing a radio talk show. The video is 1 hour and 22 minutes long of them 2 ladies talking rubbish and making fun of themselves.

I sat through the entire video watching and listening to them (reading the subtitles I mean).

You know, when I listen to Hitz FM or 988 FM, I feel bored and get pissed off when those morning crew DJs talk too much without playing songs. I hate radio DJs talking as a general rule. Radio channels should focus more on playing songs in my opinion.

But, I did not feel bored at all watching the whole of the radio recording video above.

Kussun is pretty fine too I guess. 🙄


  1. walaueh…3-4 times while on the way home….I think I will put an earplug and listen to something else…I beh tahan songs that keep playing frequently, which is why I dun listen to radio that keep playing the same song over and over again in a day.

    • Radio keep playing the same song over and over again? I would listen to that radio, which station??? The radio stations I know are DJs talk talk talk non stop and then adverts and then repeat over and over again in the day, 365 days a year. That’s why I stopped listening to radios… 🙄

    • I’m outdated and you are extremely outdated. At least with respect to Japanese anime scene. 😛

  2. I wanted to comment on your fish porridge post but the comments are closed. Sobs.

    Anyway, one of my FB friend is so crazy over Love Live. Everyday oso I see him taking pics of his idols. I dont understand a single thing but I hit LIKE oso coz sometimes I see the girls quite cute. And I also see him talking about Eli and Nozomi and many more.

    Now, reading your post, I feel like I know something dy. Haha. This Nanjolno very pretty. I like.

    • I didn’t realize my comment setting got time limit restrictions. I undo it already, you can go there and comment now. 😀

      Many people ship NozoEli you know, there are very many anime loving otakus in Malaysia, makes me feel less lonely hehehehe~ 😛

  3. When cupid strikes (you with nanjo yoshino), nothing matters, hehehehe. I am sure the lady in your car does not mind listening to those songs or else she would have voiced it out to you.

      • If really cannot tahan, must voice out lah, else go crazy and kill the driver during the car drive, how?

        • Hahaha, where got so extreme one… but then these days, people are a bit crazy so you might be right. 🙄

  4. I find Nanjō to be more hawt with the short hair. With the long hair, she seems to look like any other doll-faced Japanese girl. Not to say that’s not cute… 🙄

    LOL, you have quite a few songs on the repeat loop so the car ride was probably mildly entertaining. Usually my repeat loop is one song and that happens literally every night for me…a car ride with me would be torturous 🙄

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