Are You For Real??

The other day I got bored, so I re-installed Tinder just for the sake of looking at pictures of girls. Don’t judge me, that’s what single boys do.

For those of you who still does not know what Tinder is, Tinder is basically an app that lets single boys and single girls see each others photos, swipe Likes, and then talk and possibly meet up if the Likes are mutual. It is basically a matchmaking app.

Except I guess some do not get the memo… becauseΒ I saw not one, but many pictures that appear like this one below…

Like, seriously? You tell me what this is supposed to mean? No matter how I think about it, the only logical reason I can think of is some morons are self-centered, egotistical, narcissistic bitches who think Tinder is the perfect app for them to gloat in front of single lonely persons.

Coincidentally, I was watching a newly released anime called Clockwork Planet and I thought episode 1 taught me a piece of fact about humanity which I think could be used to perfectly describe what I just saw above.

Right? Don’t you think so?

Lately I think my work has sort of stabilized for a bit. Or maybe it was me getting used to things again. I find I have a bit more breathing room again. But then I have gotten used to my random weekly post schedule and I quite like it, so I don’t feel like I wanna change it. I’ve been squandering my free time watching Youtube and chasing new anime series.

Besides Clockwork Planet, I am also watching DanMachi (abbrev for Is It Wrong To Pick Up A Girl In Dungeon?), and chasing Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) Season 2.

Busy busy busy… πŸ™„


  1. Open relationship, perhaps. Each to their own. Some people have such complicated lives. They are not always happy because I have spoken to these people when they brought it up. I don’t judge, it’s ain’t my business.

    Work has kept me occupied these days.

    • You guys are missing the point. The thing is, open relationship or not, I don’t think using a “couple” photo as profile picture is appropriate for a matchmaking app. That’s not how things work. πŸ™„

      • Aiyo, if one is looking for a couple to be in a relationship with (for a 3some), must look at the couple photo lah. Later pretty girl but guy ugly, how? Matchmaking app also covers people looking for couples to be in 3some, right?

  2. I also don’t understand why would a person in a relationship be on Tinder. Like me, I don’t even know what Tinder is as I am married hence there is no reason for me to find out πŸ˜›

    • You go Tinder land buat apa? I shall not be held accountable if Letchumy catches you… πŸ™„

    • You stay off Tinder please. If I see any female post pictures of her happy family on Tinder, I would feel like killing her. πŸ˜€

    • Sigh zzz… I lack even the brain power to read blogs this few weeks. House/loan hunting and work is killing me…

  3. i’m not into tinder…but more on fb and insta…
    I tink I m not interested in looking at people/human people…I prefer looking at food pics…that’s where I could get plenty of them on insta!

  4. Oh, first time I heard of this… Facebook is enough to keep me busy.. and I heard that young ppl now resort to instagram.. only seniors like me like to use FB… hahahaa

  5. Maybe those couples who show their photos in Tinder is to motivate you single guys or girls to add oil, muahaha.

    And I feel sometimes single is better and more suitable for some people.

  6. The dictionary says that tinder means dry, flammable material, such as wood or paper, used for lighting a fire so that photo is correct lah, they want to light your fire mah, make you angry at them.

    Or it just means that they are in an open relationship and welcome anyone else to be in a multi-relationship with them.

    So I guess it is safer to go back to watching anime instead of being on tinder and being lighted up because some may be there to take advantage of others. Guys there to get into you know what and girls there to string guys along while getting free rides and free meals. Wow, I am so cynical! but what’s new.

    I myself is just candying everyday so candy is my anime.

    • I didn’t know that was the meaning of the word behind Tinder. So that is what it means. Also agree with you on the multi-relationship game and it does not surprise me to see such kinds of pics out there. It is a playground out there where you walk on fire πŸ™„

      Now, I am on Instagram and whenever I am bored I flick through pictures of hot girls. And I am straight. Don’t just me. It’s what single and non-single girls do. In Oz. πŸ™„

      You really are enjoying your time. I need more motivation to write and do less and just enjoy my life πŸ˜€

      • Girls, you’re taking my rant much too seriously in my opinion. Yeah better stick to Instagram for the time being…

    • Dictionary pulak… don’t friggin’ care what the dictionary says heh…

      A friend of mine did said (he thinks) most girls on Tinder who says “no hookup” means they’re horny. He said he scored quite a few so… that’s probably the reason why I not even dare to swipe right these days, after that one single fateful encounter. πŸ˜›

      • Erh, did I get this correct? You don’t dare to swipe right because you are afraid of encountering these “no hookup” girls who will just use you for you-know-what (quack quack foc service)?

        • Normally no hookup means no hookup. No sex. What I mean is according to my friend, girls who claim no hookup wants the opposite usually, they want hookup but do not want to admit it. I don’t know how true it is, after all my friend is a moron too. To me I don’t really care. I don’t swipe right because I was only planning to look at the photos from the beginning. πŸ™„

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