Bukit Genting Hill Leisure Park & Restaurant

This is a tale of how a tour guide was being tour guided back.

The tour guide was supposed to show two lovely ladies around Penang last Saturday, but then he has not set foot into Georgetown proper since more than 2 years ago, so whatever he thought he knew was more or less no longer valid. In short, he was a crappy tour guide.

So, he brought them ladies to a tiny coffee shop to sample touristy food and got them to queue up for dessert, and then they quickly ran out of things to do.

So, he brought them to the tropical fruit farm instead. But because the guided tour was way too expensive, they ended up just sitting around, eating a plate of cut fruits.

But one can only spend so much time eating fruits. And with nothing else to do, it means the tour guide was dropping the ball big time. Like, reallyyyyyy bigggggg time.

And then one of the ladies mentioned a place called Bukit Genting. She has been in Penang for a month and it appears she has basically been to all corners of the island. And she said this place has wonderful views.

The tour guide was flabbergasted, for he has been living on the island for more than 8 years now and he has not even heard of such a place yet. Like, WTF, right?

Anyway, so off they went. Damn place was pretty hard to find, the entrance was a tiny path along the main road between Balik Pulau and Teluk Kumbar. And then once you enter that path, it was… well let’s just say it was like a mini version of going up Genting Highlands. Maybe that’s why the place is called Bukit Genting.

After 5 to 10 minutes of crazy uphill drive, they arrived…

On top of this hill, there’s a Thai restaurant. There’s also some strange and unique decor around the area.

But then, the tour guide and the two ladies were not VIPs, so they went to the restaurant proper to sit where the commoners sit.

Since they were in a Thai restaurant, it made sense for them to order some food.

Was the food good? Passable, but not great at all. But then people don’t come here for the food. They come here for the view.

I mean, views like this
And like this, you know

It is advisable to come close to evening. A bit earlier than usual sunset time. Like, say, 6 PM. Get a table, sit down, have dinner, and watch the sun go down.

Like this,
And then like this (the framing was intentional, the tour guide wanted to show you that if you do not come slightly earlier, the good tables will be taken)
And then like this. It just gets better and better

Seeing this lovely sunset, the tour guide felt sad for sellingΒ off his camera. After all, no matter how good a smartphone’s camera is, it is still a smartphone, can hardly compare to the lens of a specialized camera. Seriously, the actual sunset views were like, 10 or 100 times better than what you see in the pictures above.

But then he reminded himself that views such as these are like, one offs. He reminded himself that the camera had been collecting dust for more than a year so it was a perfectly wise decision to sell it off. He felt instantly better.

Then he remembered that he did not know of this hidden gem of a place and that it took a Spanish travel blogger to lead him, a 8-years-local here. He felt dejected again.

So, yeah… this is a story of how a tour guide was being tour guided back. πŸ™„


  1. Did you have any fling? I roughly know that area and over the years I stopped to eat & enjoy the fabulous view. Not sure whether it was the same spot but the sunset looks from the same sun.


  2. LoL! Very good ah your Spanish traveler can bring you here. The view is simply amazing. Your phone did justice, not to worry. I’d love to come here one of these days.

    • Not my Spanish traveler. A Spanish traveler. XD

      No, my phone did no justice, the actual view very much much naiser…

  3. Most of the time I go Penang, not for sight-seeing but for food and more food.. but I love walking up the trail up the hill, especially the dam there.. Nice view and can see Penang town on top…

  4. This is a nice tale of two lovely ladies and a crappy tour guide! πŸ˜› I think the cameras of some smartphones are good enough for us casual bloggers, don’t need such good cameras like those professional bloggers ^_~

  5. Bukit Genting…yes, I hav heard of it but never been there too…but again, it has been more than 5 years since I last went to Penang…
    The sunset view is amazing…nice place for ‘lomantic’ couple to ‘paktor’ and enjoy the view together…and lucky tour guide, he get to ‘paktor’ with 2 lovely ladies πŸ˜‰

  6. The first couple of sentences led me to assume that you’re gonna pen a short story, but I only realised midway that it could’ve been you probably writing about a recent event in third person. The views are indeed spectacular, but I just hope that the tour guide and his lovely companions didn’t have to lose an arm and a foot for the meal… the last I remembered, places with view don’t come cheap.

  7. Hahahaha, I also don’t know what to say. How can there be nothing to do in GeorgeTown? unless she has been to all of them since she has been in Penang for a month. I guess she has been to Penang Hill and other tourist spots.

    I agree, beautiful view but all I think of are there mosquitoes up there or not? After I wrote my comments, I saw Anna’s comment that she got bitten by mosquitoes. That is why I never go places like this because I know for sure will be mosquitoes food.

    At first I thought this place is at about the same place as BP Anjung Indah Thai Seafood Restaurant but after a google search I found that it was not.

    Even if you have not sold your camera, I doubt you will lug it around when you thought you would be showing two pretty ladies around town unless you plan to take lovely memorable photos of them both.

    • Shoot, where is BP Anjung Indah??? Oh noooo… the crappy tour guide, he only knows Hao You, Khunthai and Hai Boey for Teluk Kumbar seafood places…

      Yeah, the tour guide said he agree, he probably wouldn’t have brought the camera even if he had not sold it. He said thanks for making him marginally better. πŸ˜›

  8. I enjoyed the touristy georgetown food and the tropical fruit farm :). And this was the perfect way to end the day. Such a hidden gem and it was the most beautiful sunset I had seen in a while! Oh, I forgot to tell you that the next day, I counted all the mosquito bites I got on top of the hill – 34! How many did you get? πŸ˜›

    • I didn’t even bother to count. Ah crappy tour guide forgot to add an advice to wear long sleeved and long pants when going up there. I’ll remind him to do so later. πŸ˜›

  9. Heh. This colour sunsets is the kind lazy photographers like me dream of. Nice, nice and will look good on any camera. It is a nice shot la, that one you took πŸ™„

    I don’t know why, but the way you write this makes the trio that was exciting and adventurous sound boring. But that it was obvious it was good.

    • You’re right, it sounded more boring than it should have been. You just exposed that not only is the tour guide a horrible tour guide, he is also a horrible writer. πŸ˜€

      • To me, the best kind of ‘tour’ or exploring adventure is if they are not revolved around food. More time to see sights, waste less time to go looking and waiting and eating food in one place. But also that’s because I am not a foodie… πŸ™„

        Reading the comments, it is hard to believe how many mosquitoes there are there :/ Then again, jungle + tropical weather makes sense… We have lots of bushland here in Australia and I’ve hiked some of them – no mosquito bites at all πŸ˜€

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