Where Was This?

I was transferring photos from my phone to my laptop just now. It seems I have enough photos to do a few blog posts. Maybe I’ll do them all this week.

Here’s a meal that I had some time ago…

Rice and veggie and pork
Veggie – nothing to shout about
客家炸肉 Hakka Style Deep Fried Pork Belly

The veggie was… well, veggie. Nothing much to shout about. But look at the pork. Woo!!!! How glorious!!!

There’s one problem though.

I don’t remember how much these dishes cost…

I don’t remember where I had these…

I don’t even remember when I had these…


This isn’t the first time I have meal photos in my phone which I cannot recall anything about, is it?


On a side note, I sold my Sony 5100 flip “selfie” camera. Don’t think I will buy another camera in the near future, doesn’t seem necessary as this camera has been sitting inside the shelf after I came back from Europe, never seeing light again.

Posted it on Mudah and eBay last night, woke up this morning to find 8 inquiries, picked one and did the cash-on-delivery routine after work just now.

Looking back at my old post, I bought the camera more than 2 years ago, for RM 1799. The price I fetched… for a 2 years old, out of warranty camera… well… I recouped 80% of what I paid for it…

I thought it was a pretty good deal. 🙄


  1. I usually post my photos on the same day or one day after I had my meal so that I will not forget where and when I had the meal

    I like the fried pork belly

    • You already have one comment below which I replied to. And many repeats which I deleted. Did you not see your first comment appear?

  2. So easy to sell on Mudah? I have lots of items at home sitting nicely like a white elephant. I wanna sell off but hubby is a hoarder -.-

    That is a lot of vege for a person to eat leh. You very good boy hor. I think I can only eat 1/4 of it but I can finish the pork belly lah 😀

    • Don’t be deceived by the close up shot, the portion not a lot only I think. Even though I cannot remember, I probably wouldn’t over order and over stuff myself yet not remember it. 🙄

  3. Oh, no worries, RG.. I also have the same problem.. that is why a lot of photos were left idling in my phone.. sooner or later, have to delete to make room for new ones. That is the problem of not posting them soon enough especially with grey cells like mine. LOL… Hey, by the way, that is indeed a good deal.. I better go rummage my “assets”… see can fetch some Ringgit or not.. 🙂

  4. Never mind wherever that was. But I must say that I love Hakka Style Deep Fried Pork Belly. There used to be a chap fan shop behind my office that sold that. But they have since closed shop 🙁

    • This dish quite troublesome to make I think, that’s why less and less chap fan places offer this anymore 🙁 .

  5. Wow! You got a very good deal for your old camera! I agree that time has changed and we don;t need bulky cameras to snap photos when we go free & easy travels in overseas. However, I brought both my mini mirrorless DSLR and mobile phone to snap photos recently in the freezing Hokkaido last month. I was shocked that my fully charged phone battery died after snapping 4-5 photos only under the minus cold temperature. Only my mini DSLR survived to save my ass. I have to keep this mini camera.

    • Hah… not surprising. Fragile devices like smartphones, usually guaranteed to operate up to -5 C, anything lower then bye bye…

  6. There’s no point to go….Woo!!!…if you can’t remember where you had this. It’s not as if you can have it again….wakakakakaka! 😀 For me, there’s no way I wouldn’t remember where I had the food as it always begin with a photo of the place or the menu…hehe! 😉

    • Lately I’m not even bothered to take pictures of menu in restaurants to be honest. Not like I’ve been to many new restaurants to begin with, heh…

  7. I usually post on the same day or one day after I had my meals so I won’t forget where I had them

    It is a good deal since it is a two years old camera and no warranty

  8. i agree the price you got for your camera is a good deal. i guess you chose the highest offer you got among the 7. the pork dish looks tasty but i am more interested in the veggie dish because it looks like brussel sprouts which are very expensive here or are they just mini choy tam?

    • It wasn’t a bid. I set the price, 7 people were interested. I just picked the one whose message came in earliest. Whoever of the 7 I sold to, I would have gotten the same amount of money 🙄 …

      I don’t even remember when and where I had this, so I suppose I could not tell you whether they are choy tam or brussel sprouts. 🙄

  9. From the looks of it, the pork doesn’t look like it’s much to shout about too. It looks like it got a lot of colouring. But if you like, heh… 🙄

    Congrats on the camera sale. Maybe you can top that speed of sale and price… 🙄

    • You’re not a pork person, so what you feel about the pork is irrelevant heh… that red color is from Nam Yue. Fermented tofu thing…

    • Me likey them too. Which is why it is disconcerting that I cannot remember where I had these… 🙄

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