I went to bed last night thinking it was Friday. When I woke up today, my phone indicated that it is Friday. Can you imagine how shocked I was? No, it’s true, I was really shocked. I really thought after watching so many anime, I was finally caught up in one of those bizarre scenarios where I became the protagonist caught in a time loop or something, destined to repeat Friday over and over again. WTF!?

Took me a while to get over it and realize that I must have made a mistake in remembering days wrongly.

Anyway, that’s not what I want to talk about today. I’m only writing this to let you guys have something to comment about. What I’m going to write below, I guess won’t be interesting enough for comments…

You know what I do after work these days? I’m too tired to write/read blogs with a straight mind, so I have been doing relatively more relaxing things, like watching tons of anime and Youtube videos. I guess this is not even news anymore, eh?

My most recent anime discovery is a… is a… I don’t know how to describe it. The title is Maoyuu Maou Yuusha. It tells the story of Maou and Yuusha.

Maou is pronounced Ma-Ou, 魔王. Yuusha is pronounced as… er… Yuusha, 勇者. If you can read Chinese words, then you will know it is about Demon King and Hero.

Yup, I rather spontaneously figured out what I wanted to describe this anime as. By looking at the title, it appears that this is a pretty silly anime, isn’t it? I mean, the opening scene is something like this:

But if you go deeper, this is a somewhat educational anime. It tells about a Demon King who is a scholar of economics and doesn’t have any evil powers or fighting skills, and a Hero who is a crazy overpowered fighter with not much of a thinking ability. The Demon King tries to bring about an end to Human/Demon wars by introducing economic reforms to the worlds, and the Hero protects her.

There’s a lot of technical economy jargon being floated around throughout the series, and you get simple layman explanations on why the kings and rich people wars to happen all the time. Because wars create prosperity for the rich and elites at the expense of the poor. Or something like that.

It kinda explains why a certain global superpower country is doing what it has been doing for the past 20-30 years, sending troops here and there and destabilizing the whole world in the process. You get to learn serious stuff like this while enjoying yourself with anime. How nice is that? Right???

Ahhh, no!!! Wrong picture manifests itself again!! Stop!!!

I wonder if I will wake up tomorrow morning and find that it is Friday again. If I do, I’ll be sure to write it down here again.

Wait, no… if I’m really caught in a time loop, then this post will not be around. I will be writing something new and you all will never know the existence of this particular blog post…


I think I’m really going nuts… 🙄


  1. That was comical that cartoon characters would talk about flabby under arms. The gym instructors call that bye-bye flabs as they could wave! There are weight machines to burn them off like mine. Ahem!

    I would wish everyday is Friday.

  2. These anime and their overflowing papayas are making you crazy; mixing up days and all.

    If her upper arms are considered flabby, I don’t know what to call mine. Mine flaps like it has a life of its own when I wave my hand :`(

    • Hahaha maybe if you are being drawn as an anime character, you would be more gorgeous than her. 😀 😀

  3. Who knows. Maybe you are indeed in time loop of some sort and the next thing you know, you go to sleep on a Friday and wake up on a Monday 🙄

    After work I usually write blogs and comment on blogs until I go to bed. Props to you for giving time to yourself.

    That last photo really borders on going over the edge. Crazy 🙄

    • Is it Friday again today? I’m pretty sure yesterday was Friday, since that’s what you all said… 🙄

  4. ok….we know that u r into anime and u know we heck cares of what sorta anime u were after lately…LOL! Happy Friday!

    • Yeah, I know you heck cares. But you know, these anime posts generate a healthy number of views even without comments. I guess it is interesting enough for some of my silent readers. Gotta take care of them too. Heh… 😛

  5. I have watched a Demon King anime a few years ago. The boy Demon King looks like the one I watched but there is no Maou. Talking about time loop, I just watched Dr Strange and the time loop that he created at the end was really funny, so funny that I realized that I am living in a time loop myself, going to the office everyday from Mon to Fri and then repeat until retire or die or get sacked whichever comes first. Sounds so depressing, right?

    • Not same anime I guess 🙄 …

      Your time loop, got Saturday and Sunday break. Still ok lah… 🙄

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