Fuck Overnight Oats!

I was trying to do overnight oats like everybody some people does, you know, like how you soak those thick rolled oats in cold water overnight and have it with milk/nuts/muesli/whatever the f*** it is…

I didn’t do it for breakfast though. I did it for dinner. I soaked the oats in water in the morning and come back to have it for dinner. So technically it was more like overday oats for me…

I lasted 2 weeks before throwing in the towel. Two f**king weeks! Two weeks is two weeks too long for me to persevere in fact!

It was horrible. It was disgusting. I don’t know how people do it. Or maybe it is just me. I really cannot stand having cold food as a main meal. To me, cold food means dessert. You know, like… cold cakes or ice cream or cold drinks. The main dish itself needs to be hot or at least warm.

The thing is, I was left with half a packet of those thick oats. Those are no good as instant oats. They need to be boiled and cooked. Or soaked overnight.

So I went and got myself a small jar of secret weapon…

The following week (which was last week), dinners were boiled oats with above-mentioned secret weapon, with veggie and chili and garlic and minced pork.

It was hot and tasty so it was better. Much much better.

Now that I think about it, isn’t this what white people call… porridge?

I’m sorry, I’m just not used to calling this porridge. Porridge to Malaysian Chinese means rice porridge, or what you guys call congee. This pile of oats, is called… oatmeal? Boiled oats? What is it called? 🙄


  1. Talking about overnight oats. I made it too last week for the very first time. I soaked them in milk and fruits. I kind of like it. Acceptable lah but when I get my husband to try it, he can’t even swallow one scoopful. He said it was disgusting! The boys don’t like it too so that was the end of overnight oats for us.

  2. I saw many people blogging about overnight oats in their blogs, but I was not tempted to try as I do not really like oats

    Same as you, I prefer my food to be warm

  3. Aiya, you soak your oats with water of course lah not nice. Soak with soya bean milk or any other liquids that you like and then top up with some sliced fruits like bananas. Cooking it with minced pork pun OK, some kind of savory oats. If I remember correctly, at one time Quaker oats had a savory variant with ikan bilis or something like that.

    • I did the math you know, if I have daily oat meals with fruits like that, it will drive me to poorness very quickly 🙄 …

    • Nothing to do with the oats type I suspect. It was more that I didn’t have luxurious fruits to go with it, and even more that I hate cold food as main meal. 🙄

  4. It’s funny to see how you used a very healthy product (oats) and made it unhealthy by adding MSG-laden Hainanese chicken rice mix (of course it tasted better)! 😉 I remember one Madam (who bakes and cooks) liking overnight oats a lot. She featured it on her blog and it looked so tasty, even I got tempted…but not anymore after seeing your post…wakakakaka! 😀

  5. I got conned by you. I thought you are showing us photos of your overnight oats. But no, the photo is your hot oats with normal congee (juk) ingredients. What made you buy the oats in the first place? Your conscience wants you to eat healthy?

    I can’t understand why you want to force yourself to eat food that is yucks to you. It is like me forcing myself to eat lard and chicken skin and fei ju yuk – yucks! yucks! yucks! triple yucks!

    • Yes, my conscience spurred me to buy those rolled oats. I usually have instant oats stashed, those that can be ready quickly with hot water and Milo or Nescafe. 🙄

  6. wahhhh… so healthy ah!! I really cannot imagine myself taking oats with vege and meat.. but I do drink it by itself.. just add hot water and I can drink one or two mugs for dinner!

  7. looks like some lavish ‘sick person’ meal to me…Yea, when u r feeling not having rice, then it goes with such warm oat…oatmeal (whatever f*ck it is!!)

  8. I can’t even fathom how you would even have cold oats in the first place. I don’t think it’s ever meant to be eaten like that. Wtf even 🙁 Thankfully you got common sense and then went to hot.

  9. You don’t mean rolled oats, do you? I usually soak it under hot water at least 15 minutes before consumption.

    That’s a good idea – never thought of incorporate cooked oats as a main meal before. 🙂

    • I do mean rolled oats. That’s what the packaging says. The packaging’s recommended way of serving is to cook it in boiling water for 6-8 minutes… 🙄

      • I didn’t heed the recommended cooking method because I hate to spend time boiling the oats (unless I’m in the mood for oats porridge). I’d rather have muesli or oatmeal if I’ve to cook it… D=

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