Fried Egg

I know many of you prefer fried egg which the yolk is still runny. But to me, my most favorite type of fried egg is something that looks like this:

Yolk cooked through and through, with all those crispy edges. The more crispy edges the merrier.

Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy a good fried egg with runny yolk too. But the way I enjoy it is something that horrifies a good number of my mates. To me, the best way to enjoy the runny yolk is with nasi lemak, where I break the yolk and have it coat my rice.

It is pretty pointless to write some crap like this for a blog post, I know, but I’ve been busy running around after work hours these days, having appointments with insurance agents and bank officers and whatnot, you know.

Also, I feel obligated to come clean on trivial matters such as this. Recently, one of my mates declared that fried eggs such as the picture above make him feel disgusted. In turn, his disgust towards my favorite fried egg makes me feel disgusted. So I guess we’re even. πŸ™„


    • Well, a well done crispy egg needs the least skill hehehehe… just fry them on high heat until the whole things get brown edges. πŸ˜›

  1. I actually like crispy sides like your fried egg but with a runny yolk in the middle. More oomph!

    You bought a house in Penang!! Where? Let’s be neighbours and fry eggs together lah. I was in Penang last weekend and thought where I should live for my retirement years.

    • I have not bought a house in Penang. I am trying to buy, keyword being “trying”.

      You rich man, you probably be in Tanjung Bungah, somewhere near Straits Quay lah. Nowhere near where I want to be living in heh…

  2. I prefer your style of fried eggs too, better than those half-cooked ones, normally I will fry them till done well… Even when I eat outside, I ask for well cooked eggs on the toasted bread… πŸ™‚

  3. Runny egg york on hot rice is new to me. Time for a change, I reckon.

    Congrats if you are buying your own place in Penang. I know lots of people including those in the 40s still living at home. Unless one fits in one of the following categories; has a 20percent deposit, one has a guarantor, is a Key Worker eg nurse or is a high income earner with an established working track record, the chances of getting a mortgage is virtually nil.

    A lot of businesses cannot secure a loan.

    • Here it is 10% deposit, or if you are buying newly launched properties then developers sometimes will absorb the deposit by giving you rebates.

      But it is true that it is a lot harder to secure loans these days. πŸ™

  4. When I have a runny yolk over rice, I do it like you too…crack it and let it coat the rice. Actually, I enjoy eating eggs cooked any way…runny yolk or not, well fried with crispy edges (that one I call sunny side up flipped, my son’s favourite style)! ;D Congratulations…I wonder if your own place happen to be the one you blogged about previously (since you were so well versed with the travelling time? πŸ˜‰

    • Not my own place. Not even know whether I will be allowed to buy or not. If I already know means no need to run around like a headless chicken now.

      And no, not that place. That one too deep in for my liking. πŸ˜›

  5. I don’t dare to eat runny yolk so if I have to eat it (got served a runny yolk), I will try to make the runny yolk to be cooked by mixing it with the hot rice. I am fine with the fully cooked egg in your photo as long as it is not too oily. Ah, I see you are going to be the proud owner of your very own place in Penang soon since you are now busy with the buying process.

  6. Heh. I like both kind of egg, runny yolk and the fried one like you showed. To be honest, the fried one here can be even more fried. It is only fried well if you can feel the crunch many times in your mouth πŸ™„

    I could eat this for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

    • Of course more fried is better. Just that I did not have access to such bliss when I took this photo. πŸ™„

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