Ordinal Scale

Finally! Tomorrow is the day! I can’t believe they are releasing this anime movie <Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale> in Malaysian cinema! I’m going, of course!

Let’s buy the ticket first, lest I forget…

Hahhhh?? Dafuq is going on?? This is the morning slot, why is the hall almost full??

I thought… people generally dislike this series? There’s so many SAO haters out there… WTF is going on???

Shall I? Shall I not?

They might just screen it for a week, so if I don’t, then it might be waiting for internet stream for me… That would be kind of… boring… πŸ™„

I originally intended to write about a certain Korean restaurant at the relatively new shop clusters that is Arena Curve. Somehow, I could not find the pictures I took from there. I must have accidentally deleted them without realizing it.



  1. You have to go la even if you have to sit at the very front row and sprain your neck. It will be almost full like that throughout their screening period I presume.

    Oh you accidentally deleted pictures? Haih, now you’ll have to go there and eat again so you can share with us πŸ˜›

    • It is the name of the movie, heh… of course I did go in the end. It was quite festive, all the fans in the hall. πŸ˜›

  2. wah you are a true fan. when it starts screening in here you also know so quickly! go watch and see who are the other fans who fill up the cinema so quickly.

    • Mostly guys like me. But they go in groups, I go alone. The reactions when there are funny scenes though… heh… πŸ˜€

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