Fish Porridge @ Arena Curve

I haven’t been out eating at new restaurants/cafes/eateries for quite a while now, have I? I don’t think you have seen me write about any new restaurants in Penang for some time already, have you?

The recent time I wanted to write about a Korean restaurant in the relatively new Arena Curve, but I did not end up doing it because I accidentally deleted em’ photos.

Today, I want to write about a restaurant that is located next to this Korean restaurant. Well, not exactly right next, but 1 shop lot apart. Still, it is on the same row of shops, directly facing the front entrance of the relatively new condominium complex, Arena Residences.

The thing though… I don’t even know the name of this restaurant. There’s no big signage hanging on the shop front after all. All I know is that this restaurant is an old school type, with simple tables and chairs and no air-cond. And they specialize in fish…

Oh look, there they are. The name of the restaurant printed on their menu. 天佑沙煲鱼头 Tian Yew Claypot (Fish Head) Restaurant.

I came here to test out the recommendation of a fellow colleague. Not the claypot fish dishes (I’m alone, how to eat that, right???), but the fish porridge. Apparently their RM 10/pax fish porridge is good value for money.

Here, look…

RM 10 for this

After eating this, I think… I kind of agree with the colleague.

There was enough porridge to fill 4 small bowls. If you are a small eater, this would be good for 2 persons. There was 10 (or more) chunks of fish like the one in picture above tucked within the porridge. The fish was rather fresh too as there are no fishy stink flavor in it (if you know what I mean).

I don’t know what fish I got, but according to the colleague, they use different fish according to availability, and sometimes if you are lucky, you will get grouper or gala fish. He sounded like these 2 types are the great ones, so I guess they’re more expensive or something.

Even in a crappy food court, I think you’d pay RM 6 or 7 to get half of this. So, yeah… this is a rather good value for money… thing to eat.

I heard some say this porridge is so-so only and not delicious enough. Well, I don’t know what that is supposed to mean. I mean, we’re talking about fish porridge here. It is NOT supposed to be tasty is it? If you like more taste, there’s free flow soy sauce and pepper on the table, no?

Unless you mean porridge that is infused with a tablespoon of MSG or two is good porridge then… well… I guess I don’t know what to say.

To me, the portion is decent, the amount of fish is decent, and the fish is fresh, so it is a good porridge.

I’ll probably come back to this restaurant. Not frequently, but at least I will… 🙄


  1. I am a teochew and likes this grainy porridge for sure especially it is quality fish! Today I just learnt the difference between Cantonese and Teochew porridge! You should make your own porridge with slow or rice cooker. So easy and cheaper.

    • I don’t think I can make a lot cheaper for this one. You know, raw fish costs >RM 5 these days, plus the rice and the waiting time and everything… Nah… 🙄

  2. Looks clear and nice.. not overflowing with oil like the ones I published.. 🙂 I like porridge with any condiments, easy to eat and digest…

  3. That’s considered cheap because the fish porridge over here is like RM20+. I see that the rice grains are still sebijik-sebijik the way my partner likes it unlike the Cantonese style where it’s all mushy.

    • This is Teochew style porridge. I think different style have different appreciating customers. I personally don’t mind both… 😛

  4. Porridge that looks like rice soak in soup is like Teochew porridge, not HK Cantonese porridge. If I get grouper fish 10 pieces in the porridge I would say RM10 is worth it. I don’t know what is gala fish. Will go look it up.

    A well cooked fish porridge is tasty lah even without MSG. Aiyo, you don’t go around paying RM10 with such low expectation as eating not tasty food lah. Please just go eat food that taste good and delicious to you lah. For me, if I can taste the freshness of the fish in this porridge then it is very delicious to me but I cannot eat such a big bowl of porridge lah, just a quarter of the porridge but with 10 pieces of fish.

    • You know, not everyone’s “tasty” vocab mean the same thing as you. Folks usually think tasty = with distinct flavor. Ingredients natural flavors usually don’t count. Freshness of the fish and tastiness of the fish mean differently for most folks I think… Hahaha!

      • erh i think most people’s definition of tasty food means they like the taste of the food and want to return to eat more of the food because of the taste of the food. no meh?

        • Ok, sorry, maybe I used the wrong analogy. Not everyone’s criteria for “tasty” is the same as you. For you, tasty means original and fresh flavors. But that means bland for most people up here. Folks I know here, to them, “tasty” and “enough flavor” means spicy enough and/or salty enough and/or sweet enough. You get what I mean right? Let’s not play words and grammar games here. 😀 😀 😀

          • Aiya, the definition of tasty is not my point here. What I meant is you don’t go and spend money to eat food that is not tasty to you lah. Life is too short to eat food that is not tasty lah (tasty to your own self, don’t care tasty to others or not lah) unless you are too hungry and there is no other food around. That is my point. It does not matter that it is tasty to me, as long as it it not tasty to you, then don’t go and spend money and waste stomach space eating food that is not tasty to you lah.

            • I spend a lot of money “experimenting” on new restaurants though… but yeah, if I don’t like it, no more next time… 🙄

  5. Getting 10 chunks of fish for RM10 is indeed good value….but then we don’t know the type of fish used (so it could be cheap fish)….kekeke! 😀 It looks very ching and I will like that but I don’t like porridge cooked this way…where it’s almost like rice soup. I like mine where the grains totally disintegrate and cannot be seen (but not blended like HK-style porridge)! ^_~

    • This is Teochew style porridge, it is how they like porridge that isn’t plain porridge done I think… 🙄

  6. I love fish on certain days when I am too sick of eating meat like pork and chicken, but I usually order fish soup with rice rather than fish porridge if given a choice as I am a rice person

  7. I hate to sound incredibly mean and nasty, but that porridge looks like rice soaked in water 🙁 Does not like appetising to me. Then again, looks can be deceiving. I’d take a plain bowl of porridge over an MSG-filled one any day.

    Looking at the photos again, I don’t know…it looks like a lazy person made the porridge 🙁

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