CNY 2017

Heh, I think I have really made my transition into a part time blogger. This year, I did not blog a single ounce throughout my vacationing back home in KL.

I guess now is a better time than any to show you a glimpse of my Chinese New Year this year, which is basically food, food and more food…

CNY Reunion Dinner 团圆饭

The Spread

These are food for 10 persons. I don’t think anything needs to be said about it. Let’s have the photos…

Nice? Yeah, I know… 😛

CNY Opening Meal 年初二开年饭

As is customary for tradition observing Cantonese people, we will have a feast on Day 2 of the new year to mark the official beginning of the year (Reason being Day 1 is vegetarian day hence not suitable for feasting)…

The Spread

Halfway through my photo snapping, the mom and the sister came out from the kitchen to do some more work on the spread.

Arranging and re-arranging the dishes, and garnishing, to make the spread more Instagram friendly

I was slightly flabbergasted with them being more obsessed with things than I am this year, but then again, I guess it is better than my mom berating me for snapping photos of her dishes. I still remember her “Tsk! 不要拍! 有什么好拍?! Aiyo!

Nana’s Green Tea

I have seen blogs featuring this place since… like, forever. Especially from Mun‘s blog. So I was pleasantly surprised when my friends suggested this place for our gathering.

I think they have a bunch of outlets all over KL, the one I went to was the outlet in Pavilion.

I saw these on the menu and was immediately tempted

But then I was going to have a main course here (dinner time) and these seemed too over-the-top in terms of both the appearances and the prices. So I resisted the temptation and got something cheaper.

Matcha… something-something (Azuki?) Latte

Crap. Can’t remember the name of this latte drink. It was RM 15.90 though. There’s mochi, red bean paste, and something that feels like McD Sundae ice cream as topping.

It was pretty good…

Kinoko Hamburg with Millet Rice (RM 23.90)

Kinoko is a type of mushroom (hence those shrooms’ embedded in the white sauce). Hamburg is how the Japanese people call a burger patty. Kind of like the Hamburg Equation below:

Hamburg = Hamburger – Bun

This was pretty good too. And, I think my mom really might like this place. Earmarked for future visits…

And then…

And then… no more. Nothing worth mentioning anyway. Unless you think watching Food Network and Korean entertainment shows all day long are things worth mentioning.

Oh right, I watched that Korean singing show where the producers invite celebrity singers to guess who are talented singers and who are tone deafs from a bunch mystery performers. It was very hilarious! 😀 😀 😀

And then it was time to drive back to Penang…

That’s all… Kthxbye…


  1. Ha! So you guys do eat whole fish too. And by my family’s standards, that is not enough food at all for 10 people. My family’s rule of thumb is one dish per person, plus an extra one. It’s always way too much food and we end up eating leftovers for days.

    I’ve seen nana’s green tea (there’s one close to me in 1U)… it seems really overpriced. And that dish doesn’t look too good either haha.

    • We used to be the same when grandma was still around. She would be royally annoyed if we did not have leftovers from the CNY Eve reunion dinner. But since she is no longer here, we changed to the more modern “minimize wastage” ways. Seriously, isn’t eating fresh food better than having to eat leftovers? Heh… 😛

  2. I brought my laptop back to hubby’s kampong and also mine but only managed to come out with one post when I was at hubby’s place. When I was at my hometown, everyday busy gambling, langsung tak berblog 😀

    Nice spread you have there in KL. So cute of ur mom and ur sis to make them more instagram worthy. Haha.

  3. There were some memes about body weight before and after CNY (we also have them in Spain for Christmas and New Year). Did you gain any weight with so much food? I managed to only gain 1 kg during my holidays in Hong Kong hahaha.

    Those green tea drinks look good. I am not a big fan of green tea ice cream and cakes, but green tea lattes are fine.

    • I did not even bother (dare) to step on the weighing scale, so I wouldn’t know if I gained weight or not. 😛

  4. So yummy food shared on the dining table to usher the auspicious day.
    I really miss those good times. Enjoy yourself always and be a good son.
    So far I find Nana’s ice cream as the BEST to my liking.

  5. What were the brown bits on the steamed pomfret?

    I like the look of the matcha latte. The price is a bit steep.

    What was the millet rice taste like?

    • Those brown bits… dried sour plum…

      Millet rice tastes like the less delicious version of white rice, heh.. 😛

  6. It is a very colourful CNY spread for the reunion and first day meal. Everybody must be like in food coma after that 🙄

    Seeing those sweet treats and the price…oh wow. So pricey. I wonder why green tea is always the rage these days… You know, when I get a creamy drink like that, I like to eat the cream first 🙄

    • Here, it has been the rage for quite some time already, not just these days. Well, I think the perceived great health properties has something to do with it. 🙄

  7. Your CNY reunion dinner and CNY day 2 meal look so good! You must have eaten puas puas. Ah, so you chose Kinoko Hamburg with Millet Rice with chicken burger patty is it? I know should not be beef burger patty because you do not eat beef in KL. Now I want to go eat Nana green tea again after seeing your photos, lol!

    Nice leisure drive up to Penang compared to the opposite lane.

  8. wonderful spread on the table….I haven’t try nana yet…usually I dun spend much on dessert…looking at the price turns me off. But if it is really that good, I might giv it a try.

  9. It is the same over here.. while arranging the dishes, the camera gets to “eat first!” LOL… Every year my kids look forward to eating at my in-law’s place, I just have to sponsor a dish or two.. hahahaa.. so…according to your picture, going up north seems very relaxed, you can even take a picture! 🙂

    • I can always take a picture on my CNY drives on both directions, weather permitting. If it was heavy downpour then no picture lah, because I’m not that “brave” 😛 …

  10. Oh, that looks like a wonderful spread you have for your reunion dinner….though I’m wondering what’s in the plastic box (at the corner of your photo)…hehe! 😉 I’m with PH, when I see the words Green Tea or Matcha, I’m hesitant already.

    • Don’t like that lah, give people the tea a chance. 😛

      That plastic box ah… leftover duck rice from lunch time. Aiya overlooked to crop it out of the picture…

  11. Your family reunion spread is marvelous! Did I see a big fat pork trotter? Ooohhh…I love that! I have passed by Nana’s Green Tea at 1-U but somehow the name “Green Tea” does not sound appealing to me in spite of the nice desserts I often see on Mun’s blog.

    • Actually their green tea desserts are sweet and not very “green tea”-ish… Kind of like green tea ice cream type of flavor… I think it is good to go try at least once. 😛

  12. Look like you enjoyed your CNY with all the good food, visit to nana’s green tea and watching hilarious Korean entertainment show, not bad wor

    Would like to try your hamburg with millet rice the next time I visit nana again

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