Blogging Blues

The other day, this happened over Facebook chat…

Sigh… I hope it won’t end up being that bad…

You see, like I said, I’m going to be ultra busy at work these days, and on days where I am just moderately busy, I find myself too tired to be doing mentally taxing activities even at home. Activities such as… yup, blogging and reading blogs…

Today I shall attempt to rally myself up and tell you about my experience with the newly opened Texas Chicken outlet in Penang (finally!!!)…

Or maybe not. The photos are still not transferred from my phone. I’m feeling kind of lazy. Maybe next time… πŸ™„

But I do want to blog today. After all, it is Thaipusam holiday and I’m relaxing at home…

I know, let me show you some lovely exchanges in a certain property website’s forum. Folks are arguing about the pros/cons of renting their apartment units to Banglas…

Malaysians, what do you guys think about this topic?

Non-Malaysians, some info for you. Banglas is the short form for Bangladeshis. But we generally use this term to describe any low cost (and sometimes illegal) labor immigrants. It is quite rude, I know, kind of like calling someone a nigger or something. The thing is, usually when you have an apartment unit here and your neighbor decides to rent his/her unit to Banglas, it means there would be 10 to 15 people squeezing into that unit that is designed to comfortably hold 4 persons. You get a few more of these in your apartment block and you will soon find that wear and tear on the communal facilities to be unusually more frequent. It would also be a lot noisier and the corridors would be dirtier (some of them would spit here and there without a care of the world because, well, it happens). The re-sale value of your property would plummet as a result. So I hope you can, if not forgive, then at least understand why some Malaysians become uncharacteristically racist when talking about Banglas and apartments in the same sentences.

Okay, back to the topic. What do I personally feel?

Well, for the longest time ever, I have been a strong advocate of not over-committing or buying overpriced properties just for the sake of flipping them for a quick buck. Contrary to what the real estate agents say, this is not investment. This is gambling, plain and simple. So you can imagine that I am more inclined towards the green side of the argument above.

Also I feel GT Alice is a big fool for exposing the shortcomings of her property. Not only did she admit to being in a bind because of this property, so also admitted that this property is terrible. Too bad she did not leave her contact details, else you will know which desperate owner to approach if you ever want to buy a unit at GT. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Anyway, did I say I prefer watching Youtube to reading blogs? Well, here’s some of the stuff I watched recently…

Shit… No, just… no. She can’t even cuddle with you, or cook dinner for you, or… you know, well, you get the gist… πŸ™„ … Seriously, even a sex doll would have been better.

But yeah… sex dolls can’t talk to you. But still… no… just, no…

Thing costs US$2700. I wonder if they ship to Malaysia, and if they do easy payment plan?

This is creepily touching. Creepy yet touching. Damn… this will be sex doll and AI combined. I will definitely NOT buy this one. I mean, imagine you buy a sex doll to satiate your loneliness, but then you finally get a girlfriend and then wanna get married and your sex doll gets jealous. What if she decides to kill your girlfriend? That would be… bad… πŸ™„

What the fuck am I saying? Why am I even entertaining this kind of thoughts? Nooo….

Yeah, I think I still prefer real girls… LiSA rocks! πŸ˜€


  1. Trust me, doing blogs should be at leisure pace. Those few who targeted one-post-daily have quit and got tired of blogging. No need to mention the 3 famous names and hope you won’t be next pleaseeeeeeee! I will miss you & cry rivers if that happens.

  2. why ranting over someone’s property blues? be grateful that u dun stay next to one, coz I hav been staying next to one ‘communal hostel’ for the past 20 years…the damn owner keep renting out to those people who owns workshop/restaurant/whatever businesses and they turn the house into a hostel. Worst one was during one period they rush for some carpentry job and brought their work home…and there goes the drilling, hammering, for months! such a noise pollution, not to mention the dust and stinks too.

  3. You’ve been very away from the blog, yep. But if you don’t feel like blogging then not much to do! I feel lazy sometimes but I still try to write at least once a week, to keep the habit!

    RE the renting thing, isn’t there some law to avoid that 12 people live in a 4 people apartment? There are some “communal apartments” like those in China too, rented to migrants from the countryside. But for example my compound does not allow them and if you see or suspect of one and tell the managing company they will go and tear it down!

    • There’s no such laws in Malaysia, I don’t think so. But usually every apartment community can elect their own residents committee, and if the committee passes a guideline, then that becomes legally binding and you can be taken to court for violating it. Problem is most properties here these days have majority investors who do not want such restrictions, so… yeah…

  4. Not another one vanishing from the blogging world! πŸ™

    Anyway, from a property owner point of view, I try and do my best to rent out our unit to Malaysians first. We (my hubby and I) are quite lucky in the sense that throughout our many years renting out our units, we have yet to find the need to rent them to foreigners. We do receive many inquiries from foreigners for our units but we always hang on to the last minute and surprisingly, todate, we always get some last minute Malaysians to fill up the place.

    • I’m not sharing these snippets to bash owners who rent to Banglas. I personally don’t mind it. I’m just more on trying to understand both sides of the argument. Although as someone who is looking for buy house soon, of course I am praying that the housing prices come tumbling down soon. If this causes those speculators to die, so be it. πŸ™„

  5. that clip was.. interesting.

    Onto Bangla, my view is that we should not treat them the way we didn’t want our ancestors to be treated 3 generations ago. We’re all immigrants, how fast do we forget?

    • I agree with you in that we should not look down on Banglas, the same way we don’t want the Malays to look down on us. But I do kind of want Banglas to behave in a way that is respectful to others.

      You know, like… actually, I have no idea if you are one of those multiple property owners who rent out to Bangla, but assuming you are, I’m not really against you renting your nice condo units to Banglas. But I do want to see Banglas living in nice condo units to NOT spit everywhere along the corridors, or smoke ganja at the stairways, that sort of things. It is this kind of disregard that pisses other residents off more than anything else, you know… I think if tenants and investor owners can understand each other and work together, that would be best.

      No… what am I saying? I am rooting for the prices to come tumbling down even further so that I can finally afford to buy. No… you guys, keep fighting, keep the bias glowing and drive prices even further, go go go!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  6. Oh never thought of the woes the house owners and the neighbours have these days… Well, I dont have any to rent out nor am staying next to foreigners so I don’t know. Anyway, this is not important, but when you mentioned about blogging disappearance, my eyes grow bigger. Hope you will carry on blogging even though it is just once awhile. I started in 2008 and till today, still actively doing so, in fact more active than before. It is like a daily chore, if don’t do, the heart is like missing something… hahahaa…

    • If you are not a property speculator, then all these flipping talks are none of your business anyway. Which is good I think. Property flipping is bad. It is not investing. It is gambling, plain and simple.

  7. Thanks for sharing the forum property talk. I like reading discussions like this. I don’t think Alice will be a desperate seller though she complains a lot about her property.

    I am finding it hard to find time to read blogs too and also to replying the comments on my post. Happy Chap Goh Mei to you tomorrow. You going to throw some mandarin oranges into the river?

  8. Aiyo, I hope you don’t totally disappear from the blogging scene. Kinda sad that I have lost a few blogging kakis like SK, Princess Ribbon and a few masak2 bloggers πŸ™

    • I came back to read the property forum because I was short of time yesterday. I’m sure you are aware that in 2016, the volume of property transactions dropped very sharply compared to the last six years, the decline starting in 2015. There are many speculators hoping to ride on the good times which happened in much earlier years. Many are now caught in the current soft market. Where I live, some houses are made into hostels for security guard and workers in the nearby mall. But I understand that there is still a demand for the residential properties in this area. So it is correct that when buying a property, to consider only 3 things – location, location and location πŸ˜€

      The first two videos you put up are very intriguing. That first one, got such a device ah? Noted your small print that it costs USD2,700. But I feel geli (I know, horror movie mode) to see a being inside a casing like that especially at night hah..hah… That second video I enjoyed. If such robots can be created in the future, it would be hard to tell which is human and which is robot unless you make a closer inspection πŸ™‚

      • Yes, exactly. Location location location! πŸ˜€

        That first video, it is real. That shit is really on sale in Japan… it is not a doll though. It is kind of like a holographic projection within the casing. If you turn it off your virtual wife disappears I think… πŸ˜€

    • I don’t think I will totally disappear. But I really can’t do daily these days. I don’t possess the necessary strength to do it anymore. 😐

    • Hopefully not… last time I stopped blogging because I got fed up. This time it is because I’m too tired from work. >.<

  9. Re GT Alice’s comment – he/she complaining about the traffic? πŸ™„ A lot of the time, buying property is a gamble. At the start it can really attract anyone to buy and in the long term, you can’t predict the stability of the economy and standard of living.

    Personally I have entertained the thought of stopping blogging myself. I am sure my work is not as monkey busy as yours and I can only work a certain number of hours each day. But yeah, every day after work I just want to sit and watch YouTube or scroll through IG. Blogging is such an effort πŸ™„

    Seems sex dolls are becoming more and more the norm these days. Sure got one-off, sub-par quality, counterfeit one time use somewhere… πŸ™„

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