Meal @ AEON Kulaijaya

I only have one other blog post on my work meals in Johor. Actually it is just one meal.

This one was from the relatively new AEON Mall Kulaijaya. I came here for lunch once because I ran out of things to eat in JPO.

Truth be told, there are quite a few more restaurants here compared to JPO, and the price range is lower as well. So for any of you who might have working/business trip to somewhere near Johor’s airport, you can consider coming here for lunch instead of JPO.

I had to decide between two restaurants. One was a Malay restaurant which was doing some promotion on a dish with the hashtag #ayampenyetori.

Ayam Penyetori… ayam penyetori… what the heck is that? πŸ™„

I ended up coming to this Chinese place instead:

I wouldn’t know how to translate 何泉珍 anyway. It is probably the name of the owner or something. The menu’s introductory message said this shop originates from Balik Pulau, Penang. I have never been to the original shop or even seen it before though.

And the items in their menu do not suggest any correlation with Penang whatsoever. I wonder how true is the claim. πŸ™„

They do offer value set lunches, but this time the items in those sets did not attract me, so I ended up going ala carte. Got me’self a bento type rice set, a soup, a dessert, and sky juice.

When my sky juice was served, I was quite amused with the glass. Here, look…

Sky Juice @k@ Plain Water

I was almost going to call the waitress back and say “Hey, I ordered plain water, why you serve me ribena??”, but luckily I didn’t. The color was from the glass, it was indeed sky juice.

Here’s my bento main course…

η”˜ι¦™ε₯Άζ²Ήι±Όη‰‡ι₯­ Butter fish with rice set

Nothing gourmet here, but fried fish fillet in butter sauceΒ is one of my favorite food items when I was in college. I haven’t had it for quite a long while, so the taste was somewhat nostalgic…

Some leaves in there to make it more fragrant

Now, the soup and dessert…

ε’Έθœθ±†θ…ζ±€ Salted veggie tofu soup
η™½ζžœθ…η«Ήθ–η±³ Barley with gingko and tofu skin

I was amused again when I saw my soup and dessert. You see, the soup was sold as a single person portion, but that bowl of soup, the bowl was of the same size as what you get when you order noodles soup. In other words, rather large portion. The dessert on the other hand, was served in a small soup bowl.

I secretly wished that the soup and the dessert was served in the opposite bowls as above. The soup was meh (not much of a saltiness kick to speak of), and the dessert was delightful. πŸ™„

I don’t remember the actual prices of each items here, but the total in the bill was roughly RM 40 (I already submitted the receipt for claims so cannot check now). I think the rice set was RM 15.90, the soup was RM 7.90 and the desert was RM 8.90, plus the sky juice and service charge and GST… yeah sounds about right… πŸ™„

It wasn’t a fancy gourmet lunch. It was an adequate lunch.

Well… I mean, of adequate quality. I did stuff myself silly. We don’t normally go for a three course lunch in places like this, typical Malaysian salary men such as ourselves, do we?


  1. This is my first time seeing coloured glasses that served plain water.
    I always go to One Utama and often browsed at Aeon’s many food shelves & tables. All looked appetizing and reasonably priced. I often looked for discounted clearance food at night. Cheapo uncle.

    Will you plan to move back to work in KL to be close to your parents?

    • Where did this KL question come from? To be honest, I think about it all the time, but NATO all the time. No Action Think Only. πŸ™„

  2. Seems like a nice meal. I don’t think you can finish the soup since you say it was not salty enough. Did you finish it?

  3. You are starting the NY with an healthy option.

    I shared my calories over the festive hols as I had a chest infection. It seems I am not on the mend yet.

    Happy New Year to you. I don’t think I have sent you my NY greetings

    • No, this meal happened before Christmas, not exactly NY stuff LOL! πŸ˜€

      Goodness, get better soon!

  4. Ayam Penyet Ori as in they whack it penyet the original style and not run it over with their car πŸ˜›

    Butter fish fillet looks good weh. After eating, got look younger like college days or not?

    • I didn’t realize it was Penyet Ori. I keep wondering what Penyetori is. Like Penyamun and Penyanyi or something. πŸ™„

  5. The set looks good… those are basil leaves in the fish, if I am not mistaken, I like the smell of them in the dishes. Yes, the water certainly looks like ribena, hahahaa.. I guess many were taken by the red color of the glass. Not bad, can claim, so eat and enjoy!!

  6. butter chicken, salted veggie soup and gingko barley are my favs. But I’ll need to look for toilet after having a huge bowl of soup + barley + sky juice.

  7. Those kinds of glass jars are in the in-thing now. At least you got a big glass of water. And…you…paid…PAID…for the water :O

    If the soup and dessert swapped bowls, the dessert would be a whole meal in it for me πŸ™„

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