I Eat Beef in Malaysia (Sigh…)

Sigh… this happened a couple weeks ago. I hesitated for that long on whether or not to write about it in my blog. But, well… oh heck…

Remember when I said I don’t eat beef when in Malaysia (my home country)? Well, just so happened that a couple weeks ago, while doing my final grocery run before the Chinese New Year, I grabbed a packet of mutton because I felt like having mutton.

To my chagrin, when I got home, I realized the labeling on that package stated Beef Ch Steak. Whatever Ch means

I have to admit, over the years, I have made more than my fair share of blunders in the supermarket, but this was the first time my mistake involved bringing home beef.

Took me almost one whole week of yoyo-ing between throwing the beef away or getting on with cooking the beef before deciding on the latter option. Took me another week of yoyo-ing between blogging about it or not blogging about it because, well… there is a risk that my mom might read it and go ballistic about it.

I am actually not averse to eating beef, to be honest. I am more troubled about my mom knowing it and put me into potentially non stop nagging for who knows how long, you know…

Well, I suppose, it is what it is. Dare to eat, dare to talk about it, no? So… here goes…

I originally thought to cut that piece of steak up into small chunks and stir frying them together with veggies. After all, I have never tried cooking steak before, totally no idea on how to get the meat to be medium rare or medium well or well done or those shit.

But then just when I was about to put the knife over that slab of meat, I thought, “I used to be brave when it comes to cooking the unknown. What happened to me??”… and then I thought, “Screw it, let’s try to cook a piece of steak as it is, since this will probably be the only time I buy beef anyway.”

So I didn’t stir fry small beef pieces in the end. I pan fried that piece of steak before cutting it into pieces and placing it on top of my fried my veggies. Oh before that, I seasoned that piece of meat with salt and pepper, like how those internet celebrity chefs do.

Based on my spotty memory, according to Gordon, “three minutes on each side, flipping every minute” will give you “an absolutely amazing and delicious piece of steak”. So that’s what I did…

This is probably not well done. I don’t know if it is medium rare or medium or medium well.

It was not as good as the steaks I had back in the States. I wonder if it is because of what the white people love to say (the beef in Malaysia is crap), or if it is because of my non-existent steak cooking abilities… πŸ™„


  1. Your steak is medium well I think. I like mine medium rare with the middle still pink and juicy. Your mummy still busy with CNY maybe that is why still no nagging.. yet πŸ˜€

  2. Seldom eat mutton, beef is a better preference for me… one must know how to take away the smell when cooking mutton, definitely not me. hahahaa… last time I also didn’t know how to eat beef till I started working in government sector.. My choice, sure have to be well done. πŸ™‚

    • Hahaha, Malay style beef, no such thing as medium rare or medium well one. All cooked through. πŸ˜›

  3. I only eat beef when served to me free otherwise I would never order if possible. They can taste good if you marinate the local beef well with plenty of herbs. I agree that the beef tastes better in US, so are their fresh milk and donuts too.

    Your mama is busy preparing her CNY and will skip this post hopefully.

    • Got many things taste better in the US to be honest, not just milk and donuts. Gosh I miss feasting in the States!

  4. Don’t get beat up over yourself for eating (and cooking) beef in Malaysia which you bought it by mistake….and I think you did the right thing by not wasting good money or throwing it away (think of starving people all over the world). As for the cooking of it and the result not tasting as good, it’s because it’s a cheaper cut of meat (chuck steak) and not as tender…and no amount of “perfect” cooking can save the taste (just like the one I got to make beef salad previously)….hehe! ;D

    • Chuck? I thought Ch means cheek. What the f*** is chuck anyway. Other than it is a cheap lousy cut. Darn… >.<

  5. Your steak is too thin so I don’t think you could get it to be anything other than well done or medium well. You don’t have any friends who cook beef to eat ah? Don’t even consider throwing food good enough to be eaten away lah wei. Just give the raw beef to any of your friends who cook beef to eat lah next time you mistakenly buy raw beef again.

  6. Quality Western beef tend to be hung for at least 3 weeks or more in general. In addition, certain breed of meat taste better than others. This is my 3 cent worth. Grass fed beef is supposed to be superior to that of grain fed.

    I thought your mum no longer reads your blog. I was at logger head with mine as we never got on even as a kid. Still, I turned out All Right. A goody two shoes all the way through. Needs be, cough, cough.

    • She reads when she happened to come across it on her Facebook feed and when there are pictures of food. But she hasn’t mentioned my blog for quite some time now…

  7. It looks like medium rare. Just looking at it, it doesn’t look like the gritty kind of beef you get here in Australia, like a good chunk of wagyu beef.

    Beef is my second favourite meat after chicken. In fact, yesterday and today’s dinner, I had a wagyu-beef cheeseburger πŸ™„

  8. I prefer mutton to beef, before last Sunday at a neighbour son wedding buffet, where i eat beef, before that, it has been a long time since i eat it…

  9. Since you are so brave to blog about cooking steak, I think I shall share my boo boo when I cooked steak last week. It was rare. Very rare. I survived. No lau sai. But I can’t be sure if any parasites have entered my system >.<

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