This happened at the food court where I had dinner earlier today…

Let me tell you how this happened…

A Bangla staff came and asked “Minum?“, so I placed my order of Cham-Bing.

Moments later, he came back and asked “You cakap minum apa ah?“, so I confirmed my order of Cham-Bing to him.

Moments later, he came with my drink and I paid him.

Moments later, he came back with change.

Moments later, he came again with the same drink, so I stared at him, dumbfounded. He said “Tadi you order dengan orang lain, ini saya punya order“. So I ended up having to pay for two drinks. Yay! ……

I am pretty sure it was the same person, or at least they have the exact same face, so it was either: twin brothers working here, or that fucker is a fucking scammer-liar. I’m not to sure which was it.

Actually I don’t come to this food court often. Not since they moved here from their previous location. I think the last time I came here was more than a year ago. I suppose I won’t be coming any more frequent after this incident.

By the way, this was dinner…

It was alright. Not horrible, but not very good. Average… More none-reason to come here more frequently…

Actually, the only reason I come here was because I felt a sudden strong urge to have something, and Β within a 5 kilometers radius from my place, only this food court has a stall that sells that something.

Siew mai for RM 1 a pop, just like how it is in the pasar malams around KL…


  1. LoL! They all look the same to me just like how we all look the same to Ang Mohs.

    But he said, β€œYou cakap minum apa ah?β€œ means you spoke to him earlier wut… Tipu orang this fella. If I were you, I’ll just tell him to take away the second drink as I did not order it >_<

  2. LOL! the banglas really look similar to me sometimes…but I’m sure they are wearing different clothes….
    But since cannot cancel order liao, then might just tapau it to drink at home…

  3. Sometimes when I order drinks at a mamak stall, I also can’t remember the face of the person I ordered it from (when I want to remind them that my drink is not here yet) coz they all look the same to me too! >._< I know you don't celebrate Christmas but Happy Holidays just the same for the long weekend ahead πŸ™‚

    • Happy Holidays to you too. I’m working today without OT pay. πŸ™

      We do have a week long shutdown though… πŸ˜›

  4. Oh, I thought twins refers to the two drinks πŸ˜€ Sounds like scam to me because the second time he asked “you cakap minum apa ah?” which implies that he came back to confirm what you told him the first time. Anyway, if the drink was good, ok lah. Eh, I also like those siew mai. I used to buy those frozen ones and they were not too bad.

    • Two same face dudes, two drinks. Both also twins lah… @.@

      Drink was normal. Even if good also cannot justify scam lah. Scam puts a taint on a good quality product. πŸ™

      The siew mai, not frozen type kot. Same type as the ones you get in pasar malam in KL.

  5. I believe that you must be very thirsty and so kindly paid for the extra drink. You just did a Christmas charity.
    If he came back with second plate of noodles, I am sure you would protest and send him away.

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you.

    • Well, I was tired, and I wasn’t sure if it was me making mistake at that time, so might as well suck it up lah. Noodles no way lah.. he only in charge of drinks. Food court, the stalls operated individually one ma… Anyway, how is it possible to order noodles from 2 persons from the same stall at different times? @.@

  6. Like that also can? Gave you two drinks instead of one? Forced to take cos he had paid the owner I guess… Recently I had a similar experience as yours.. I ordered ONE bowl of noodles but the girl carried two bowls for me, I said I ordered one only, she insisted I ordered Two! But I am adamant that I only ordered one.. she reluctantly took one back… How could I finish two bowls by the way, right?

    • If noodles, I would definitely not take two. I would say: “Are you crazy?! Why would someone order two? Use some common sense! Or you are insulting me because I am fat??!!”

      No lah, probably not going to be that rude. But still… πŸ˜›

  7. You are back in Penang? Which food court is this in Penang? I want to go there for the siew mai which looks so delicious the next time I visit Penang.

    Hahahaha about the twins. You should ask him, tadi I order dari siapa? Bawak dia mali sini! But I know you do not want to cause any trouble over something so trivial like this so you won’t do that but just drink up the two cham pings. πŸ˜€

    Happy Holidays! Erh, don’t tell me that you have to work. Christmas is a big in USA so your USA should be the one to force you to take AL because everything closes on Christmas and Boxing day in USA, right?

    • Aiyo, you like those siew mais? No need to come to Penang, just go to any major pasar malam in KL, sure have. RM 1 per piece, RM 10 for 12 pieces. Same one…

      I am working for the weekend, dealing with power shutdown stuff. That’s why I haven’t been catching up on reading your blogs. So many things to do.. .arhhhh… @.@

  8. What exactly was your dinner? What is that? πŸ™„

    Maybe you were too tired to recognise who was serving you. Or as you said, the server were twins. Or they couldn’t recognised you. Or your face changed over the course of a few minutes and then changed back πŸ™„

    • Ya, I agree with Mabel on the part where your face changed over the course of a few minutes and then changed back because you are a Wesen (please refer to the series Grimm) and you do not know it. refer to grimm dot wikia dot com/wiki/Wesen

      • Wesen! Right. Maybe CL has special powers of some sort…or maybe it is the server serving the coffee who had special powers. Maybe both. Or just a bad day for the two of them.

    • Bullsh*t. Even if my face changed, I was sitting at the same table. Only an idiot would not realize and suspect anything. Also, he clearly said I ordered from another person, so the change was not on my side. πŸ™„

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