Oriental Bowl 靓汤餐厅 @ Kuala Lumpur

I’m back in KL for the weekend, making a quick detour on my way to Johor for a working trip next week.

So I fetched my mom to downtown KL for a religious errand at a certain Chinese temple (师爷庙) very close to Central Market. Something to do with having to give thanks to certain gods before the year ends or something.

And then we had lunch in a nice restaurant which we used to frequent back when we were still hanging out in that area all the time.

靓汤 actually means Beautiful Soup. Of course, Beautiful Soup Restaurant would sound weird. It would be something that you would find only in China. So the English name of this restaurant is Oriental Bowl.

It used to be a very expensive and high end restaurant, and coming here means a wonderful treat on special occasions. But their prices seem to have remained the same throughout these years, and this time I actually felt their food is quite reasonably priced.

Malaysians would get what I mean. You know right, a RM 30 meal is expensive back then, but it has become the norm in KL these days.

Anyway, we ordered their set meals (RM28++ per set), all of them come with a soup and a drink.

Soup – Lotus Root Soup 莲藕汤
Soup – Scallop Soup 干贝菜胆汤
Main course – Herbal Chicken Thigh with rice 药材鸡腿饭
Main course – Fried rice with fish and prawn 鱼片虾仁炒饭


This place is still one of my mom’s most favorite restaurant for eating out. It is one of the only few places in town that uses good quality ingredients and no MSG. Try their soup once and you will know the huuuugeeeee difference between the soup here versus the soup in other restaurants.

By the way, I had the drumstick rice and my mom had the fried rice.

It’s true… it’s true… 🙄 🙄 🙄

PS: Before you Singaporean readers accuse me of not meeting up, I won’t be going into JB this time. It is only a two days one night trip and I will spend all day in the factory so I will stay within Senai and JPO.


  1. When you end with the words…it’s true, it’s true…you’re already telling us not to believe you from past ‘experience’…..hehe! 😀 You can get away with more carbs on the plate since it looks like healthy brown rice 🙂

  2. Pffffff… only Singaporean readers? What about the KL friends who will accuse you of not meeting up? 😛 And yeah that sounds “cheap” lol… for the main course, soup, and drink.

    • The KL friends, I get that accusation often enough that I couldn’t care less anymore LOL! Seriously, it is a rushed trip this time…

  3. OK, OK, you had the one with less carbs hah..hah.. That must be your mum’s cheat day 😀 The Herbal Chicken Thigh rice set looks good. If I have a chance I would like to try the food since they don’t use MSG.

  4. Look at all the ikan bilis on the fried rice! So much. So generous 🙄

    Beautiful Soup Restaurant doesn’t sound a weird restaurant name at all in Malaysia. In fact, I feel the name Oriental Restaurant is weird – the kind of restaurant name you tend to hear in the Western world like Australia 🙄

  5. Set Lunch with main meal, soup and drink and eating comfortably in air conditioned, it is a normal sight in Ipoh as well. Some more, healthy and no MSG, it is justified.

    • It was because I am more health conscious than my mom. It’s true.. it’s true.. I’m also not being sarcastic and pranky when I said my mom had fried rice instead of me. It’s true… it’s true…

  6. I agree with your RM30 is the norm these days. A meal out at the restaurant for my family of four easily burns RM100 on the Daddy. If eat at hawker centre also will cost us at least RM50 for the four of us.

    Since this is your mom’s favourite place, I trust her. Will go and try it out one of these days.

  7. I agree with you that the food in this eatery is tasty and big portion for the set meals. During lunch time it is always full house. Luckily your mother does not read your blog or else she will read that the fried rice is hers which I believe is hers because you eat more meat so the dish with chicken is yours.

    Stay within Senai and JPO means still got good food on the company or not?

    • Why you so easily believe me? Does “it’s true, it’s true” not trigger your suspicion? What a failure it is then… XD

      The meal allowance will always be there. What will I eat, no idea yet. 🙄

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