Nice View

Got this view from the hotel when it was still light. Wooo… nice?

Unfortunately, this isn’t the view from my room. My room is facing the visitor car park. Dang!

Also, I would like to say that I have encountered my first ever three-star-and-above hotel in Malaysia that doesn’t do weekdays dinner buffet. How stupid is that? Considering that the hotel is sort of in the middle of nowhere, the stupidity factor is multiplied by 10 times…


    • Car park view, but not the part where my car is >.< ... The reason I picked this hotel this time was because I felt lazy to go out. So it kind of beats the purpose, don't you think... 🙁

  1. They know RG is coming gua.. so no buffet! hahahaa.. just kidding, don’t take offence, ya! So eventually how did you get your dinner? Ala carte is also a good choice, for me at least.. cos when I am in a buffet meal, I really don’t know what to eat.. just too much food to make me pening! 🙂

    • I only stay here for 2 nights, and I got car, so not too big of a deal lah… I won’t starve anyway. 😛

  2. Since the hotel is in the middle of nowhere, not enough guests kot to justify the cost of serving buffet? Anyway, I am sure got nice and delicious ala carte food. Some more company sponsored, betul tak?

    • Oh, they have guests. Lots of guests. Easy to judge based on how crowded the breakfast buffet is. You can’t get a room here if you don’t book a week or two in advance at least.

  3. Sigh! My comments under Mun’s thread went missing. I said something like buffets are waistline killers. LOL

    I always never had good view in the hotels I stayed esp in China and Japan.

    • Your comment is there lah…

      Views in room is not that important anyway to be honest. Not much of a loss if you ask me. 😛

  4. No buffet dinner, that give you a chance to go out and racky the surrounding for nice and yummy foods, hehe…

  5. No buffet dinner is good for you because you don’t need to gorge yourself tasting everything in the buffet spread. Just order what you would like to eat from the ala carte menu within the food allowance lah and enjoy! 🙂

  6. nice view…too bad it isn’t taken from ur room…hahaha! (*am adding salt to your injury). Btw, since the restaurant doesn’t do weekdays buffet, i’m sure they do have ala-carte…Just order heartily since it is paid by the company…and if u r tagging ur boss…better stil!

  7. Eh, it isn’t a bad thing that the view isn’t right in front of your room. Makes you exercise to go round and see it 🙄 Well, maybe the hotel restaurant figure they can make more money off having non-buffet dinner on weekdays. The main menu maybe more laku… 🙄

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