This is bad…

You know I said I was going to make one blog post per week from now on? The thing is, I got so used to not blogging that I almost forgot to make any blog post this week.

Actually it goes beyond forgetting to blog. Since I declared that I’m gonna blog less, I kind of paid less attention to my surroundings and took less photos. So even with this reduced blogging load, I’m still scratching my head as to what to write… Blerghhh…

Let me show you some of my meals for the past week or so…

Ayam Sambal Set Meal

Ayam Sambal Set Meal – from my office’s cafeteria. You wanna guess how much this costs? Nah… no need to guess, I’ll tell you the answer. RM 4 for this plate of food. With subsidy, I paid RM 2. Woohoo!

Telur Bistik

Telur Bistik – From the Malay eatery inside my apartment compound. RM 3.50 for this. I have no idea what the “bistik” means. It doesn’t seem like a translation from English. There’s no such word as bistique, I think πŸ™„ … Anyway this is basically some sort of omelette with minced meat filling and topped with veggie and sauce…

In Penang (or any northern states of Malaysia I suppose), the Malay language, they add “q” at the end of words. For example, this dish is actually called teloq bistik. Sometimes I also order nasiq goreng kampung. And if the waitress ask me “Ayaq apa?” and I feel like a drink, I would say “Teh O Ais”…

Roasted Pork (Siew Yoke) Rice

Roasted PorkΒ Rice – From the food court near my place. RM 5 for this. Not the best porky rice around, the only reason I eat here is because of the convenience factor. Their oinks are always tougher and chewier than I like… πŸ™„

Pork Burger

Pork Burger – From James Foo, RM 14.50 (I think)… My mates hate this semi-cheapo western food joint for what I think is a stupid reason. Their reasons are almost always that the steaks here sucks. For me, I never understood why people would order steak in a semi-cheapo western food joint. It is a known fact that places like this can’t do it well. Folks come here and order the item that is most likely to be horrible and then go complaining. Beats the f**k out of me why they do it with their hard earned cash.

For me, I love coming to James Foo. But I only order their aglio olio or their burgers these days. Actually these are the only things I like here these days. But I do like them…

Oh, I also did a movie this week. Finally this movie is out!

Kate Beckinsale is as hot as ever! That alone is enough reason to watch this movie, oh yeah!!!

I don’t understand the haters on this movie. No, I mean, I do understand that there would be haters. And if I’m perfectly honest, there’s many places where this movie can do better. Certain parts where more details and more development on the backstory is required. It should have been a 150 minutes movie instead of a 90 minutes one.

What I don’t understand is the reason for the hate by the haters. They say: nothing new, same old vampire vs lycans.

Well, yeah… because this series is supposed to be about vampire vs lycans. That’s why we watch this series! What did you guys expect, Einsteins?

I suppose these would be the same guys who complain that all the Transformers movies are about robots, or that all the Fast n Furious movies are about cars and car chases, or that all the James Bond movies are about James Bond πŸ™„ …

Anyway, this movie, I get the feeling that they are trying to disengage themselves from the previous instalment and to go back to the original premises. And I also get the feeling that this instalment appears somewhat weak in impact because the directors are using this one to lay some groundwork for the future few movies. I guess we’ll see…


  1. In SG, office workers rarely get this type of food subsidy, the only benefit maybe eat in the Canteen the food might be cheaper, but Canteen is usually inside Industrial Areas where there are many factory workers

  2. So nice can get subsidy, I think last time my son had subsidy too when he worked in Penang during his internship, he normally used his coupons to buy soya drink, his luxury and comfort food is oats in soya for dinner.. aikssss…

  3. Wow!! You paid just Dua ringgit for this Ayam Sambal Set which is so huge and yummy. You saved a lot of money in the bank with such subsidies.
    The only time I enjoyed such food subsidy was at Texchem.

  4. that ayam sambal set meal really worth it! if converted into USD, it actually less than USD1! and u r like paying 50 cents for a plate of rice!?! I miss subsidized canteen food!

  5. When I googled telur bistik in English, I got egg beefsteak….and the recipes say that they’re actually omelette made with some form of minced meat (beef or chicken) smothered with some sweet/sour sauce. Yikes, I hope it was chicken (and not beef) in your case! :O It’s like begedil, sometimes it’s made with chicken, sometimes beef.

  6. The Ayam Sambal Set Meal is so affordable after the subsidy. You can save a lot if you eat lunch every day in your office cafeteria. I watched the trailer of the new Kate movie and feels that I want to watch the movie based on that trailer. I have watched all the movies in the Underworld series other than the 3rd one which is the prequel – Underworld: Rise of the Lycans – watched that halfway but could not stomach it because Kate was not in there so stop the movie and did not continue watching. Will definitely watch this new one.

    • I’m shocked that you’re a fan of this movie franchise. I would never have pegged you for one. Interesting! πŸ˜€

        • I watched them all. Actually I like the 4th one least, they try to muddle things too much. This 5th movie to me, is like the producers trying to salvage the series and moving back to the original spirit of the series.

  7. I suspect the term bistik came from the word beef steak. A beef steak is something which you would have to eat with a western style with a knife and fork and they are trying to make this egg omelette look like a beef steak

    • Hmm, interesting suspicion. I would never imagine bistik = beef steak. If this is true then the one I had was a crappy one…

  8. Ok how is the food that cheap on Penang?! Clearly I need to relocate there. I basically get the same thing as #1 at my local mamak next door and it’s 15rm.

        • Not really. Mamak is Indian Muslim, in a way you can call it halal Indian food. So many Malays eat there because of halal. Kosher for Muslims. Maybe that’s why you will think it is Malay, because so many Malays eat there. πŸ˜›

  9. Eh, food is cheap when you got subsidy huh. It is a good deal at your work’s cafeteria. No such thing here in Australia. That telur bistik from the Malay eatery downstairs looks like it is overflowing, or rather like the sauce going to drip but never drip… πŸ™„

    I agree with you on going to cheap food places and ordering “high end” foods there. I’m guessing James Foo doesn’t popularise their steak all too much. Or their Fresh Mushroom soup for that matter… :O If they should promote something, maybe they should that burger you ate. That cheese… πŸ™„

    • They’re not really promoting anything to be honest. If anything, they’re probably promoting their cheap set lunches…

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