Meals @ JPO

It was a short trip this time, I did not even make it into JB proper. All my meals took place at the Johor Premium Outlet (JPO) and AEON Mall Kulaijaya.

Slowly slowly har… today I show you my meals at JPO first… don’t rush, don’t rush…

There are four proper restaurants in JPO. One of them is called Absolute Thai, a perpetually overcrowded place with less than desirable level of service that serves expensive and slightly above average Thai food. Nah…

The other three, well…

George and Dragon

The outlet here is just a branch, their main restaurant is somewhere inside JB city center. I came here for lunch on the first day, because it was the most empty.

Some (many) say this is the most expensive Western cuisine restaurant in the entire state of Johor. I would agree… only if we do not count all the hotels in the state. I don’t find the food here to be more expensive than the restaurants in those nice hotels.

But I guess that misplaced reputation really did a good chunk of dent to this place’s business. I think this was my third time coming here during lunch hour (from my many trips down south), it was the first time the restaurant was entirely deserted.

They even do set lunch now. Basically RM 35++ for a soup, main course and drink (coffee/tea). I don’t know if the menu changes, but the menu I got offered two choices of main courses: chicken in orange sauce, and stewed lamb shoulder.

The old me would completely ignore the set lunch menu, but this time I somehow didn’t feel like having a heavily expensive lunch. So I went with the set lunch. Lamb shoulder.

I know, looks like a pile of mess but… yeah, the taste was pretty good. The lamb bits were de-boned which means it was… perfect for me.

汤师傅 Souper Tang

I want to clarify something first. I have no idea why they call themselves Souper Tang. This is not a good English rendition of the Chinese name. In fact, I think it is a weird-ass rendition. “Tang” is the “Soup”. So what now? Souper Soup? What does Souper mean anyway? It doesn’t exist as a legit word.

Error alert, see?

This was a restaurant that I visit on every trip. I probably swiped my card in this restaurant more than 10 times combined.

Anyway, I came here for my… third lunch. I had lunch here on the day I was driving back to KL after work.

The old me would go immediately for the 佛跳墙 Buddha Jump Over The Wall (soup) and another fish dish of some sort and push the bill to over RM 100.

The new me… I don’t know, will it sound conceited if I say I am tired of all these expensive sh*t? This time I closely scrutinized the menu and picked something with the picture that appealed to me the most. This was what I ordered:

It is called 五子登科养生煲. I don’t even know how to translate it literally. 五子登科 is a Chinese idiom (five sons all becoming scholars), it kind of means… like… all rounded? 养生煲 means… vitality pot. So I guess you can call it Supremely Awesome Vitality Pot?

Their website calls it Five Spices Seafood Pot. Meh… 🙄

There’s a bunch of decent ingredients in this pot. Fish maw, sea cucumber, mushrooms, baby abalones, bean curd puffs, fish fillets, broccoli, meat balls, and… some other things. The gravy tasted as rich as those from their more expensive dishes. It was pretty darn good.

The thing is, this was RM 45.90. With rice and drink and GST the bill came up to about RM 60. Nowhere even near RM 100…


I know and have been to Kampachi in Equatorial Hotel, Penang… and I know this is a properly expensive Japanese place.

But this was my first time dining in the JPO outlet, so I guess this is kind of new… I came here for dinner on my second night, I guess sort of to make up for the rather underwhelming first dinner at the hotel.

First thing I saw was the promotional item…

I was tempted, the price was on the high side but still borderline within budget. But I felt the picture was not very appetizing. It felt kind of stupid to pay that price for a plate with a bit of fish, a bit of mushrooms, a bit of tofu and a bit of some greens. What the f**k is Fugu & Tarabagani anyway?

So I didn’t. I ordered something from the main menu. Something relatively cheaper.

I still got served a proper few courses though…

Salad with roasted sesame dressing
Garlic fried rice, miso soup, some pickles and some fruits
The server was going on and on about these “special” dipping sauces to go with my mains, but it was a lot of Japanese words and I remember none of them. Sorry… >.<

Okay, here’s the main dish…

Mixed Seafood Platter Teppanyaki

This was RM 78++ (or was it RM 74++?). Still somewhat expensive, yes? It was roughly the same price as my dinner on the previous day, but I was infinitely happier seeing this platter.

Some individual close ups…

Salmon (my least favorite item comes first)
Squid/Cuttlefish (are they the same?)
Scallops and Prawns
Lemon wedge and leafy… thing…

I don’t remember why I even bothered with taking a picture of the lemon wedge and leafy thing. I vaguely remember having a funny way to present it in the blog, but I don’t remember what it is now. Sorry…

Anyway, it was a great choice for me. Everything was nice and fresh and delicious. I probably wouldn’t have enjoyed that promotional item as much as I enjoyed this platter. The actual bill came up to about RM 90.

This was the most expensive meal throughout my trip. Strangely, I think it was the first time I have not had even a single meal that exceeded RM 100 in a working trip. I think it probably won’t be the last… I seem to have had my priorities changed these days… 🙄


  1. I think the restaurant wanted to emphasise on ‘Super Soup’ but played with the pronunciation? Idk, that’s just my guess. =) It’s good to know that you’ve enjoyed your meals without blowing your wallet into pieces. Speaking of Kampachi, the meals there can be pricey – even the ones in KL. I grew up patronising the restaurant and seriously waiting for them to re-open their branch and Sunday buffet in Hotel Equatorial KL. I’m surprised that they opened one in JPO.

    I rarely order the set meals because I like the option of throwing caution to the wind. =P

    • Not my wallet anyway. The company’s wallet. Oh well, I could eat out my entire meal allowance every day and it will not even leave a mark on the company’s wallet for all we know anyway 🙄 …

      Well, you can go to their outlets in Troika or Pavilion, close enough in that vicinity too, no? 😛

      • I’ve memories associated with the one in Equatorial – that’s the problem. Some of the older employees have told me that my parents have religiously brought me to the Sunday brunch buffet since young and would swing by Etoile (the hotel’s bakery) after that.

        You’ve a point there. 😛 I’m familiar with Pavi enough to dine there, but Troika? I barely know where Troika is, I’m afraid. =/

        • Childhood memories huh. That cannot be replaced heh…

          Troika is somewhere near KLCC. I have not set foot into that building myself, I’m sorry to admit. 🙄

  2. The first picture, very familiar looking, I think I went there during my recent trip to JB.. we took the hi tea set.. 35rm.. steep price actually.. but then .. once while ok la!

  3. Good choice! I would go for the stewed lamb shoulder too. I have been to eat at Souper Tang in Midvalley and One Utama and think the food is just acceptable. I have been Kampachi in Equatorial Hotel KL a long time ago for their Japanese buffet which is very good. Your seafood platter looks good but I don’t like teppanyaki beansprout. I prefer eating beansprout raw or just slightly cooked. I would go for salmon and salmon because I like to eat salmon. Nice delicious food on the company so yay!

  4. That Japanese set meal is quite good lah, got so many items. Eh, they serve fugu? Isn’t that the puffer fish, if not properly prepared can cause death? And that green thing is parsley lah. For deco but I eat it. Somebody said don’t eat the garnishing because they recycle it. Dunno true or not. Anyway, I want to wish you a Happy New Year 2017 and hope that it will be a better year for you, me and all of us 🙂

    • Yeah, that deadly fish, as explained by ewew. I know that is parsley lah, but leafy thing sounds more appropriate in my blog post hahaha!

  5. Wow! You ate a lot of very delicious food and I love them all. The most eye catching was the Lamb Shoulder which sounded yummy, deboned and the colour of the gravy looked so appetizing to drink!!
    I have eaten this Absolute Thai when it was first opened in Singapore long ago and remains popular there till now.

  6. Sorry, you may have told us already but I can’t remember. What is your cap for each claimable meal? Even if one is given a high budget, it doesn’t mean you have to order the most expensive item within that budget. For me, I’d rather go for something I’d like to eat, that’s more important. I don’t like Buddha Jumps Over The Wall, so I’ll probably have that seafood pot you had (which also had some premium ingredients in it). Squid and cuttlefish is not the same. The one on your plate looks like cuttlefish. Squid is smaller and more tender, cuttlefish is big with a chewier and crunchier texture.

    Aiyoo, the Kami Nabe was expensive because there’s fugu…but then you didn’t know what fugu is…so…lucky or unlucky? You decide. Hehe! 😀 Fugu is that poisonous puffer fish that, if not properly handled, you can die from eating it! :O Don’t know what tarabagani is. I would go for the seafood teppanyaki too. And that leafy thing is curly parsley…used as a garnish, not for eating! 😉

    Happy New Year and enjoy the long weekend ahead 🙂

    • No, I have not told anyone here the actual figure, and I don’t intend to. We cap at daily spent, not per meal by the way.

      I guess it is a lucky thing. Even if it is the good stuff, I don’t know anything about it so it might as well just be some fish. And I might die from eating it so never mind. 😛

  7. That was a generous work allowance for your meal. Do your work colleagues get the same meal allowance?

    • We all get the same allowances. From low level engineer to big boss. Well, maybe not big boss… relatively high level managers… 🙄

  8. How can salmon be your least favourite item? At home you so guai cook salmon wat but yeah lah, you prefer those other items more. Understooded.

    I like your Japanese meal most as I love Japanese myself 😀

    Happy New Year to you RG!

  9. Supremely Awesome Vitality Pot….I like that name…sounds so ‘superior’! the mixed seafood teppanyaki reminds me of those ‘manhattan fish market sharing platter’ except that their broccoli and carrots are represent by beansprouts in this Japanese version.

    • Nothing like the Manhattan of these days. At least not the Penang outlets. These days, Penang’s Manhattan outlets’ food are crap. 🙁

  10. What?? How big is your budget?! Sounds like a lot if you can have meals that exceed 100rm…. geez.. I wouldn’t even know how to spend that much on a single meal in Malaysia hahaha.

    And I think I get Souper Tang…. it’s probably supposed to be a pun off of “super tang”… like super soup, but with soup in chinese. Get it?

  11. These meals all look good. I don’t think it has anything to do with price and it just so happens you made a good choice with your meals and liked them. Expensive meal can be tasty, and so can the cheap cheap ones.

    Personally, I rarely go for set meals because I won’t be able to finish. A main dish is enough to keep me full, so appetisers and soups on the side don’t really appeal to me, no matter how good they sound. Also, I never am able to finish a drink that a restaurant serves me. What a waste… 🙄

    • Set lunch here means better value for money. They tweak their main courses a bit and throw in a starter and a drink usually for (sometimes) cheaper than ordering a main course a la carte.

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