Asam Pedas… For Real

So I went back to Asam Pedas Premier‘s stall at Queensbay Mall’s food court, and was duly distracted by the fragrant fried chicken again, and was almost compelled to go for that again. But I managed to resist the impulse and sticked to the original plan this time.

Set Asam Pedas Pari

Set Asam Pedas Pari (1 pax) – RM 13.50. RM 14.30 after GST

For my non-Malaysian readers: set = set (duh…), asam = tamarind (sour), pedas = hot and spicy, pari = stingray. So, Set Asam Pedas Pari = Sour and Spicy Stingray Set Meal.


I was slightly disappointed with the “huge” size of the fish serving. Maybe stingray is an expensive fish? 🙄

But the asam pedas gravy is truly asam pedas.

Come to think about it, I have never eaten an asam pedas dish before. Or maybe I have but I don’t know it was asam pedas. But I thought this gravy was a wonderful gravy, at least on a neutral point of view. Really packs a terrible punch. Asam dan pedas. Fuiyooohhhh!!!

I could not finish all the gravy, there was not enough rice for me to do that.

I consider myself a spicy eater, but I am probably not the best spicy eater out there. I guess I’m just a second rate spicy eater, not a first rate one. Perhaps those orang-orang timur (east coast people), people like Phong Hong could lap the entire bowl clean.


    • Because this is not a mamak dish hahaha. You should try those Malay warungs. Or Asam Pedas Premier, Damansara got an outlet, you can check PH blog 😛 …

  1. I am also a non-pedas eater…. too spicy, my tongue will feel tasteless after that… But spicy food is appetizing especially it goes with white rice and noodles…

  2. I can eat some spicy, but not too much. I never ate spicy food before arriving to China, so at least I improved a little since then, haha.

    I have never tried stingray. How is it? Does it count as blue or as white fish?

  3. The asam pedas must be quite decent lah for you to take so much of the gravy, which means that I must go back and have a taste. Their spice paste is quite pedas because I almost choked when I had the nasi lemak sambal. But for that price ah, with so little fish, taking chicken is more worth it.

    • I hope you won’t be overhyped and disappointed with it. Also, I think they don’t have asam pedas ayam… 🙄

  4. Small portion, expensive fish. But it sounds like it was worth what you paid for in terms of taste. That is usually what matters 🙄 Like Libby, I cannot take spicy. Me ordering this dish would be a waste.

  5. Yay! You stuck to your original plan to give us this stingray Assam pedas review. That piece of stringray looks fine regarding its size from what I have eaten before when it comes to stingray. Sounds like really really pedas so I am sure I cannot tahan the pedas here.

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