They Don’t Work… It’s True

You know, my preferred way of eating instant noodles is to cook two packets of different flavors together. So far, my favorite combo is Cintan Curry flavor + Maggi Chicken flavor. I use half a sachet of each of them seasoning powder, and the result rocks.

It’s true. The result rocks. Try it.

So I tried a new combo today.

It should work in theory. I was pretty confident. I mean, tom yam duck noodles, even the name sounds like a match made in heaven, right?

Turns out…

They’re not. They don’t work together. The taste was… no good…

It’s true. They’re not good…

It’s true…

Darn… I was listening to a certain speech over Youtube the other day. It goes something like this:

“The vets are being abandoned! It’s true… They’re abandoned… It’s true…”
“China is ripping us off big time, taking all our jobs and money because our leaders are weak and pathetic! It’s true… They’re pathetic… It’s true…”
“They’re supplying weapons to the terrorist groups because they’re clueless as to what is happening! It’s true… They’re clueless… it’s true…”

It’s true… adding “it’s true” after your statements make them sound more credible… it’s true…

I guess that’s one of the reasons he could win in the end… it’s true…

Arhhh what am I doing? Enough of politics talk. Let me show you something nice and fun…

I love Siberia… it’s true…


  1. 2 packets of different flavor instant noodles cooked together, well, that’s something new to me, haha!
    I would love to have a bowl of instant noodles once a while πŸ˜‰

  2. Mixing instant noodles together is not something I have tried. Maybe I will. But I really love eating Maggi Chicken instant noodles all on their own.

    Adding “It’s true” to your statements make you sound smart-arsed in my opinion :/

    All girls are hot. Yes. This is coming from a girl who likes checking out girls πŸ™„

  3. Hot noodles or hot chicks? I’ll opt for the former.

    Russian girls are popular in Turkey. They are preferred because they are much fairer and tend to be taller according to the Turkish males I speak to.

  4. Have you heard about the cafe in KL that has a whole list of instant noodles on their menu? Apparently they’re a well-loved brand from Indonesia and this cafe adds a few ingredients to them, but the base is essentially ‘instant noodles.’ I did get a new brand of instant noodles recently – made in Malaysia with no MSG. I’m yet to try them out but will report back when I do.

  5. So far i have not tried two different flavours, as usually i only buy 1 packet and that packet usually stays there for a long time…

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