Real Life Iron Man

Today I want to share some videos about someone who I’d like to call the real life Iron Man…

Okay, not Iron Man. More like real life Tony Stark. You know… that [billionaire, genius, playboy and philanthropist] thing?

I am talking about Elon Musk, ex-owner of Paypal (which he sold to eBay for US$ 1.5 billion in 2002), SpaceX, Tesla Motors and SolarCity among some other things…

I started with this video:

Well basically he summed it all up with his statement:

“We’re running the most dangerous experiment in history right now, which is to see how much carbon dioxide the atmosphere can handle before there is an environment catastrophe.”

Which is very true, isn’t it?

Which is why he founded so many companies that seem to be so bizarrely different from each other. But they are not. Each companies that he leads is a tech company with a specific, world changing goal in mind. What’s even more amazing is that unlike most money grabbing billionaires out there, all his ventures were made by committing all his fortunes from previous ventures.

SpaceX – to make breakthroughs in rocket technology and bring down space travel cost (while forcing all the other money grabbing SOBs to do the same) with the long term goal of setting up a human colony in Mars.

Tesla Motors – to show all the other traditional fuel guzzling car making companies the middle finger by proving that we already possess the technology to build pure electric cars that are viable, desirable and affordable.

SolarCity – to provide a viable method for the masses to be able to afford solar panels and hence showing an even bigger middle finger to the fuel guzzling power plants.

See, everything he does is with a specific vision to prove that being eco friendly is economically viable, to break the status quo and force the mega conglomerates to follow suit with innovations and changes.

Sadly, most of his stuff are still only available in the US. I can only hope within the next few years, we’ll get to see Tesla cars and SolarCity in Malaysia. And everywhere else in the world…


  1. Elon Musk surely has some great ideas and visions. With him the car manufacturers got their asses kicked and now they need to catch up.
    SolarCity is really something I look forward to. In some years we hope to build a house and a roof with those solar panels/ tiles would be just awesome 😀
    Tesla’s cars are already for some time available in Germany. The Model S seems to be still affordable (with the 60kWh battery that is)and the car looks very nice. The Model X is ugly as hell though and expensive 😮
    Next year the Model 3 will be available here, I wonder how the price will be as it is advertised that the starting price in the US will be only like 35.000 Dollars

    • I guess Europe will probably get similar prices. Here with all those bullshit taxes, the prices will be at least 150% more. USD 35k car will be like 300k ringgit (same price as a house)… 🙁

      • Oh yeah that is really a steep increase! In Finland it would be similar though. They have insane taxation on everything, my current car costs there more than double…I remember when I wanted to sell my old car (when we had moved to Germany already) and I got here like 3000 Euros for the 15 year old car. Then I checked the prices in Finland and it was worth still incredible 18.000 Euros Oo

  2. This fellow has the financial resources to work on these big ventures. I’m thinking even if his stuff were available here, it would be expensive and not many of us can afford 🙁

    • The Tesla car finally made it to Malaysia last week I think, there is a company bringing in a few to run a lease business. The lease price seems like RM 10k per month. >.<

  3. There are Tesla cars in China! There’s even one in my compound. They look very nice and are super silent (C. says if he got a Tesla he would make it noisier because a silent car doesn’t feel like a car…). However with import taxes and everything I think they are double the price than the same car in the US!

      • What are you saying? Elon said he plans to send the first manned craft to Mars within 10 years. Given it might be too optimistic, I think within 20 years is definitely a possibility. It will be within our life time, I am quite positive about it. 🙄

    • Coincidentally, after writing this post, I came across a news article stating there is a company in Malaysia that is bringing in some Tesla Model S’s for a lease program to companies. The lease price is apparently RM 10k per month (RMB 22k). Darn… the monthly lease payment is already a quarter of a low end car’s full price.

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