In case you’re wondering what the title means, all you non-Cantonese speaking peeps, it means 你阿妈 Your Mother!

This is something us vulgar Cantonese speaking people use to curse someone/something when we are in a boiling rage…

Well, at least the vulgar Cantonese in Malaysia anyway. I have no idea if folks in Hong Kong and China uses this term…

See, I was actually going to share some interview video clips that I watched over the past week or so, interviews with a certain real life Iron Man. It was pretty inspiring, binge watching on interview clips of my idol…

But that was before I did my grocery run and stared at the receipt from said grocery run…

Remember last year when I bitched about how my grocery expenses went up after the implementation of GST? How ~RM 70 became ~RM90? How I had to cut costs by re-introducing carbs into my home cooked dinners?

Well, after bringing my grocery costs back down to RM 70-ish, guess what? The receipt snippet above was from earlier today’s grocery run, which I expected to end up being RM 70-ish. But as you can see, it wasn’t. It was RM 95.93.

Fucking over RM 90!!! Fuckity fuckity fuck!!!

I’ve been in a pissy mood every since. I unusually pissed off on the drive back home, and I was unnecessarily rude to the waitress while having lunch just now. Sorry, waitress-chan… >.<

To make my mood even worse, here’s a series of images I got through Whatsapp over the past week or so…




Actually the key thing that I suspect caused the recent price hikes is that removal of cooking oil subsidy. Which I think is bullshit. Cooking oil price increase = everything else price increase, including fruits and eggs and chicken which all have got nothing to do with cooking oil during production stage. WTF?!!

I think I am well justified to shout and curse, don’t you think?



  1. Dont know what to say… now we are feeling the pinch.. more painful these days of the petrol and oil increase.. what else later on? sigh…

  2. A price increase with no justification!!! You definitely have the grounds to vent your frustration about the price increase. The GST has already made everyone’s life tougher (I don’t even want to mention about the economy – I’m even feeling the pinch here in Australia). Everything’s going up and yet there’s no increase in salary, pfft. What’s worse is that once the prices of ingredients have been raised, it will never decrease. *sighs*

  3. Oh man, that sucks. I experienced something similar yesterday… I read that a bowl of my favourite sesame sauce noodles from a small restaurant in Shanghai which cost 8 RMB in 2010 is now 15 RMB… almost double!! Hey, my salary didn’t double!!

    • Double up in 6 years, so by 2022 it will be 30 RMB… Good luck, maybe by that time you will move back to Europe… >.<

  4. Well, you’re certainly justified to swear and curse! All of us did, I’m sure. Visually, the last pic definitely drove home the point. Nowadays, you can’t buy much with RM50…even at the wet market. A small bunch of vegetables (enough for one serving for one person) can easily cost RM3 – RM5! O_o I can’t even keep it under RM10 per person if I cook (and don’t even talk about fish). That’s why sometimes it’s more economically to eat out instead of cooking at home as those chap fan stalls can get it cheaper because of their bulk buying. I used to ‘fear’ giving a RM50 note to a stall as it was always met with stares of ‘don’t you have anything smaller’ then, but now no such thing. Sigh, that’s how ‘small’ our money has become! >.<

    • RM50? Even RM100 is small these days. I no longer feel embarrassed to flash RM100 and expect change even in places like the coffee shops… Sigh….. 🙁

  5. It’s the same over here. Salary has been static for years apart for the Fat Cats (fat cats get fatter, lol) but the cost of living has gone up and up. Eating in is the in thing these days. Yes, I have to change my shopping habits when I am around.

    • The problem here is, eating in is more expensive than eating out more often than not these days. Kinda frustrating…

  6. SG also facing inflation, everything increase in price but salary never increase, last time still can get S$1.50 and S$2 food, now at least S$3

    Sometimes I may wonder why must have inflation and make everybody’s life difficult? Or is that a normal cycle that must happen

  7. I don’t dare to think how much a bowl of noodles will cost two years from now on if prices keep going up like this. Currently the cheapest price for a bowl of noodle at a coffee shop is RM5.50 here. After 5 years, I hope it won’t go up to RM10. That would be seriously !@#$%^&*(

    • It really is depressing, isn’t it? It would be like HK, double digit price for noodle in a coffee shop >.< ...

  8. “Fuckity fuckity fuck!!!” Yeah, if I saw my grocery bill that expensive, I would say the same thing too 🙁 Trust that you stuck to your usual grocery items and didn’t pick up a new brand or any other thing out of the ordinary. But I think compared to Oz in terms of groceries, Malaysia is still cheaper…

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