I Want Perfect Fried Fish

Yesterday I broke my canister filter and at that moment I thought that I want perfect fried fish.
I have another piece of fish at my disposal, and after receiving top tips on fish frying from ewewΒ that sounds like this: “The secret to frying fish intact is keep the fish dry and use in a non-stick pan!”, I decided to properly give it a go again.

So I defrosted the fish a day earlier and then let it to sit in room temperature all day to allow most of the moisture in the fish to evaporate…

When I came home from work, a cutting edge method of visual inspection tells me that my piece of fish seems to be dry enough. Time to go to work…

Ooohhh, look! What’s that sitting alone there? Come to think about it, hmm… it has been quite rainy the past couple of weeks, no? A bowl of piping hot Maggi (noodles) soup would be nice, no?

No! Stick to the plan! You’re gonna fry the fish and plate it intact successfully, and then you’re gonna blog and gloat about it! You can’t blog about Maggi soup, can you??

Okay, okay, fine! Yes, fried fish it is!

Heh! πŸ˜€

No, you fucking imbecile! What have you done? What have you done? What will you do with your planned blog post today??

Well, I suppose I can talk about my fish Maggi soup. When folks cook Maggi, it is usually just egg and veggie, right? Maybe a sausage or two. Or chicken bits. Nobody does fish with Maggi, right? Because only an idiot would waste something expensive like fish with Maggi. So this is unique too. Blog worthy… πŸ˜‰

So yeah, you’re an idiot, that’s what it is…


  1. It has been a very long time since I used a non-stick pan to fry fish. A reasonably good ceramic pan will do the job. Others have coated their fish with corn flour etc before frying. I have never bothered.

    Fish slices with Maggi Mee sounds good. I love the take on.

    • I only have non-stick pan, so non-stick pan it is anyway… and don’t got corn flour anymore, and don’t plan to buy it anytime soon, so no corn flour… πŸ™„

  2. Well, at least it was a good meal in the end πŸ™„ I’ve never tried cooking fish with Maggi (soup and noodles) before. Dunno if it will turn out fishy πŸ™„

    • Add salt can help to non stick? But then my pan is non stick pan so to me salt is just seasoning hehehe…

  3. What? You left the fish out at room temperature the whole day? Pengsan lah you hee..hee.. I thought the fish would have gone bad but boiling it in soup would have killed the bacteria. No lau sai yah? hee..hee..

    • Hmm, it did not look or smell bad when I cook it. I basically left it out in the morning before going to work so it was like 8 hours in room temperature. πŸ™„

  4. Oh dear, I’m glad you threw your fish into a bowl of maggi mee in the end. Otherwise the so-called top tips from ewew on frying fish intact might have failed!

    I guess I better explain in more detail what I meant by “the secret to frying fish intact is keep the fish dry and use a non-stick pan”. Well, the non-stick pan is self-explanatory enough…kekeke! But keeping the fish dry, I didn’t mean for you to defrost and let is sit in room temperature the WHOLE DAY to allow the moisture in the fish to evaporate….NO! You’re very lucky the fish did not turn bad coz it will if left out like that in our humid weather. And luckily you didn’t fry that or the fish might have turned out dry since you literally ‘hanged it out to dry’. I meant for you to defrost the fish and pat it dry (with a towel or paper towel)! O_o

    But just as an added failproof (you’ve put me under pressure….wakakaka!), lightly dust (not drench ah) your fish with some flour or cornflour to ensure the fish does not stick and break up in the pan (and refrain from flipping too early). So, this is my humble guide to frying fish intact and I’d like to see you attempt “I want perfect fried fish” again and blog about it! πŸ˜‰

    • Wahhh okay… so it seems I dodged a bullet unknowingly… great!

      I’m not a huge fan of patting food dry with paper towel. To me the paper towel is infested with germs and bacteria. If I wash some food ingredient and then paper towel it, then I feel like it makes washing pointless. πŸ™„

  5. What! You hang the fish to dry all day to test ewew advice if it works to get an intact fried fish but in the end the fish ended up broken into pieces and wet. Still tasty I would say but you do know you can still fry the fish and eat it with instant noodles in egg and vege broth, right? But I guess lazyman stays true to his namesake and would not do frying fish and cooking noodle soup for the same meal.

    • Just substitute sausage with fish, but cooking method same. I wouldn’t call it new recipe, I think. πŸ™„

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