Chill Lah…

Well, so… yeah… the US presidential elections are over. Many are shocked with how it turned out, me excluded.

Seriously, although it is easy to say it in hindsight, since a few months ago, I have been silently confident that Trump will win. Not because I am a die hard Trump fanboy (in fact my comments for the past few months was: crazy moron vs serial liar, no way to win), but because I listened to their speeches and I just have that feeling that he was saying things that people would frown at on the surface but deep down they will probably think “Yeah, that would be nice” so it would make sense for the election results to shock the super spinning mainstream media. So… I am not shocked to be honest…

What I am shocked about though, is seeing Malaysians express their devastation in obvious ways. What I am shocked about, is seeing Malaysian ladies cry because Hillary lost…

I’d understand Americans being devastated. But Malaysians… seriously guys…

Anyway, it’s going to be fine. If you don’t trust me, trust Obama will you? (Ignore the video title though, the title is kinda misleading)

Thing is, what happened the past year or so in the US, they’re basically all politics. Gutter politics. Hideous mudslinging politics. But still, just politics. Nothing more. If anything, we should understand that politician talks for when they are trying to win votes are rarely trustworthy. When all the votes are count and everything are done and dusted, more often than not there would not be much change at all. At least not on the common folks’ day to day life.

I’m not well versed with American politics, but I do vaguely recall a conversation with an American colleague whereby he said America is actually controlled by the big corporations regardless of who becomes the president. I also remember seeing a diagram which looks similar to the one below pinned on one of the cubicle’s wall when I was in Loveland.


I guess that probably makes sense, not just for the US but for everywhere in the world. So… relax guys. Like Obama said, the sun will still come up in the morning.

In all honesty though, I’m utterly sick and disgusted with politicians. Americans or Malaysians or whatever. If I may, I’d rather vote for someone like Piña Co Lada, Imperial Crown Princess of The Empire on the other side of the “Gate“. She’s smart, resourceful, cunning, realistic and most importantly, hot.






Sorry, I just shamelessly plugged my current favorite anime/light novel series in my blog again, I know… and yeah, I know, her name is, well… it is an anime, the character name is not important!

But really, an anime hot chick would be a better leader than the bunch of jokers we have at our real life disposal now, don’t you think?

Anyway, it’s Friday, so everyone let’s just chill, yeah…

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  1. I did not know how to react to the result. I was thinking, how bad can it be after what we have here in Msia? I have totally lost hope in everything 🙁

    • The First Lady is of no relevance. The people of the US were voting for the President, not the First lady. Refer to my panjang lebar reply to Sheta (小影). It is dangerous to vote with the mindset of “we need the first female/black/fat/whatever-new president”. I imagine the Americans will be pissed off if outsiders tell this to them. The only yardstick to judge a presidential candidate is competency.

      • Of course the people were voting for the President and the First Lady is of no relevance….I put it in there for a LOL moment…what happened to your GSOH? 😉 I also did not mean that Hillary lost because she is a woman. All things being equal (including competency), a first female president would be nice…and who are we to say that Hillary won’t be competent as President. Trump won on perceived competency…we will have to wait and see if his competency is proven.

        • I believe there would not be much actual change. But I do look forward to see if he will really adopt the “mind our own businesses only” approach. I’m sick of American intervention messing things up globally to be honest…

  2. Sorry being impolite here. Why you don’t understand why ladies cry when she lost, because……you’re not lady and not women , you don’t understand what women feel, is just the bone, just is because is the first “female” president, nothing about got related or not, that’s why!!! Actually this’s a very sensitive issue. Sorry again for being rude here!!!

    • I am not entirely surprised that the clown took the cake and came out tops. Some of the things he said during the campaign, like what was working and what needed to be improved on, was quite truthful and I suppose that was what many Americans wanted to hear – simple, no matter how crass it sounded.

      But I am not surprised to hear Malaysian ladies cried because of the result, and I agree with 小影 and EwEw. In Australia, this is the general consensus and feeling about the result, and so many of us believe it is time for equality, equality for women, diversity and so on. It will be interesting to see how this aspect of the world will improve in the next four years as a result of what happened. Worst comes to worst and not ideal, it will be under rug swept until the next US election.

      But as you touched upon, politics is politics and there is a whole team behind a president-elect. It will also be interesting to see how this new president will work with the everyone around him and the world. Probably will delegate, but isn’t that like any big boss.

      • Right? That’s the point. I think US economy has been in the gutter for quite some time now, so they want to hear strong words from a strong leader, rather than twisting and turning BS from snake oil politician. I think in general talk, this was what happened.

        What BS is this about equality for women? You mean because Hillary lost, there is no equality for women? What the f*** is this mindset? The fact that she was one of the presidential candidate does not count? If there is no equality for women, she wouldn’t even be a candidate…

        I would repeat again, Hillary lost not because she is a woman. She lost because she is incompetent. She started with an overwhelming advantage thanks to the biased media, and she screwed up and misread the ground sentiment so spectacularly. And she was careless with state secret so she can only blame herself for the email leaks.

        At the risk of repeating myself again, imagine if she won and she store the nuclear release codes in her personal server… If avoiding this risk means being branded as looking down on women, then I would have to accept that… 🙄

        • “You mean because Hillary lost, there is no equality for women?” No, I didn’t mean that. Trump and Hillary’s stance on gender/cultural/sexual/social equality – or at least the way they presented their stance – is markedly different as seen in the media and their speeches over the years. I am on Hillary’s side on these equality issues, and it will be interesting to see if this goes backwards with Trump’s triumph.

          Though I was backing Hillary, agree that her campaign was not the best. It surprised me she concentrated most of the campaign trying to appeal to minority groups (not exactly the middle-class) – it is not compulsory to vote in the States and if I’m not mistaken these groups have a tendency err on the side of voting. Not the best move. Though she had the media on her side, it didn’t felt like she had the commercial appeal. Personally I think on many of the issues like the economy and health, she failed to admit what was actually happening up front and failed to appeal to the masses.

          We are all not perfect and make mistakes and also harbour secrets, and that includes politicians. And we all lie too. Who knows what top secrets Trump holds and how much money he has used to pay his way out of trouble in the past and perhaps the present too.

          • “the way they presented their stance” … I’m not too worried about this to be honest. We have to distinguish between rally speeches and what they will actually do. I think we will see more moderate approach from Trump in the coming days. Time will tell… 🙄

            Arhhh anyway, I’m tired of this. I’m not cut out for political debate. We will believe what we believe anyway… whatever… 🙄

    • Nothing impolite and rude here, no worries. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion so as long as you are not malicious to me, all is well.

      Having said that, I would probably be pissed off with non-Americans who think like you, as this is a vote for an American president. This issue is more sensitive to Americans than to outsiders, no? I would be pissed off if people think someone should win the presidency because she is female, or because he is black/Latino, etc. If I am being perfectly honest, you girls are missing the point. They’re voting for a president of the biggest superpower (at the moment) in the world, the only yardstick is competency.

      Hillary did not lose because she is a woman, nor should she win because it is nice to have a first “female” president.

      Hillary lost because she messed up her campaign big time. And she messed up spectacularly, even with the overwhelming and unfair mainstream media advantage. She failed to notice the grassroots sentiments well enough. And she was careless with state secret so she can only blame herself for those email leaks.

      If she is crap, then there is no point with the first “female” president in the history of the US. Imagine if she misplaced the nuclear launch code in her private server and got hacked and triggered World War 3?! This has got nothing to do with race/gender but due to carelessness a.k.a incompetence. We should not have incompetent leaders regardless of whatever.

  3. I was also surprised that we Malaysians were focused on the results and sharing the excitement in this election too! I guess the candidates were pretty interesting this time round and that is why we were following up with the results.. hahahaa.. Well, now that he has won, everyone is looking forward to seeing how he is going to change and rule US.. 🙂

    • He won’t be “ruling”, there is no such way in American politics. But I do look forward to what he will actually do after all those vote wooing hype dies down…

  4. Wanna chill? Maybe can watch the Karaoke song sang by both Trump and Hillary, very hilarious, hee hee.

    I enjoy reading this post, got substance.

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