Asam Pedas Premier

I spotted a new stall in Queensbay Mall’s food court. The stall spotted the same name and signboard as that restaurant near Sunshine Square which I always observed many suits (suit wearing blokes) dining in whenever I drove by. The stall’s name is Asam Pedas Premier.

I remember reading about asam pedas in a few of the blogs on my sidebar, so I thought might as well give it a try, but I was distracted by their menu. Boy do they have an extensive menu for a food court stall’s standards.

More than that, I was distracted by a very fragrant smell coming from inside the kitchen as I was standing at the stall front. The fact that those asam pedas dishes are all bony fish dishes did not help either.

I ended up ordering Set Ayam Goreng Berempah. Spiced Fried Chicken Set Meal. RM 10.40 after GST.

Basically a nasi lemak dish with one whole spiced fried chicken leg on the side. The chicken was freshly fried, boy it really did smell amazing!

It was a tad too dry though. I guess that tends to happen with fried stuff. It was awesome nonetheless.

I now have another stall to further fuel my procrastination every time I decide to have my meal in QBM’s food court… 🙄

Side story:

This TIME high speed internet is really doing me in. It really encourages me to do unproductive things. Especially watching animes and reading translated light novels. I finish one series and somehow I keep discovering a new one to continue. It has been going on for quite some time now.

Sword Art Online (anime) > Sword Art Online (manga) > Sword Art Online (light novels) > Gate: JSDF (anime) > Gate: JSDF (manga) > Gate: JSDF (light novels) > and now…

There’s this series called Drifters. I just checked, it does not have light novels format, so it won’t trap me for very long.

Gate: JSDF got a lot of stick from white people because it portrays the Japanese military’s superiority, and it wasn’t even Japan vs America or what. It was the Japanese fighting orcs and dragons and goblins.

Well, Drifters will get it much much worse I reckon. It is basically the story of Samurai vs Jes… no, wait, let’s not jump to conclusions. The story is about warriors from various eras of mankind being transported into a different world (being presumed dead in the real world) where they would form two factions and fight each other off.

The good guys are Japanese warriors led by a samurai from the Bakumatsu era with Oda Nobunaga as the strategist. The bad guys are led by someone who has not been named and whose face has not been revealed yet.

This bad guy leader is called the Black King in the series. He is a historical figure in the real world too. He is always hooded and has scars on both his palms. He once tried to offer “salvation” to mankind, but mankind rejected him, so now he hates mankind and wants to replace humans with orcs and trolls. He has special powers which include healing all diseases, raising the dead, and multiplying food supplies in an unlimited way.


Come on, do you want to take a wild guess, who this Black King is referring to in our real world?


  1. Yummm! That looks like a good fried chicken! I’m kind of looking forward to going back to KL to eat food like this again. I just need to find good places to eat in/around 1Utama now, since that will be my new local mall.

    • Yeah, normally I don’t even bother with any chicken with nasi lemak, but that ayam berempah was luring me with the smell that day…

  2. Assam Pedas has been my favourite for years, again depending on the fish & bones theory too. Not easy to find good stalls in KL. It is easier to hunt for good Ayam Goreng Berempah here.
    The author uses actual historical figures as characters in the story and can we agree that the Black King is officially Jesus?

    • Huh? In KL also got. So it is a chain lah. I thought only in Penang… 🙄

      You can guess, the author say “I didn’t say he is Jes** or not” … 😛

  3. This is your second post in days with a misleading title….wakakakaka! 😀 First, it was I want Perfect Fried Fish and now it’s Asam Pedas. I was thinking I’d be seeing an asam pedas fish dish but instead got a Nasi Lemak Ayam Goreng Berempah pulak! O_o

  4. You can eat the asam pedas ikan pari. Stingray bones are all in one piece so can be easily removed. I am with Mabel on who the baddy is.

  5. That nasi lemak looks yum. How can chicken in nasi lemak be dry when they give you the sambal to wet and flavour it? But well, sometimes dry chicken can indeed by dry because overcook 🙄

    I think it is pretty obvious who the baddy is and you litereally gave it away 😉 Interesting to see if it will cause a stir – or maybe you might be the only one who is sharp enough to pick it up.

    • Yeah with sambal it becomes wet, what I mean is the chicken independent of sauce. Some fried chicken are moist and succulent too. And it is spiced chicken so it is flavorful by itself. 🙄

      The author refuses to say whose the Black King, so there might yet be a f**king twist. Maybe he is Hitler or an Egyptian pharaoh or something. They both tried to offer “salvation” to their people, no? 😛

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