Salted Egg Lava Croissant

Hooo… it’s Friday, and I thought I deserve a treat for no particular reason, so I finally splashed the cash (RM6.50 to be exact) and bought this naughty little boy from a bakery in 1-World. I do not want to specify the bakery’s name, suffice to say it is known as That Expensive Bread Shop in my personal dictionary…

Salted Egg Lava Croissant, they call this…

I was very very very very very careful when I bite into the croissant, fearful of the lava (the good stuff) bursting out and making a mess.

Turns out that extra precaution was unnecessary. It wasn’t that lava at all. Not only was there zero risk of bursting lava, I actually thought they were being stingy with the salted egg filling.

Kind of disappointing to be honest. I guess I was over-hyped by the many good reviews it got… I think I will have to get another one from another bakery in KL to experience the bursting lava sensation… 🙄


  1. Urgh that looks disappointing. Then again, I havent eaten this myself so I am not too sure if it is supposed to flow out or not but I am so used to lava flowing out of custard buns that I expect the same from a croissant.

    • The name is lava croissant, if it doesn’t flow out then what lava are we talking about, right? 🙄

  2. i have yet to try any salted egg croissant 🙁
    but I have tried the burger version, I mean the burger having salted egg sauce instead of mayonnaise! hehe!

  3. I think you bought this one at the same place I bought mine in Penang. In Klang Valley, you must get the one from Le Bread Days, PJ and not from other bakeries in order to get those bursting lava. That one really has bursting lava. I spill so much on the floor when I was eating it, so sayang and wasteful.

  4. The one I tried also did not burst with lava. It was more like a thick custard but I wasn’t disappointed because it tasted good. Maybe for it to be lava-like, we have to consume it while it is still warm.

    • Heh… wonder if you can get better in Oz. But then, salted egg yolk, probably not an Oz thing. 😛

  5. I can’t even see the croissant. What is that crusty thing on top? Is that the salted egg yolk bursting through the croissant while baking so you ended up with less custard inside? 😉

    • Hmm, that’s not salted egg yolk crust. It’s some crust, but not salted egg yolk. I cannot identify is what. 🙄

  6. That’s a daylight robbery for the price that don’t give you the bursting volcanic lava. I always enjoyed eating this pastry in KL which is so heavenly nice.

    Happy Weekend

  7. I was expecting a ¥#€$*^ from you.
    You are winding down for the weekend or you are feeling chilled? ?☺️

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