I <3 Anisongs

I love anisongs…

No, not any songs. Anisongs. Anime songs…

My latest drugs are original soundtracks from the Sword Art Online (SAO) anime series. There’s a lot of good stuff in here. You know, some of the anisongs that I have in my playlist, I don’t like them at first, but they kind of grew on me after listening to them repeatedly while watching animes.

These SAO soundtracks, they’re special. A few of them anyway. I decided I like these songs even before starting to watch the anime. They’re special…

I know, there aren’t anime lovers here to begin with, so I will share with you their original MVs rather than SAO MVs. You can treat them as just normal songs…

What? They’re in Japanese so you’re not interested? Blergh… what about G-Dragon and Super Junior and Big Bang then? Or whatever K-Pop bands that are the thing these days??

If you can deal with Korean, you should most definitely be able to deal with Japanese language. Music is universal and knows no bounds…

These 6 songs make up my default playlist for this weekend, as I immerse myself in the light novels version of SAO.

Amazing isn’t it? This SAO anime was spawned from many books of light novel. As we all know, the book format is usually the best, with most details. I’m having a great time reading instead of doing productive things this weekend.

Anime is great, books that inspire animes are the best. Hopefully you’re having a great weekend too. πŸ˜‰



  1. I love listening to songs last time while I worked.. it helps to relax our minds too.. but not when we have to crack our head over some problems… phew, I really love my retirement life even though I did not even reach 55… why am I so lazy? πŸ™‚

  2. Those songs are quiet nice. Not the usual stuff I listen to but easy on my ears. I am having a nice quiet weekend and I am sure you are too, immersed in light novels version of SAO πŸ™‚

  3. Hahahaha, enjoy your long weekend (I am assuming you have holiday on monday and did not volunteer to go to work) by immersing yourself in anime and anime songs!

    • Unfortunately Monday is not a holiday for me. Our company takes 14 days out of all the public holidays available. Monday’s is not one of those 14 days.

  4. Out of all the songs, the one that I know is Overfly and it did pretty well on the Oricon charts some years ago. I like it, very light hearted pop. Heh, reading is always a good thing. I’m not doing any of that sit-down-and-read this weekend. Not too bad πŸ™„

    • Oh yeah, some of these anisongs are not pure anisongs but mainstream songs adopted into anime. Just like the Pete’s Dragon song if you know what I mean. That one is pretty good too. πŸ˜›

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