So I have finally finished reading the Sword Art Online series of light novels. All 15 books of them. I thought: “Hell yeah, now I can relax and get back to the business of writing my book!”

And then this video showed up on my Youtube home page.

The first half of the video showed a few medieval generals discussing battle strategies against the enemy. I thought it was… hmm, another medieval war anime huh…

And then out of nowhere, a sniper’s targeting view appeared, and bombs exploded. Turns out those old farts were fighting a modern army equipped with guns and bombs and night vision goggles. WTF is this???

So I searched for the title, and found it. Gate: Thus the JSDF Fought. JSDF = Japan Special Defense Force.

Crap… I was hooked. Two seasons of anime and a few more novels to boot. Awwww mannnnn!!!!

I mean, you know… the story is about… well you know how those Hollywood movies, they usually show bad guy aliens opening a dimensional portal and invade Earth with far superior weapons and tech?

This Gate thing, the bad guy is like, Julius Caesar. Caesar decides to conquer the future world and created a Gate (portal) through sorcery, then he marched his army over, only to find himself facing the modern Japanese army with rifles and bombs and tanks and F-22 fighter jets… and his army got annihilated. To make matters worse, now the Japanese army used that Gate to invade his home world back.

Like, these:


VS these:


Man, what a fucking twist of plot! No way I can stay away man! I have to see through it to the end…

So the anime basically tells the story of an otaku military officer who joined the pioneer force to explore this alternate world.

Itami, 33 years old

And his adventures with three other main female characters that he met in that alternate world.

Rory Mercury: 961 years old demi-god Reaper. Tuka: 165 years old teenage elf. Lelei: 15 years old human mage

I’m currently at the 8th episode of Season 1. I’m really liking this anime so far. I mean, this is the alternate world, so anything goes. For example, it is very easy to get married, or trick someone to get married to you. Like this:


Also, it is kind of nice to see an anime of modern military instead of ancient civilization only all the time. You get to pick up some interesting soldier only terms.


Took me awhile to figure out what balls he actually meant. You know, if you have to go to war, you need to have balls and be brave, right? πŸ˜€

I saw many American haters leaving poor reviews for this anime series, stating that they over-glorify the Japanese military. What a fucking bunch of misguided nincompoops! Dei, this thing is Japanese, of course they would paint the Japanese as superheroes! What else would you expect? As if your Hollywood directors are not doing the same with those movies, where it is always Americans who save the world?

Also, what do you mean by over-glorifying? Did you not see that most of the time, the Japanese army in the anime is slacking off? Like, how they make use of their gears for their personal pleasures.


Anyway, man… the anime is so far so good. I’m gonna finish them quickly and then… the books… I don’t wanna touch the books, but… gahhhh…


Gahhhh!!!! Stop!!!! Bye!!!


  1. heheee.. first time I seeing these anime dialogues… I never really watched them before on TV.. now chasing HK dramas.. Law and Disorder just finished.. and I got my son addicted to the series too!

  2. Homestly, I am getting curious now after reading this post. My wife had been an anime fan and watched all Naruto videos as well as others. I thought they are for kids. I will start to watch this since you are hooked and it has English subtitles.

    • American cartoons are for kids. Japanese anime are not. Next time you go to Tokyo, just go to Akihabara and you will see how it is actually more of a grown-ups business than kids business. πŸ˜‰

  3. Aiyor why write so much about the military and etc. I suspect you are only reading it for the hot ancient girls.

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