Sorry guys, I think this is the first time I disappear for almost a week without upfront notice…

Thing is, I’m currently kind of in a rut. For the past few days, I have tried to write a simple blog post, but nothing would come out, and I end up saying to myself “Fuck it!” before going back to my light novels…

Yeah I think the GATE: Thus the JSDF Fought There light novels are the latest culprits for leaving me in such a rut. Whenever I am not working or dealing with a certain personal issue which I will not talk about here, my mind is 100% focused on finishing the novels…

Also the rumbly tummy and ulcer (again, yawnz) kept me in a terrible mood all the time…

So yeah… maybe I’ll show you some of my meals lately…

Char siew + Siew yoke rice. This one was… meh…
Self cooked prawn and broccoli pasta

I am proud to declare that after all these years… my prawn cooking skills have not improved one bit. They were so BIIIIGGGGGGG before cooking and become so puny tiny after cooking…

Blerghhh… I’ll try to get back to blogging and blog hopping after I’m done with reading…


  1. The blogging world was so down without you. Glad to see an update from you.

    I cook good prawns. What I do is to stirfry them quickly (like really, really quickly) and take them out and only add them in again in the end. If all fails, buy lobster next time. I guarantee you they wont shrink into the size of a prawn πŸ˜›

    • I always try to stir fry them very quickly, but usually they didn’t look like cooked through, and then all of a sudden they shrink quickly without me realizing it. I have yet to successfully grasped the balance. πŸ™

  2. No need to apologize about not blogging! Everyone needs a break, and we’d rather see good entertaining posts than posting-just-for-the-sake-of-posting. πŸ™‚ I’m frequently disappearing for a month at a time these days! But hope you get your motivation back soon!

  3. When you went on long holiday to Europe, your posts were so lively, happy and exciting. What exactly has happened brother? Perhaps you need to take a break soon to bring back your blogging vigour and lusts! Muahahaha Just kidding ok.

    Eat well, sleep well and worry not. I am always around as you can see me in your feedjit.

    • That’s what I’m doing now, giving myself a break with light novels and anime videos… I’ll be back soon. πŸ˜€

  4. nice porky rice! well, u dun sound like in the mood for blogging…due to xxx reasons…But well, taking a break is ok…we will be looking forward when u r back πŸ˜‰

    • Not that nice lah… the pork was too tough. Usually pork is the one meat we can tolerate it being tough, so when I say the pork is too tough, then it is really too… πŸ™„

  5. In a rut, huh? I was just thinking that…that you had some kind of a writer’s block (can happen to any of us) and that’s why you didn’t blog for a while (your longest downtime, I think, so far). Sometimes, a little downtime is good…you can come back stronger…haha! πŸ˜€ And, by the way, did you buy those already peeled prawns (for lazy man) coz I can see some of the entrails (aka shit) still intact…hehe! ;D

    • I did buy those peeled prawns. Hmm, I didn’t pay much attention on the entrails. They’re edible, are they not? I remember the prawns I used to eat at home also not “cleanly” handled sometimes… πŸ™„

      • The entrails are edible…but just know that you’re eating “shit” to put it plainly….wakakakaka! πŸ˜€ In Malaysia, we’re quite used to eating prawns that are not properly cleaned at hawker stalls (even sometimes at home when not all are properly handled) but if they come out of a classy restaurant, with entrails still intact, I’d be really pissed. Since you bought already peeled prawns, they’re usually small, so understandably the entrails would not be cleaned. I wouldn’t buy peeled prawns, if I were you, as they’re usually not as fresh but then you’re lazy man, so…..;)

        • I kind of know they are edible, and I try not to think about the ‘shit’ word. Let’s leave it at that, heh… πŸ˜›

          You’re right, me lazy man, of course I bought peeled prawns… πŸ˜€

  6. Get well soon, hope you are feeling better physically and emotionally whatever personal issue you are facing. Food can make one feel better, so go ahead to take some nice and good food

  7. Has it been a week. I have been leaving so many comments on your previous post (no reply required for them) that it did not feel like a week that you did not post anything. Your self cooked prawn and broccoli pasta looks so tasty mainly because I like these shell type of pasta. Hehehehe, your tiny prawns look so cute.

    Hope you are feeling better in the sense of happier or in a more positive mood now cos you don’t sound too happy in this post.

    • Not cute to me, I feel like I wasted money to buy the prawns only to cook them into such reduced size. 😐

  8. As I’ve said before, it’s alright. Life takes priority over blogging at times and, like what Mabel said, you don’t have to explain your absence.

    Take care!

  9. It’s okay to disappear. You don’t owe us an explanation and there is no obligation to blog or come on here (not just for you, but for all of us who blog and all of us who are regular readers and commenters)…but it did meant that there was nothing to read here for about a week >:D

    Your pasta looks good. Healthy. And most things will shrink when they cook.

    Get well soon 😐

    • Yeah but the prawns I get in restaurants retain a good size. I hope I can cook my prawns like that too. πŸ™„

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