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Oopsie… sorry for being MIA for the past couple of days, and for those who care about comments in your blogs: sorry for not leaving comments for the past couple of days.

Truth is, I spent 50% of my time in the toilet dealing with bad tummy (I had red bean soup at the cafeteria again, 3 out of 3 now) and 50% of my time immersed in Roman-esque Empire vs modern Japanese army action…

Okay, well, more like 20% and 80% respectively…

And now I found the light novels version for this series as well, so it will be a week or two more before I can resume normal service in terms of blogging and blog hopping. Thing is, I did read most of the new blog entries in my blogroll. I just… you know, I’m not a huge fan of half-hearted comments, so I don’t want to do the same. If I don’t feel like my brain is coherent enough to write comments, I simply don’t. Sorry…

Also, I am kind of frustrated with some of the comments from my previous post. Look, I am an otaku. I love manga (Japanese comic) and anime (Japanese cartoon). This is my blog so you will most definitely see me write about them sometimes.

But I also know some of you are not. When you are not an anime fan and you see an anime post from my blog, you DO NOT have to comment. I am not like some other bloggers who are obsessed with comments. I am not obsessed with comments.

If there is one thing I am obsessed with in regards of blog comments, is that I always want to make it a point to reply to comments, because I like even numbers and [comment + reply] form even numbers for the comments count. So seeing comments like “Sorry, I am not into anime” makes my life difficult because I don’t know what to say back to you. Especially when I already know because you have said the same thing in my previous anime post. And the anime post before that. And before that.

Shit, I sound very snappy, am I not? Must be due to the lack of coherence in my brain these few days. Damn the anime and light novels. I hope nothing new will pop up after I finish this Gate: JSDF shit.

No no no, let me end on a lighter note. Actually this is the only thing I want to set out to do for today. I want to show you how sometimes by watching anime, you get to learn some wise thoughts for life. Here’s Itami-sama sharing his [path to success]:




So… lazy bums are necessary in any efficient organizations. You need to constantly have someone as a yardstick that the rest of the team aspires not to become. So if you feel like slacking off some day and get questioned by your boss, remember to tell him/her this. πŸ˜‰


  1. I’m not into anime…and that’s why I don’t comment on your anime posts (and some others that I have no interest in) but I’m commenting on this thread because of the subject you brought up about “leaving comments on blogs”. Like you, I’m not obsessed with comments (that’s why I have so few on my blog….wakakaka) and I’d rather read a whole-hearted comment than half-hearted ones. We all have different interests, so it’s ok not to comment on posts that do not interest us. As for leaving comments, I’ve encountered those who would leave comments on your blog once and when you don’t reciprocate (and leave comments on their blog), they don’t come back (or leave comments on your blog anymore), so it would seem they weren’t interested in your blog in the first place. Shouldn’t one follow a blog if it interests you and not because you want the blogger to leave comments on your blog. Then there are those who leave comments just so that you’ll reciprocate. And then there are those who leave hurtful comments…those are the worse! And there are those who misinterpret your comments. Haiz! :'(

    • I’ve disposed off a few such bloggers from my blog roll after some time now. Especially those which I noticed would only leave a comment on my blog when they have a new blog post. Like… I don’t blog for reciprocal comments, so no thanks…

      • Then there are those who can’t leave any comments because they know that their comments are not welcomed and will be replied with hostility. Best are those with gsoh like PH.

          • Erh, guess I put my comments in the wrong place. That comment is meant for RG, not for you. Sorry RG. I guess everyone has some ghosts within themselves and can interpret comments according to the contents in their hearts. Like the chinese saying goes: “θ―΄θ€…ζ— ζ„ε¬θ€…ζœ‰εΏƒ”.

            Unlike PH, I see so many comments from people to her which can be considered as criticising her and being rude to her but she being GSOH can take it like a true big hearted person. RG, you are also GSOH because I also see so many comments here which also can be taken as rude. What can I say. Just say sorry to RG lah for triggering some replies here for dunno why and how step on some toes unexpectedly. I am really sad but what to do. Some people can dish out but cannot take it. Hmmmm…… No wonder SK left.

          • “Why leave comments when you know your comments are not welcomed? The rational move would be to just unfollow the blog”

            – Most people read blogs for the content on the blogs. So if the contents of a blog is good, why unfollow it just because of the writer?

            This is a matter of 对事不对人. Nothing personal.

            • As you know, I don’t read Chinese so I wouldn’t know what you meant by those Chinese words. But I do get your implication that I’m not GSOH nor a big hearted person. And I find it incomprehensible that one would want to continue following a blog (because of the content) after disagreements with the writer and her comments (better to just “unfollow”).

              • Well, if you would care to list out the things that you find incomprehensible, the list would be very long I guess so I would not be able to comment on why you find those things incomprehensible. Like I say I have nothing personal against you so if I like the content on your blog, I will just keep reading it. What is this so hard to understand? In this world, there are many things people disagree on and do you find it difficult to accept that there are things that people disagree on? Unlike many, I do not practise the following: just because I agree with someone then I am best friend with that person, just because I disagree with someone then that someone is my enemy. No such thing for me.

                It is perfectly fine for me to disagree with someone on some areas but still derive good information from their blog content so I keep reading it. Is that so difficult to understand?

                Are you such a personal and hatred harbouring person that the fact that someone who disagrees with you on some areas keep reading your blog makes you angry? and want to kick the person out? or want to stop that person from reading your blog so that you prevent them from getting good content?

                • There is always google translate for people who can’t read chinese and even if you can’t read, if you can speak chinese, you would have heard those two phrases daily in your life. Furthermore I don’t expect you to keep reading my replies here because don’t you find it incomprehensible to keep reading and replying to the comments of someone that you disagree with on someone’s elses post? ;p

                  RG should banned the both of us here for making a nuisance of out ourselves on his post and eating up all his bandwidth. Sorry RG but hoping that this fiasco here brighten up your day a bit. πŸ˜‰

                  RG, please suggest some anime wisdom for us here to solve the “thou shall not read the blog of those that you disagree with on some areas” incomprehensible connumdrum. I am sure all your blog readers would disagree with you on some aspect of life. How can anyone agrees with everyone on all aspect of life? Even your husband or son will disagree with you on some aspect of your life or decision but yet continue to live with you lah. Very incomprehensible is it? Hahahaha!

                • Oi what the hell is this? Still going on? Is this turning into a full blown dispute? No wait, don’t answer, comments stop on this thread please.

                  When it comes to blogs/websites, I am a huge fan of RPK and his view: “My website/blog is like my house, while you have freedom of speech outside my house, in my house it is called a privilege. If you say things that I don’t like in my house, then it is my rights to set you straight or even kick you out and exclude your entry”. There is no such thing as you are not allowed to read this or that, but if you leave comments then it is the discretion of the website/blog owner to keep/reply/censor it. Of course if you feel pissed off when your comments are missing all the time, you can make a conscious decision to boycott that blog/website, or not. Is it what it is, isn’t it? That’s how the blog platforms are set up anyway…

                  I don’t mind healthy comments, I probably won’t even mind to be whacked personally and rudely in the comments. But I have to say I’m not comfortable if my blog becomes a place for people to settle disputes or what. Take it elsewhere, my house does not welcome fights unrelated to me.

                • See, I said I hate odd numbers comment count, so now I have to add another comment to even it up. Pisses me off. Tutup cerita, please do not top up any comments…

      • RG I noticed that also, some bloggers would only leave comments when they have a new blog post, is it because they want us to reciprocate and leave them comments too, then I think that is not very sincere or maybe they are too busy?

        • Some bloggers only leave comments when they have a new blog post because that is the time they got to write blog post and to blog hop lah. Not everyone blog frequently. So if someone is very busy for the whole month, then only on 31 oct, they are free to blog and blog hop so they write a post and then blog hop and leave comments on the latest comment on the blogs that they hop to.

          Those who want you to reciprocate will stop leaving you comments once you did not leave comments on their blog for like say they leave you 10 comments and you leave them 0 comment so if you don’t see them anymore you know that they are those who would want you to reciprocate.

          • Of course there are many reasons, so it would be best not to dwell too much into it, especially this is a blog post I put out when feeling less than stellar. In the end of the day, it all depends on how everyone feels about the each other, and how individual persons perceive sincerity in comments, or lack thereof.

            Anyway, this blog is mine, just like each of you blogs belong to each of you. Just do whatever you feel like. Go with your guts, that’s the key to happiness. Case close… πŸ˜‰

  2. alamak…red bean soup makes you lausai ah. Drink more water ya and be prepare with Poh Chai Pill .

    Yes, it’s irritating sometimes get such comments. But sabar aje la. Mulut ada pada muka orang.

    I bought some manga from BBW but have yet to read coz not in sequence. Wanna wait for the collection to complete first.

    • Aiks, apasal buy not complete one? I would do no such thing as it would ruin my mood in the long term. If it is a completed set of manga, I MUST READ THEM ALL! @.@

  3. Whoa, chill, man! Don’t worry about not commenting on my blog… it’s fine, CL. =) That’s why I love watching anime programs – it speaks to me in a way that reality doesn’t. It’s been so long since I last watched Flame of Recca yet I still can hum the opening theme of that show.

    Take care, alright? Hope your tummy issues recover soon!

  4. Dont take it at heart la, RG… Must comment one even though I do not know much about the topic… at least eye opener for me ma.. if u dont post up ah, I wont know that these anime are like that one… auntie ma, have to blend in with the young so that next time when my kids talk about anime, at least I have some knowledge.. thank you ah!

    • No need to comment lah… my blog counter will tell me you visited my blog anyway, I know one… πŸ˜›

  5. Tsk! Tsk! Those who have offended you with tasteless comments need to wake up and seriously look at their own mirrors. If they still failed to see their flaws, change a new mirror and view again. I have read several tactless comments in my blog but many more in your blog, honestly. So I can understand why you naik garang like a mad tiger whose tail got stepped on. Muahahahaha

    Now you can understand why Thambee quit blogging as he had too many comments with good intentions to create fun and give away all his nicely bought gifts from overseas and wrapped with pretty packaging. Sadly he saw jealousy and hurtful comments in return. Nothing I could do to advise him.

    • Sometimes when the bridge is crossed then there is no turning back. I hope Thambee is doing well in real life too. πŸ™‚

  6. I hope you are on the mend.

    I follow quite a few blogs on a range of topics. Some bloggers have a GSOH, some don’t. Some bloggers have issues, some are good with words (they bring out the best in others no matter the plain the comments are) and some may have a bad hair day but written with such wit, one can easily be forgiven. We all have our problems and this year has been particularly challenging for me ??? but I try my best to leave a positive comment. This is my two cents worth.

  7. Eh, don’t eat anymore red bean soup at the cafeteria πŸ™‚ No worries about not commenting, I am ok with that. I mean, we all have other things to do like work, housekeeping and the occasional lau sai. I think your readers will still comment lah even though the topic not so ngam with them just to acknowledge that they read your post πŸ™‚

  8. Very profound sharing about the lazy ant. Laziness is relative lah. When the laziest one is gone, the next laziest one will become the laziest one lor, so on and so forth.

    I like Submerryn’s comment. You scared her so much today by being so garang that I can imagine her knees shaking. Hahahaha!

    Don’t be like that lah. You write like that, people who left comments saying that they are not into anime will feel bad lah. Don’t make people feel bad if you can help it ok. Earn more for your karma (although I don’t believe in karma, I believe in not making people feel bad if I can help it).

    Hope you feel better now. Lesson learnt: RG must not eat red bean soup from his cafeteria. If you want RG to spend lots of time in the toilet, please belanja him makan red bean tong sui from his cafeteria. Full Stop.

    • But when I see half assed comments, I feel bad. So better to voice out so that nobody leaves such comments anymore, then nobody will feel bad anymore. Solve the root cause is the right way to go, no? πŸ˜›

      • Guess you are right but I doubt that those who only have time to bloghop when they themselves write a post will get to read your good will piece to spare everyone bad feelings.

  9. Oh well there are always some people who like to comment some useless stuff. I mean what sense is there commenting about not liking anime and then doing the same on another blog post? When I am not into a topic I just skip it or read the first few lines to see if I get interested…
    Well well anyhow, just get better and try to keep the toilet intact πŸ˜€

  10. On the contrary, I am ok with such comments, I welcome all comments, just like when I posted about my love for reading, there are people who will comment that they are not into reading and seldom read, it helps me to understand them more, I will just accept their comments and move on, period.

    So now I got your point, next time we see anime post and we are not into anime, we would just skip and not comment so as not to put you into a difficult position πŸ˜›

    There is some truth in the message about being the lazy one.

  11. Today you sound very garang, I am so scared. My fingers and knees are actually shaking now. I better write something that makes sense.

    How I wish I can tell my ‘boss’ this ants theory but in my case, if they get rid of me, there is no one else to take over my place and job at home >_<

  12. Of course not all of us are into anime, but commenting on blogs amuses us πŸ™„ This is a certainly one of the more thought provoking messages about being lazy I’ve heard in a while. Because it is true. There will usually always be that one person who works the least and becomes the person people poke fun at for entertainment.

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