1P100W #99 – Last Day

Every year, around the month of October, there would be a large scale, predominantly Hokkien (福建) Nine Emperor Gods Festival that goes on for 9 days continuously. In Penang, you would find temporary vegetarian stalls sprouting up all around to cater for folks that decide to go vegetarian.

Were I a better blogger, I would “go to the ground”, capture photos for your viewing enjoyments.

But I’m not, so I have been avoiding them like the plague. The food is overpriced (festive) and not at all delicious (vegetarian food).

And it clogs up the roads, causing traffic jams everywhere. I’m glad that today is the last day of it.

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  1. Every year I seem to miss buying the turtle dumplings sold in Ipoh… dipped in egg and pan fried them or steam them hot hot and then sapu butter.. best!! Yeah, I know what you mean.. the jam is really jammed in certain areas…

  2. seems like a big festival there in Penang and the stalls sprouting out like those in Ramadan bazaar…lol! glad that the traffic woes are over (at least for that stretch of road)!

    • Those Ramadan bazaars, they usually setup in a space, like tapak pesta or something. These ones, they setup by the road side and cause traffic jams due to cars double parking and narrowing down the lanes. >.<

  3. I hear that this festival is a big deal in Penang. I’m OK with vegetarian food. Some can be delicious but others not so. But I cannot be tahan because very fast get hungry 🙁

    • Here the vegetarian stalls all deep fried flour based items. If you eat these, can tahan one, although not good for health. 🙄

  4. This post is surely bringing me down the memory lane. I have missed this yearly festival since 1991!

    It is just 9 days each year and just follow them like the local folks do. You will be blessed like them too. That’s why there are so many staunch followers.

  5. I wasn’t even aware of it here this year because I don’t see much happenings in the places I go to in KL. When I was living in Penang, yes, I was aware of it but I also never go eat the vegetarian food there.

  6. You have to pass this way to go home? The road doesn’t look congested at all…hehe! You cook and eat a lot of veggies, so why you no like vegetarian food? Unless you’re eating the veggies by “force”….hahaha! ^_*

    • Of course I eat veggies by force. If I have a choice without affecting health, veggies would have no place in my diet! 😀

  7. “Were I a better blogger, I would “go to the ground”, capture photos for your viewing enjoyments” LoL! Apalah, don’t like that lah. Sacrifice a bit. Let us see your world over there. Many leng luis like to eat vegetarian wan. You go there wont rugi wan. Trust me 😛

  8. Is it the same as Chong Yang Jie?

    I can eat vegetarian food on certain special days such as the 1st and the 15th of the Chinese Lunar Month, but not full time because I want more choices of food and I still cannot resist meat.

    • I don’t even know what is Chong Yang Jie. We call it Jiu Wang Ye 九王爷 Festival. Not sure if it is the same. 🙄

  9. Vegetarian food can be tasty but if it is not your cup of tea, it will not do you justice. Even if you were to hang around vegetarians, it will most likely not make an impression on you esp if they are odd/difficult or both. I am speaking from experience. My vegan friend is odd and difficult. So are some of her vegan friends. Apart from the vegan food from Buddhist temples, I have never attempt to be a vegan.

    • I guess so. Got more rural areas in Malaysia, rural people would celebrate tradition more vigorously…

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