1P100W #98 – It Is Not What It Seems!

So I was at a (work) meeting the other day. The host was late and a few of us were waiting in the meeting room.

I did not have any emails to reply, and bored of waiting, I opened the Sword Art Online novel (pdf copy) on my laptop, thinking to continue with some reading.

I was scrolling over the introduction/illustration pages of a new chapter when a lady seated next to me glanced over just as this page came into view.


Her eyes widened and she quickly turned away.

It’s just an illustrated bikini picture, big deal. But she now probably thinks I’m a…


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  1. So now you are into this soft porn cartoons! LOL Didn’t I mention earlier that my colleague always downloaded this real anime XXX pornos! He was such a sly and used my pc during my absence!! #$@%^!

    • It wasn’t even cartoon! I was reading novel. This was the illustration page of the book, in the beginning pages. Blerghhh…

  2. Haha I once googled the name of someone involved in a court case on my second computer screen at work and hadn’t paid attention to what had come up on the screen (these were government computers that blocked everything! You couldn’t even look at something as harmless as toothpaste!). A colleague walked in, looked strangely at my second screen and backed out. FULL ON porn had come up on the screen!!! I asked him why he didn’t say anything and he said “I didn’t know what to say”. He really thought I just had porn up on my second screen at work like it was no big deal.

    • Google court case and porn showed up on the screen. I wonder what kind of court case you’re searching. Sounds like some Malaysian politicians’ court case. We’re full of scandalous politicians in our ranks these days. πŸ™„

  3. I hope nothing comes out of it. Office gossips are pervasive and so are the bush telegraphs in the community. The worst is when they employ double standards. It’s so easy to judge others.

    • I probably would never know if people gossip behind my back. Probably nothing is going to come out of it though. We’ll see… πŸ™„

    • Oh crap. I saw 23 spam comments this morning, I did not go through them thoroughly before clearing them away. Might have one of your comments in there. Sorry…

  4. We all got “that kind of friend” πŸ˜‰

    Such things can be rather annoying, especially when it is just such normal pic !

  5. oh….shit! later she will gossip out what she has seen to others and sooner words spread…and there goes ur image in the ofis….

  6. Erh, some companies don’t allow employees to store personal stuffs on their working laptops so no anime pdfs should be on the work laptops.

    • We’re an American company, where anything goes, as long as you practice discretion. As long as you deliver. And technically speaking, not anime… more like light novels… not same XD

    • In the corporate world, you cannot really not care what others think. Every bit of relationship is important. πŸ™„

      • Didn’t know that you aspire to climb the corporate ladder, the way you answered Mabel. I thought you were the rebel in your office.

        • Not so much as climbing the corporate ladder, but more of how to protect myself in this shark environment. Unless I decide to call it quits, this is something I have to deal with. πŸ™„

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