1P100W #97 – Heyyyyy, Sexy Lady!

Sorry, I know, kind of misleading title…

I was sulking because I am working today while my friends from other companies are not (public holiday). And then I noticed this banner outside the in-house convenience store. It made me smile and quelled 10% of my blues. 🙂

Over lunch, someone compared that new pineapple-apple crap with Oppa Gangnam Style. I thought it was an insult to even compare them both.

PSY knew what he was doing. He set out with a plan (to entertain) and executed that plan to perfection.

The other one was sheer dumb luck. He probably doesn’t even know why he became viral… neither do I… 🙄

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    • Really nonsense, don’t even know what pineapple pen means. I’m guessing it is something horny. Hence the popularity. 🙄

  1. All my friends loved to tag me when they posted Psy’s photo in their facebook. They said I looked and danced silly 100% like him when my hair is all combed up with dark glasses!! Oh gawd, LOLOL! I only wish to earn like him and not look like Psy.

  2. When the Gangnam song came out, it was such a Big hit.. this fella really got it Big Time! So getting famous is not only from handsome or pretty humans.. anyone can hit Big Time if the timing is right! hahaha…

    • I give PSY more credit. He know what he is doing. Timing is just one of it. This song, when he release, he know and expected it to be a hit. It is not something accidental. That PPAP shit on the other hand… 🙄

  3. I hated that song when I first heard it but Ayden picked it up really quickly coz it is an extremely simple song lah. Now, I hear it every day, every minute, every second … from AYDEN! >_<

  4. Eh, what time you update your blog eh? Last night I checked, no new post yet wor. Someone showed me the PPAP utub with the original yellow dressed man and then cute girl twins mime and lip synch’ing to that PPAP. I find it quite catchy and stays in the brain.

    I think you should go and watch other cute girls version lip synch’ing to that PPAP and not watched the original. I heard that there are many versions now with super cute girls.

    • I think around 7-8PM…

      I don’t want to watch all the other renditions. This half-song is not worth more of my time…

  5. Oh, Gangnam Style! I’m still wondering how the Apple Pen thingy can even become viral – thank God I haven’t heard the song yet. My brain was traumatised by my college mate’s rendition of ‘Fireworks’ and he kept replacing the first line with ‘plastic bag’. =.=

    • If you haven’t heard the song yet, don’t bother. It’s not even a song technically speaking. Anyway just ignore it. 🙄

  6. I actually enjoy PPAP 😀
    Dunno why though and I would never compare it with PSY’s stuff but it is great for light entertainment though. I always do wonder why I find this stuff a couple of days before it becomes viral

    • I don’t enjoy PPAP. The thing is, it doesn’t even annoy me. When I heard it, I thought “Yeah, okay, some sad and lonely dude made this”… then I learned it was viral and I totally could not understand it. I was not annoyed with that video. I was annoyed that it became viral for reasons unknown to me. 🙄

  7. I hate that PPAP, Apple Pen Thingy, it is so silly and stupid, why youngsters nowadays enjoy such thing, beats me, I still prefer last time where songs got substance. If you ask me, I prefer Mambo Number 5, yeah!

    • The thing with Mambo #5 and Gangnam Style is that, they are legit songs. This PPAP shit… is bullshit…

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