Sword Art Online

What haters see

They hate this anime series because the bad guys look like the perfect bad guys. Psycho maniac assholes and the likes I suppose…




Which is ridiculous. Hating bad guys for looking like bad guys is ridiculous, I mean. They are bad guys. They are supposed to look like psycho bastards…

What I See

Bad ass male protagonist…



Equally bad ass female protagonist…



“I love you, you love me, we are happy family” scenes…



When I first heard of this series, I was apprehensive, you know. After all, this series talks about the protagonists being stuck in an online game virtual reality world. I thought “An anime series about being stuck inside a game? What kind of stupid is this?”. FYI, this series is an adaptation of a PS4 video game, so the original incarnation of Sword Art Online is “a video game about being stuck inside a game”. How uncool is that??

But one day a few weeks ago, somehow one of the clips from this series made its way into my Youtube front page’s Recommended section. That was all it took to get me hooked beyond all redemption. Darn…




Wait… no! There’s a bug on my laptop again!


Note: I was back home in KL for the weekend, and I got a lot done. Mostly involving driving though. I was absolutely drained every day when I got home, so I did not blog or read blogs at all. Sorry… I’ll try to do some catching up this week… 🙄


  1. When my wife watched all these Japanese anime, I would join in and look at their lovely eyes, hairs, bodies and everything! My colleague even watched their X-rated which made me laugh.

  2. Anime..hehehe.. I think I have not seen one show before… So you are back in KL… take your time to chill out.. no worries abut blog hopping, sometimes i really couldn’t find the time too… even blogging will take a couple of hours.. hmmmm…

  3. To your last paragraph, it’s understandable. =) I’m sure we all have our days of exhaustion from time to time. I almost thought you were going to write that you managed to watch Tsubasa Chronicles (the first picture under the “What I see” reminds me of Syaoren from that anime).

    Oh, c’mon, we’re humans who are bound to be attracted to both girls and guys. 😉 I’m with Mabel on this one.

    • Tsubasa Chronicles… never watched that before. I should not start on it, seems like there’s a lot of episodes…

  4. Viewers should hate bad guys because of the bad things that bad guys do. Anime is always providing fan service to get you hooked.

    So did you manage to squeeze out time to go eat Tokyo Ramen? I am guessing….. not…

    • It is one thing to hate bad guys, but I see some hate the series because of the bad guys, which makes no sense to me.

  5. “I love you, you love me, we are happy family”. I loved the I love you part, but when I read “we are happy family” I didn’t get it. I really don’t buy the whole idea of happy families these days. Maybe it’s a reason why I am not a huge fan of anime and Asian dramas that often have the family storyline.

    Big boobies don’t turn me on at all. Nothing obscene I see here. Just fats and we all have fats 🙄

      • But girls do turn me on. I mean, I do get attracted to girls for how some of them look and how they act. Just not boobies 🙄 I could even chill with a guy and look through photos of girls together 🙄

        • Well, I personally don’t like more than a handful in real life if you know what I mean. But this is anime so anything goes. 🙄

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