Spade’s @ I-Avenue, Bayan Baru

It has been a while since I last ventured out of the office for lunch, so the other day when I got jio-ed by friends, I agreed readily.

But we were all health conscious, so we decided to have something nice and healthy. We decided to have burritos at a place called Spade’s Burrito.

Like most burrito joints (there isn’t even that many in Penang), this one practices self service. You order at the counter, get a number, and take your food from the counter by yourself.

You can order your burritos a la carte, for pay a few more ringgit to get a set meal, with fries and a drink. I ordered a 300Β (the name of that burrito), set meal. This actually happened some time ago, and I cannot recall how much I paid. It was slightly more than RM20 I think. πŸ™„

In case you’re wondering what 300 means, well… “This is Spartaaaa!!!!!”, that 300.


I like their fries because they are made of fresh potatoes as opposed to frozen processed crap. The fries are served with 2 different sauces: Spade’s Special Sauce and Spade’s Special Hot Sauce. Don’t ask me what the sauces are made of, I have absolutely no idea.


Okay, here comes the main event. Here’s the 300…


This [300] burrito is a very confusing item. They try to make it a healthy option, but the portion is huugggeeee! You get a charcoal tortilla, wrapped around two big ass avocado fillets, which the fillets themselves are wrapped with lettuce and some salad dressing.

What? Those fillets look like pork katsu fillets? Wrapped with bacon and cheese? And the burrito looks suspiciously like a burger instead? I have no idea what you’re talking about.

Nah… you’re just seeing things. You must be stressed out from work and craving for a burger and your brain is playing tricks on you. Go get a burger yourself. πŸ™„

The burrito was excellent by the way. I’m starting to love avocado now thanks to Spade’s Bur… Burrito. πŸ˜‰


  1. Oh My Goodness!!! That was a huge and delicious burger you had. Or was it burrito? The whole fillings are generous and will make me high!!

    Last night I just ate one near my home which is a craze in KL now with only 2 outlets. It is KGB and you must try it!

  2. I like how you took an incomplete pic of the name of the place! You call that burger a burrito to make us think you’re eating a burrito. And then they called it 300 to make you think you’re eating 300 calories only….wakakakaka! πŸ˜€

  3. How the heck can that be a burrito. It is a burger. It sounds like this place is not authentic Mexican…then again, this doesn’t sound like a Mexican place at all to begin with. More like one of those multi-Western eatery joints in Malaysia πŸ™„

    That cheese looks delicious. I could eat a burger like that if it was dripping with cheese all over, dripping to the floor…. πŸ™„

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