RWBY Reactions



Hmm… what a timely reminder…

This is bad… So very bad… I need to figure out something…

The thing is, ever since moving to the new place, I have only been doing 2 things most of the time (besides working and sleeping, of course): Cooking/eating, and testing out the maximum potential of 100Mbps internet.

How do I test it? Why, by streaming HD quality videos on Youtube on the best screens from, of course!

I’m not sure if you remember the RWBY “Red” trailer that I shared some time ago. I finished all 3 seasons and am eagerly awaiting Season 4 which will start in October.

The final episode of Season 3 was very traumatizing though. Traumatizing for people who are emotionally invested into it anyway.

Traumatizing because just when the series was beginning to get darker, they started off by killing off one of the most likable character, Pyrrha…


This is bullshit man. If you want me to draw a comparison… it is like Hermione got killed off in the second Harry Potter book. Or Bumblebee got taken out in Transformers 2. Imagine that. Absolute bullshit, right?

Anyway, I discovered something interested recently, something that could offset my sadness and trauma.

I discovered reaction videos. Videos where fans film themselves watching and reacting to other videos. So I found a few interesting videos of people reacting to this traumatizing Season 3 finale of RWBY.

It was hilarious. I mean, watching them go apeshit, breaking down, shouting “NO!!!” and “I can’t continue! Fuck this shit!”, it was hilarious. As these nerds cried on screen, I laughed. I LOL at these people’s reaction. I “Look at all these people! They’re so funny!” at them.

Seriously… bwahahahaha!!!

Anyway, that was last weekend. This weekend, I am engaged with yet another round of binge videos watching. This time it is another anime series called Sword Art Online. At first I thought this series is bullshit. I mean, an anime series about people trapped in online gaming. But after 10 minutes of intro, I am hooked beyond all hopes, so…

Blerghh… see you guys next week… 🙄


  1. Mh Sword Art Online. I remember I tried to persuade myself to start it multiple times but the idea of being stucked in an online game never really tempted me… Well lets see but I guess first I need also a real internet connection again such as you have now 😉

    • The first time I heard of it, I was not tempted too. Took me months to give it a try. I think what tipped me over was the videos where those American blokes making actual weapon replicas of this anime.

      I’m not sure if this series is good, because just about any series I start to watch, I will get stuck on, so my addiction is not a reliable yardstick.

  2. Meh. I’m not a fan of reaction videos. Just doesn’t float my boat. At least you entertained yourself last weekend and this weekend. Relaxing and hopefully you rested well 🙂

    • Me? No… my reactions are all inside my mind. If I do a video, you will see my deadpan face throughout. Unless if the scene is funny. 😛

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