What Is This Called?

After the “fun” activity in Tanjung Karang, we headed back to Pasir Penampang. Earlier when we had breakfast here, we drove past a couple of relatively large shops selling dried foodstuff, prawn crackers and all sorts of traditional snacks. So we decided to come back to check the shops out and do some shopping.

To be honest, these stuff you can actually get in those Chinese sundry shops closer to the city, and I don’t even know if they are cheaper in rural places like this. Well, we assume they are, but they may also prove to be not for all we know.

Still… we’re already here so… well, we bought a lot of stuff.

I mean, the mom and the sis bought a lot of stuff. Me? I bought only one thing which I brought back to Penang with me. This thing:

Do you recognize what this is? If you are a true blue Malaysian of the 1980s or older, I’m pretty sure you would recognize this.

I actually don’t know what this thing is called. Not even in Chinese. The only thing I know is I freakin’ love this.

It is basically (I think) crushed peanut and sugar mixture, compacted and hardened, then wrapped in paper…

I suppose you can call it, the peanut candy snack. That’s what I’ll call it here.

Although when I say candy, I only mean it is sweet. You are not supposed to eat it like a candy. At least I don’t think so.

What you’re supposed to do is, keeping the paper wrapper in place, you pound on it and crush it with… whatever you have. Your elbow will probably do the trick, and a hammer is probably overkill although not illegal. When I was a kid, we had in our kitchen a tiny hammer looking thing which we use to crush ice. That was my preferred gadget to deal with this candy snack.


So what happens after crushing that rock hard peanut candy? Well, after that, we slather some butter on slices of bread. Then we open up the wrapper. Then we pour the crushed peanut candy over the buttered bread. Then we spread it evenly.

Then we fold the bread up and bite it with our mouth and experience foodgasm.

Simple, right? In fact, this is dinner today. Yumsss…


  1. Ah, kacang tumbuk as the others said. When I lived in Malaysia, the kind of hard rock peanut candy I had were not so crushed. But they were sticky and hard gooey. Some were rock hard, some weren’t.

    Maybe your rock hard candy is old stock πŸ™„

    • According to the shopkeeper, their goods all fresh and can only last 1 week unless refrigerated. Oh well… who knows… πŸ™„

        • You never know. Apparently that shop is quite popular within the 50km/100km radius. Lots of people buying. πŸ™„

  2. In Kuching, this is common or was then as a gift from couples who are getting engaged to be married. Love it. No, I have never had a hard one.

    That little hammer is a meat tenderiser. Sometimes, it is made from wood. You get hold of a piece of meat, sandwich it between two sheets of plastic and you give it a light bash. Good for making schnitzel.

    • What?? Meat tenderizer??

      I suppose it makes sense. I don’t have one now. We used to have one in my KL home, we always ONLY used it to crush ice cubes. That’s all we ever used it for. That’s why I thought that thing is an ice crusher or something. Goodness… @.@

      • If you get bak kwah, Chinese BBQ slices grilled over charcoal, often you can see the prints of the meat tenderiser being used.

  3. That kacang tumbuk was my late grandpa’s favorite. We used to have it in the house and I would eat it just as it is and pour any that is crushed directly into my mouth πŸ˜€

    • I have not tried eating it as it is since way back when because I thought it was too hard. Now I wonder if there are different versions of this. I remember this thing is rock hard, so I bash the bejesus out of it before eating by default nowadays. But it seems like most of you think this thing is not hard at all. Hmm… 😐

  4. I’ve not eaten this peanut candy (kacang tumbuk) since young…coz they’re now just too sweet for me. The other one, the peanut sugar (with whole-looking peanuts surrounded with caramelised sugar)…now that one is hard.

  5. You mention true blue Malaysian, i am not Malaysian, haha…

    But i saw before, i like to eat it, hehe…

    • What I mean is if you are not Malaysian then knowing it is optional. May or may not. Obviously you are under the “know” category. Good for you. πŸ˜›

  6. I have eaten the crushed peanut candy but I don’t eat it the way you do. It is not rock hard la. Although the peanut is crushed but there seemed to be layers of crushed peanuts compacted to make this candy so I eat it by peeling the layers off one layer at a time and eat each layer carefully so that the compacted crushed peanuts don’t fall apart and I get peanut powder all over me.

    • Not rock hard? Almost rock hard lah… the ones I get usually are, need to bash the daylight out of them, which is also part of the fun by the way πŸ˜› …

      • It is not rock hard lah. You don’t know that it is not rock hard because you always bash the poor thing before opening the package. If you have some left, try opening the packaging first and then you can see from the sides that there are layers and layers of rolled compacted crushed peanuts. If you push it a bit then the layers will break open pieces by pieces. You try and see. Else I buy some over here and do a post with photos of the “layers” one day.

        • Hmm… I remember opening the package before when I was a kid, and it was hard leh… I don’t remember if you can easily peel off the layers or not, but bashing seems like the right (and fun) thing to do. Okay lah… hard, but not rock hard… 😐

          • You mean you have eaten all of them ah? Nothing for you to test on now to see hard or not?

            I can understand why to a kid this could seemed to be very hard. Nowadays things are not the way we remembered them to be when we were children. Maybe it is just that a child’s perspective is different from an adult because an adult is just too jaded and suffered too much growing up so our views are forever changed.

            • I… no lah, I didn’t eat them all… I… I… I gave some to my friends. True story!

              Aiya whatever lah, next time if I buy again only I take note to investigate. If I remember… πŸ™„

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