Muse Dining Bar @ Elit Avenue (2)


You know, I think I better keep talking about food. At least for this week. After all, I have 2 drafts (including this one) at my disposal, and I think I better not attempt something else when I am otherwise distracted chasing Sword Art Online (anime).

When I was moving house, I remember someone commented that I should celebrate when I was done with moving and cleaning.

I guess this was me celebrating it, because I had this lunch after I dropped the keys and access card into the old place’s mailbox.

The restaurant is called Muse Dining Bar. I came here before (and wrote about it) once during weekdays lunch with my friends and the place was packed full. This time I came on a public holiday at almost after lunch hours so the place seemed deserted.

Last time, I ordered from the Set Lunch menu, because it was considerably cheaper. Unfortunately set lunch is only available on weekdays (working days). So I had to pay the full price for items off the a la carte menu.

Roasted Pork Belly and Chorizo Aglio Olio Spaghetti, Hazelnut Latte (Iced)

This happened more than a week ago, I can’t really recall the price. I think the spaghetti was RM24.90 (or was it RM25.90?) and the latte was RM11.90. With 10% service charge and 6% GST on top of the 110%, the meal was upwards of RM40. Ouch!!!!

To be honest, I did not expect dining a la carte here to be so… costly. The difference with the set lunch prices (RM20-25) was so… huge. I guess if I had looked at their menu before entering, I would not even have entered. Just saying ๐Ÿ™„ .

Well, I suppose this place aspires to be a classy place. I mean, even the restaurant name, the full name is Muse Dining Bar by R.Emuang. I don’t know who this dude is (I presume he is the owner or the chef), but usually by someone is used to create the impression of a classy restaurant. Eg: Cut by Wolfgang Puck, or Maze by Gordon Ramsay. Maybe R.Emuang is an accomplished chef. You guys heard of him?

Also, I feel kind of conflicted for feeling that RM40+ for a weekend lunch to be expensive. Is this the normal price point for a decent weekend lunch in KL? Am I getting more and more… Penang? Noooooo!!!!!

Still, this is a very good plate of pasta. Here, closer up…

Roasted pork belly + chorizo = win. Nothing else needs to be said, right?

Yeah, I think this aglio olio is better than the cheapo one that I like. But then the cheapo one is RM10 cheaper than this one. So I guess I’ll stick to the cheapo one and only come here when I really, really, really feel like getting a treat for myself.

Or when I have girlfriend. ๐Ÿ™„


  1. eh…when u hav gf? by the time u got one…u might be thinking of saving up for wedding…and probably wouldn’t bring her to eat expensive food liao….RM40++ I tink KL price is around this range for pasta sort of….

    • I think hard lo, at my age, I probably need to have enough for wedding to even be considered bf material I think. ๐Ÿ™„

  2. Your lunch looks good. An interesting combo of belly pork, chorizo, spring onions and parmesan cheese. The important thing was you enjoyed the food.

  3. KL prices lebih kurang like that lah if you go to a nice cafe. If the food was good, then it was worth it. No harm having an expensive treat once in a while ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. The ingredients for western food is always costlier. The pasta looked very yummy and delicious to me.
    I heard of this Chef’s name but I was very close with the Emuang sisters when we often went clubbing weekly. Their hot mother also tagged along!!

  5. I’m always so grateful when restaurants extend their set lunch menus to the weekend (I wish more would do so). I know they have the specials during the week to get the office crowd in, but set lunches are a good way to try a restaurant without committing to a big bill. Your pasta does look delicious.

    • You mean there are restaurants in KL that extends their set lunch menus all week? As far as I know here, only McDonald’s and KFC do it, which is, well… meh… I hope more restaurants will consider it.

  6. This looks good especially with the roasted pork belly

    What is that drink? I am craving Chocolate Banana right now.
    (*Sorry, I miss that part, so it is latte)

    • More like there should be a law not to read blogs before dinner time. And it’s bad to hate me for the word chorizo. ๐Ÿ˜›

  7. haha… I was think about pasta, one of the day must go eat it, hehe… Now see your pasta, makes me more craving for it… hehe…

  8. It looks good and I’m guessing you enjoyed every mouthful and took your time eating at the deserted restaurant – nice way to enjoy the meal 100%. RM40 sounds so much for a lunch or dinner. Sure, it’s fancy and if you like that kind of treat for yourself, then why not. Personally I wouldn’t like to eat this expensive for a date or a special occasion. A bar of chocolate would do just fine as a treat for me ๐Ÿ™„

    • You sound just like many other girls, goodness! “A bar of chocolate would do just fine” is what they all say, but it is just talk. Try being a guy and walking her talk and you’ll see… I hope you’re not like those other girls ๐Ÿ™„ .

      • But I really mean it when I say a bar of chocolate is just fine for me ๐Ÿ™ I would rather have that or a hike somewhere. Yeah, much better than an expensive meal. What a waste of money when home food can taste just as good ๐Ÿ™„

        • Can, but home food rarely taste as good. Unless you cook really well. Well, usually when you are dating, dining at home means further activities later… ๐Ÿ™„

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