Goodbye and Hello!

Goodbye to the old place in Sungai Ara… it has been an… can’t get myself to say great, more like… it has been an alright one year and ten months. But circumstances mean we have to part ways.

It’s not you. It’s not me. It’s not even us. It’s something bigger than us. It’s the entire area, getting more and more fucked up in terms of traffic jam, and it will only get worse once the MRT constructions go into full swing. And you know how I hate traffic jams. Okay, so maybe it is actually me.

I leave you just like how I found you: barren and empty and devoid of floor tiles.

Okay, not exactly as I found you. I’m leaving behind the water heater, an useless piece of shit air cooler unit, two cheapo shelves and some knick knacks.

Also, goodbye to Yes FIZ 1Mbps internet. You, I will not miss. Not in a million years. Because you have been deceitful.

Well, not you per se, it was the salesman that convinced me to sign you up. But you get the point.

When I signed up for your services, I was promised that it was a broadband plan with unlimited bandwidth at 1Mbps speed. I was told that since you are wireless, we won’t be inhibited by bullshit such as telephone cable deterioration. Turns out that was a bullshit claim. Turns out the truth was: 1Mbps speed guaranteed at 30GB quota, then the speed will be throttled at 25%. 30GB on Windows 8 is basically 5 days worth of bandwidth, leaving me with 25 more days of snail paced torture.

So, yeah… nope, I will not miss you. Farewell, adieu, sayonara, don’t wanna see you ever again…

Hello to my new place in… well, I’m not gonna tell it straight in your face here. Somewhere in Penang island presumably. I hope you will be the last rental place for me. I hope the next time I move, it will be to a house that I will buy. We’ll see…

After 4 days of back and forth with my trusty Myvi, I’m finally done moving and setting everything up. Unlike most who would rent a lorry and move everything in one go, I was more comfortable doing things my way. And my way was to do it stage by stage. I carry a load, unload and set the things up in the new place, and then go back and carry another load, and repeat the process. Well it was partially also because I refuse to pay RM 300 to rent the fucking lorry, especially since I made sure everything I possess could fit into my car, fuck the fucking lorry!

You want a sneak preview? Okay, here’s a sneak preview.

As you can see, the only happening area is the kitchen area. The living room is… bare, with only the clothes drying rack and (temporarily) my work table. I never really have much use for a living room, single man as I am, but I guess this new place is really longer (hence bigger), so now it actually feels kind of… sad, looking at so much empty space.

It was a tiring process, I’ve never felt so tired in my life, ever. It was much worse than the previous time. The previous time, I moved from a landed property to a flat. The loading part was much easier, because I can back my trusty little hatchback straight to the front door. This time I was moving from a flat to another flat. The loading part was as tough as the unloading part, so it was kind of double the effort.

In fact, my entire body is still sore and in pain. It will probably take a few days for me to walk it off.

Anyway, this might be a temporary setup. I have still not decided if I want to sublet a room out. After all, rental + internet combined, this place will cost me RM 120 more than the old place did every month. I need to settle down for a week or two before deciding my best course of action.

Speaking of which, hello also to TIME 100Mbps Fibre Broadband! You are supposed to be a no strings attached unlimited bandwidth quota internet, and theoretically 100 times faster than my old pathetic piece of shit. So far you have been marvelous, allowing me to simultaneously do auto updates on my phone + download songs + watch Youtube on HD without buffering. We’ll be in it together for at least 2 years, so I hope you will never let me down some way down the road. 😉


  1. 1mbps? Wow that is something I haven’t heard in 15 years or so!
    For me it was already a shock when we moved in 2014 to Germany to have only 16mbps considering that we had for only 1/3 of the price a great 110mbps connection in Finland…
    Anyhow I hope you will enjoy your new crib and I believe you are full of joy with your new internet connection 🙂

      • Just wanted to write yesterday that I am very very jealous of your internet connection but then my internet crashed for the rest of the night…
        Anyhow I just got to known today that my building got new connection cables this morning and that means I can finaly get back to 100mbps as well 😀

  2. Oooh your new place looks so much nicer and brighter than the old one. And I seriously don’t know how you survived with internet that slow for so long. I like moving slowly with multiple trips too, haha. It feels less stressful than having to do it all in one go.

    • Inside the house is nicer, yup. But… wait till you see the corridors. It is still a low cost flat. And low cost flat in Malaysia means dark and dodgy looking corridors. For those not used to it, it might scare the shit out of you.

      Maybe I’ll do a blog post about the corridors soon. 🙄

  3. well, I dun see why people say ‘Happy Moving’ when it isn’t a happy task at all! it is tiresome, tedious, draining energy and all…I understand how u feel coz I hav been moving every half year (each semesters) during my college years…Luckily it was just moving ‘room’ but still there were a lot to clean & shift over. The climbing stairs was a hell.

    • I totally agree, Happy Moving is such a wrong way to wish people. Moving room every semester is bullshit! What the hell… makes me almost feel glad to be traveling back and forth home (2 hours one way) every day.

  4. I honestly believe that all you need is the weekend off to rest from the constant moving. I wouldn’t recommend hiring the lorry either (unless it is unavoidable). I’m sure that if you’re cautious with the choice of your sub-tenant, you should be alright. =)

    • Don’t think so, hahaha. I am too lazy to deal with shit like a housewarming party. When I have a girlfriend/wife, she can have her fun dealing with it.

      • A housewarming party in the sense that all of the invited guests are assigned to bring a dish to your place. That way you don’t have to cook at all.

        I’m assuming that’s what Marta meant?

        • Still not gonna do it. The house is so bare and only fit for single man. Don’t even have chairs and/or couches for more than myself. It would be embarrassing to do a housewarming like that.

          I’ll do it when I move into a house that I buy. 🙄

  5. This place looks so much better….with tiles! I’d gladly pay RM120 more. The concrete flooring of the old place is so unwelcoming…and probably very cold too 🙁 Happy living!

  6. I moved house many times when I was a kid which I can’t remember the details anymore, the only moving I can remember was when I moved to my current house 15 years ago, physically the current house is much better, but I miss my old house’s memories, I grew up there and I spent my prime years there

    • Hahaha, no such sentiments for me this time. I am moving from one rented house to another rented house. All business, nothing personal.

  7. Sublet but make sure the tenant is a girl. Cook everyday and offer her a meal. You may win her heart through her stomach and we will all live to read your happily ever after story 😀

    • Girl will make sure not to come probably, when they see they will be living with a single man alone. Hahahaha! 😛

  8. You signed for a two year lease on this new place at one shot to make sure the rent stays the same for the two years? The old place looks so dark in the photo. The new place looks so much better. Happy living there!

    • No, of course not. I only signed for a year. But I do expect to extend another year. Unless the owner wants to do a 50% raise for the second year then we’ll see. Anyway I’ll have to move somewhere which is also TIME available if that happens.

      The old place looks dark because I turned off the lights. It is usually alright.

    • Oh yes, I have been eating well to compensate. Kind of too well on certain days in fact. Maybe I’ll blog about them 🙄 😛 😀 …

  9. Very nice, lots of room. Which means more cleaning and sweeping. Which would mean it would train your stamina up so when the next time you move, maybe you won’t be as tired 🙄

    Isn’t the bedroom always the most happening place, whether you are single or not? 🙄

    That first shot of the corridor looks very…creepy. I don’t know how anyone can live like that…living dangerously. It looks like such a dinghy place. Maybe it is just the way you took the shot or the lights not on, but it looks like a spacious squatter area :/

    Subletting a room sounds interesting. It will provide more fodder for your blog 😀 But if I were you and have extra rooms in my place, subletting is not an option because 1) I’m an introvert and 2) How do I know how genuine the other person is and 3)I don’t want to wake up in the middle of the night to find the other person suddenly become crazy, standing over me and my bed and…. 🙄

      • Yeah, thanks for pointing out. That’s not corridor. Well I turned off the lights and removed the PVC mats, that’s why it looks dark and horrible. It was alright before my moving out operations. 🙄

    • Nope, my bedroom has my bed and a rack for hanging my clothes. That’s all. The only thing I do there is sleep.

      I’m not sure, because the last time I sublet, I had bad experiences. But then this time around, I don’t need to depend on sublet to make staying here viable, it will just be extra bonus. I’ll get to be more picky with prospective subtenants.

      • I read the other blog and the previous moving experience. Looking a the photo with the PVC mat and the lights on, I think it still looks…a tad dingy. I’m assuming those brown-tile-like things are the PVC mat. I think if you have to turn on the lights all day long in a house, then it is sort of a gloomy house. When I mentioned corridor, I was referring to the corridor inside the apartment – which would also double up as your kitchen. Corridor because it is narrow and rectangular.

        Then again, I’m for one with big windows and natural lighting in my place, rented or not. It is something I look out for. Then again, you can’t help which view you get when you are renting flat.

        • By your standards, I think most houses in Penang are gloomy. Unless you pay big bucks to get an appropriate direction facing unit, or those edge of the art designed condo units. Natural lighting is just not something we get a lot over here. 😐

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