Dragon Vegetable 青龙菜

You know, the folks that manage my office’s cafeteria, they are always trying to do additional ventures, set up new stalls in the cafeteria’s premises. Some of them good, some of them downright weird.

I remember I used to joke with some colleagues that sooner or later, our cafeteria will end up having a stall selling fresh vegetables. That would be an amusing sight.

Well, guess what? So called “amusing sight” came true, some time last month. Or was it longer than that?

You know what’s even more amusing? After having a good laugh, I actually joined those aunties office ladies/women checking out the produce on offer on a frequent basis. That stall has been doing pretty brisk business so far, despite the prices not being on the cheap side. I guess it is not such a funny idea after all, and it is actually good to know that so many of my colleagues actually do cook at home.

Well, I bought my first items from said veggie stall today. I don’t normally care about that stall after finding out that most of their goods are slightly more expensive than AEON. But today I spotted bags of these…

Peeled garlic!

This is an awesome idea! I mean, if you compare this to garlic in its original unpeeled form, this bag here probably costs 4 to 5 times more. But then, I also remember I used to buy toasted garlic granules for RM 12 a canister, which holds way less garlic than this bag.

Do you know how awesome peeled garlic is? It means I can immediately get down to business without having to soak my hand in garlic juice due to crushing and peeling the cloves away. For this convenience I would gladly pay a few times more!

As I was paying up, I spotted bags of another type of vegetable that intrigued me. The stall auntie probably noticed my sense of connection, and she launched into a barrage of comments like “买啦!这个没有农药的!随便炒也很好吃的!反正你都买了蒜头!(Buy lah! This is pesticide free! It will be delicious even if you simply cook it! Since you have already bought garlic!)”.

And so I did…

Dragon vegetable 青龙菜

I have only eaten this dragon vegetable 青龙菜 twice in my life, from here and from here. I remember it was spectacularly refreshing and mighty delicious on both counts.

What? No… ignore the plastic bag on the top right corner, will you? That thing is not part of what I want to share in this blog post…

What I did not realize was that I have never cooked this particular species of veggie before. But it should be simple enough right? Since it is pesticide free, I can just chop the strands up, rinse them, and stir fry them. How hard can it be?

Turns out, I underestimated their shrinking capacity. That bag I got there, I thought it could make two portions. Barely 20 seconds into the pan, I realized how wrong I was as I watched those strands wilt down to less than half of what they were. So I quickly chopped up the rest, rinsed and threw them all into the pan.

Next, I didn’t know how long I was supposed to cook these strands. So I waited until they could shrink no further and took that as the indication that they’re fully cooked.

Here’s what’s left…

Loosely fill half a plate

Good enough as one portion of veggie for me.

Not for my mom though, my mom probably wants me to eat one whole plate of veggie and nothing else for every meal.

What? No… ignore the top half of the plate. I’m not talking about those…

Here, let me zoom in…

Okay, okay… I had a RM 5 gift voucher, so I topped RM 2.50 up and got a 1-Piece Rice Plate for takeaway. Minus the voucher, my dinner today costs RM 6.50-ish. Make it RM 7…


  1. Amazing! This my first time seeing the uncooked Dragon vegetables. How convenient to shop for veggies at the cafeteria. I would love that idea too.

    I am not a good cook like you or my wife but I am expert in peeling garlic, potatoes and carve all fruit skins out in one strip! Thanks to my mother’s Thai culinary vegetable carving skills.

  2. Not bad weh. Cantik your dragon. I mean the dragon vege. I ate this once in a BKT shop. Sedap. I think yours lebih kurang like that. Can bukak stall dy you. Your next task is to show us how you fry that ayam to look that good 😛 (I’ll pretend I did not read about you buying it using the voucher).

    • Cannot lah, you see Mun’s comment. I overcooked them already. Cook veggie also screw up, how to show you about fried ayam? >.<

    • Why not? I think you do cook sometimes, although even less than me. It is just vegetables, how hard can it be? 😉

  3. This vegetable was once a craze if I remember correctly. I have seen it but never bought. Oh yes, ready peeled garlic makes life easier.

    What KFC? Where? Where? I didn’t see anything 😀 😀 😀

  4. About RM4 for the dragon vegetables is a decent buy…I don’t see this sold at Aeon or the wet market. They’re a bit like lettuce…you have to stir-fry very quickly and they shrink after cooking.

    As for the peeled garlic, I’ve seen those (and peeled shallots too) at the wet market and I’ve bought them before. The thing is these peeled ones are usually not as fresh and they don’t keep very long, not like those garlic with skins. Since I don’t cook all that often, they’ll spoil before I can even finish them. So I only buy the peeled garlic and onions when I want a lot of it to make fried garlic and onions and fry them all at once.

    • Yeah, I got the feeling that the peeled garlic won’t last very long. Well, I think I should be able to use them all up on time, we’ll see…

  5. I didn’t know what Dragon Vegetable was till I googled it.

    Nice dinner with the right balance of protein etc.

    Preparing garlic: Soak it in water for 10minutes or so. It softens the skin and makes it easier to peel.

  6. I think you overcooked the ching long choy. Just lightly stir fry them will do and they will be crunchy and nice. I think yours are a bit tough to chew since you overcooked them, is my guess correct?

  7. I m eyeing on that KFC! yumzzz! I couldn’t eat KFC with rice…KFC has to be eaten with its coleslaw and mashed potato, not rice! that rice and veggie are annoying my sight!

    • I tore all the meat and skin out so what you see is just a boneless fried chicken. Very un-KFC like so don’t worry about KFC conventions. 🙄

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